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What is the Best Wine Barrel Planter for Your Space?

If you are looking for lovely pots that are both attractive and practical, you can’t get better than a wine barrel planter.  Not only are they unique in that you don’t see them in everyone’s yard, but they come in a variety of sizes and will hold up through years of harsh winters and hot summers.

Wine barrel planters will add character to your landscaping and provide a fun topic of conversation for visitors and those who just enjoy checking out lawns and flower arrangements in the neighborhood (like me!).

Do wine barrels make good planters? 

A wine barrel garden is a great way to display your green thumb. The barrels come in many different sizes and are easy for anyone to build their own unique design with them!

There are few settings more beautiful than a lush garden full of purples, pinks, yellows, and whites, blending together in perfect harmony.  Both small and full wine barrel planters will add dimension and interest to your landscaping.  They will provide an opportunity to grow a variety of plants that you might not think to use otherwise.

Wine barrels make it possible for you to create a manicured look while keeping a vintage or old-fashioned feel.  My husband prefers a manicured look with defined lines while I prefer a more “wild” and “free” approach to my landscaping.  Wine barrel planters appeal to both of us and make a great compromise.

The aged wood adds a beautiful look to any space.  A large planter near your front door can make a statement and one you can easily change with the seasons.  Tulips and daffodils in the spring, shasta daisies in the summer, and bright chrysanthemums in the fall.  

The aged wood also looks great on a patio or deck, making a lovely focal point as you enjoy a cold beverage or a picnic.  Because there are a variety of wine barrel planter ideas, it would not be difficult to find just the right barrels for whatever size space you have.

Another benefit of a half wine barrel planter is it will contain some of your more invasive plants.  You can still enjoy the mint spilling over the side, but you won’t be pulling it out of your herb garden every spring.  

The best part about wine barrel planters is the wide range of ways you can use them.  Do you want a flower display?  Perhaps you would like a small herb garden next to your kitchen door or a tiny fairy garden for your daughter.  Yes, there is a wine barrel planter for you!

Do you need to drill holes in wine barrel planters? 

Drilling holes in wine barrel planters are recommended. Here’s why:

A wine barrel is made of slats of white oak, which swells when it’s wet. When the wine barrel was full of sweet red grape juice, no leaks happened.  Usually, the barrels will remain leakproof for many years.

Sometimes if the barrel has been sitting empty for a long time, the alcohol will have evaporated from the wood and shrunk a bit, leaving the barrel leaking in places.  Once wet, the wood will again swell.  

Most plants need good drainage so be sure to drill several holes in the bottom of your barrel.  Your plants will thank you.

wine barrel planter

How long do wine barrel planters last? 

One of the best reasons to get a wine barrel planter (or to make one) is because they last for a long time. Some people have boasted about them lasting ten years without much repair or fixing needed, but others have reported decades longer than that. 

Since wine is meant to age with time, the barrels are made to last as well.

This is wonderful because as you know ceramic and plastic are both prone to cracking during the changing temperatures that the seasons bring us.  

Where can I find wine barrels to make wine barrel planters?

The answer to finding wine barrel planters may depend on where you live. However, these are our top recommendations on where to find wine barrel planters:

  • Wineries
  • Winemaking shops
  • Nurseries
  • Home stores

One thing to keep in mind is the closer you get to the source (aka a winery itself) the more chance you have of saving money as well as getting a more solid wine barrel.  Some places sell “cutsie” versions of wine barrel planters that are still functional and great aesthetically but will not hold up the same as the real McCoy.

If you don’t live near a winery, maybe it is time to take a trip to one! We are obsessed with the Wine Regions of Portugal!

How do you make a wine barrel into a planter? 

There are some products you will need (besides the wine barrel itself) to start a wine barrel planter. We have tried our best to link as many of them as we could to make it as easy for you as possible. Please see our affiliate links below to get what you need as soon as possible, as easy as possible!

For specific steps on how to make a wine barrel into a planter with pictures,try How to Do It Yourself, which teaches you how to drill the holes, and Hitchhiking to Heaven, which gives step-by-step instructions.

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Wine barrel planters to buy 

When purchasing a wine barrel, you can decide if you want a full barrel or a half barrel. It seems as if the half wine barrel planter is the most popular. I have categorized these by size: full wine barrel planter, half wine barrel planter, and small wine barrel planter.

Full Wine Barrel Planter

The full wine barrel planter is tall and thin, allowing for flowers and vines to cascade down the sides from where they are planted at the top.

This one comes in 8 different sizes making it a good choice for any space. The largest is more than 3 feet deep