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Discover a wheat wreath in 14 fresh-looking styles for all seasons

Wheat is the most important crop in history, and it has been treasured by humans for thousands of years. It’s no surprise that we want to put up our favorite wheat wreath on our front doors!

In this blog post you will learn all about the different types of wheat front door wreaths, as well as what they mean to us. You’ll also discover why people hang them on their doors year-round, and the top ones for you to choose from.

close up of nautical themed wheat wreath
If you live along the shoreline or obsess over everything coastal, add a few nautical elements to your wheat wreath.

What does a wheat wreath symbolize?

Wondering about the meaning of a wheat wreath and why we would even hang it on our doors?

A wheat wreath is a symbol of fertility and prosperity. It also signifies the promise that one will have plenty to eat in his or her storehouse come winter time, aka “abundance.”

Historically, it was customary for Roman farmers to place a wheat wreath on their farm as an invitation for Ceres (goddess of agriculture) to bless their land with abundant harvests.

Why should I buy a wheat wreath for my front door? 

A wheat wreath for the front door symbolizes that you are welcoming friends, family and others into your home. It also signifies plenty of blessings to come in the future. So what better way to express this than with a fresh-looking wheat wreath?

A wheat wreath can also be an amazing piece of decoration for the holidays! If you are looking for an alternative Christmas decoration, putting wheat on your front door can help others think in the mindset of prosperity for the year to come.

They can also be great for fall wreaths, as wheat is often considered with harvest.

The best wheat wreaths for your front door

There are so many wheat wreaths to choose from for your home, from simple to elaborate. We’ve broken down our list into categories to help you better navigate all the variations in design to find one you will love.

Simple Wheat Wreaths

First up we have simple wheat wreaths, these are the more straightforward designs that can be included in your home decor.

Bibelot Artificial Grain Wreath

A great option for a grain wreath to add a natural pop of color to your home, this simple 14-inch beauty will do just the trick. Durable wheat shoots paired with green leaves create a festive, warm option for your home.

VGIA Fall Wheat Wreath

This 18-inch wheat wreath from VGIA is a wonderful way to bring the harvest into your home with it’s natural color theme. 

The wreath is embellished with long fall grass and wheat heads that look natural and make a great addition to your fall decor or harvest party.

H&W Autumn Sorghum & Wheat Wreath Door

This beautiful 18-inch wheat wreath combines sorghum and wheat to create a unique piece for your door or home. It comes nicely packaged to protect it during transit and ready to hang. It’s perfect to add that touch of fall warmth to your home.

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Wheat wreaths with autumn foliage

Next up we have wheat wreaths with bright colorful autumn foliage to add a touch of fall to your front door. Looking for a bright pop of color? One of these may be the perfect wheat wreath for your front door.

Lvydec Fall Wheat Wreath

This fall wheat wreath for the front door measures 22 inch in diameter and 4 inches in depth, handcrafted on a stable grapevine wreath base with colorful berry stems, wheat shoots, and fall foliage in various stages of fall glory. The beautiful vibrant colors look so natural and make a beautiful option for greeting friends on your front door. 

Another great place to hang this wreath would be on a pantry door or over your mantle. Due to the fact it’s shipped to you in a box, you may need to do a little fluffing once it arrives, but it quickly comes to its full glory.

Foeyyir Autumn Wreath

This lush 20-inch wheat wreath from Foeyyir brings all of the cozy feelings of fall into your home. Combining all the natural colors of fall into one beautiful wreath, it’s the perfect size for a front door without being overwhelming, or even a window to welcome your guests to your home. 

This wreath has the added benefit of not looking artificial. It may require a bit of fluffing after it arrives from its time in a box but quickly regains it’s full look and size.

Idyllic Harvest Wreath

This pretty 18 inch wheat wreath combines wheat shoots with soft colored foliage to create a stunning full display. This is the perfect wreath to leave up all year long. Hang it over your mantel or on your door, either way this beauty is going to be a statement piece in your home. 

The foliage on this wreath is lush and durable so it can be used year after year. This is a great wheat wreath at a great price.

Wheat wreaths with berries

Now let’s take a look at wheat wreaths with berries, these are a little more simple then the fall foliage ones but still offer that pop of color.

Leipal Artificial 24 inch Fall Wheat Wreath

This beautiful wheat wreath from Leipal is a 24-inch Autumn wreath that is 100% handmade on an all natural grapevine base that makes the wreath look realistic and durable.

The flowers and leaves on this wreath are attached firmly on the grapevine base to help prevent them from easily falling off. This wreath is designed to bring the very best of autumn into your home. Place this wreath on a window or door to cheerfully welcome visitors to your home.

Foeyyir Autumn Wreath

This gorgeous handmade wreath combines gold wheat, berries, and beautiful foliage on a sturdy vine base. You’ll need to do some fluffing when you get it out of the box to help it reach its proper size. Perfect fall colors make this wreath a great option for your front door to welcome visitors.

Wheat wreaths with flowers

Next up we have wheat wreaths with flowers, many of these are great options for the fall or to leave up all year long. These offer a wide variety of colors and textures for your front door.

The Wreath Depot Fall Door Wreath

Wreath Depot has a huge selection of gorgeous high quality wreaths, elegantly handcrafted.This beautiful bright colored 22-23-inch wreath adds a colorful touch of fall to the traditional wheat wreath for the front door. 

This wreath combines colorful red, orange, and yellow leaves, and flowers wiith sprigs of berries and wheat shoots on a thick grapevine wreath. This beauty is well worth the price and you’ll have a gorgeous wreath year after year.

Miriam Fall Wreath

This bright wreath brings all the best things of the harvest season together in one wreath. Amber shoots of grain, fall foliage, and gorgeous warm blooms. This wheat is a show stopper on a dark colored or wood door. But it’s also beautiful on a lighter door. Because it’s in a box you’ll need to do some light fluffing to help it reach its full potential of 28 inches in diameter.

It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Excellent quality and durable so it can be used year after year. It’s perfect for any time of year or season to give your home a cozy welcoming feeling.

Wheat wreaths with cotton

Looking for a very farmhouse feeling wreath? Try one of these wheat wreaths with cotton! These beautiful wreaths are sure to give your home the farmhouse feeling you are looking for.

Foeyyir Autumn Wreath

This wheat wreath is handmade on a sturdy vine base and filled with gold wheat and cotton with natural fall colors. This colorful wreath contrasts nicely with the crisp white cotton to create a wonderful seasonal display. 

It’s perfect for a window or wall to bring a bit of fall into your home. This wreath is perfect for a party, wedding, or simply to make your home cozy this season.

Bibelot 20-inch Autumn Wreath

This beautiful 20-inch wheat wreath is another great option for those seeking to add some beautiful texture and color to their home. Artificial leaves and wheat spikes are combined with cotton bowls to give this wreath a cozy look. 

This wreath is perfect for a front door, a window, your fireplace, a wall, as office decoration, a party or celebration. Because of the cotton balls, it’s probably best to keep this wreath out of the weather to preserve the look. You may need to fluff this wheat wreath once you get it out of the box, but that is easily done.

Unique Wheat Wreaths

Looking for a more unique wheat wreath for your front door? Here are a few great options that are very different from the others we have already looked at. These wreaths are handcrafted, and definitely show stoppers that will give your home a beautiful, cozy, welcoming feeling when people arrive at your door.

Pink Grasslands Floral Spring Wreath

This beautifully designed 22-inch wreath features rich shades of cream, purple and green combined with dried floral features to create a truly unique piece for your home. It also has a hook on the back to make hanging easier. This is a perfect option for a front door to welcome your guests. Each wreath is made to order and arrives in all it’s glory right to your door.

Ansuma Fall Wreath

Another stunning option is this 24-inch wreath from Ansuma. This gorgeous wheat wreath is designed to be used either inside or out, making it the perfect option for your door or over the fireplace. It’s also easy to adjust the shape of the branches to fit where you plan to put it. 

They’ve paired wheat shoots with heads of grain, bits of foliage, and branches in a truly unique and full design. Its high quality hand crafted design makes it absolutely worth the price.

How do you make a wheat sheaf wreath? 

Wheat sheaf wreaths are actually surprisingly easy to create and a beautiful addition to your home. Especially in the fall and harvest season. This is a great quick and easy project to do by yourself or get the kids involved for some harvest fun. 

What You Will Need:

  • Wheat
  • Rubber band
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors 
  • Wire or twine (optional)


Take your wheat and secure it with the rubber band tightly. 

Next cut off the wheat to your desired length. 

Once the wheat is cut to the size you desire, take the bottom section of the wheat beneath the rubber band and gently twist stems to create a nicely round, layered effect.

Trim off any loose stems from your wheat sheaf wreath. 

Using a wreath hanger (or a hook if you don’t plan to hook it on a door) hang the wheat sheaf wreath and secure it using the rubber band. You can also use twine or wire if you can’t quite get it secure. 

Last but not least add a ribbon to hide the rubber band.

You can see step by step instructions if you need them.

Looking to personalize your wheat sheaf wreath a little more? Try adding fall foliage, different types of grain and even flowers to it to create a unique display for your door.

Final thoughts on a wheat wreath

Wheat wreaths have a long and significant history, from ancient days until now they have stuck around as a symbol of the blessings of the year and the plenty of the harvest. Whether you are looking for a gorgeous wheat wreath for the fall or just want to add a farmhouse feel to your home, a wheat wreath is a great option to do this with. 

There are so many options when it comes to wheat wreaths from simple designs to elaborate full wreaths you are sure to find one you love. Or easily make one that you love and customize it to your own tastes.

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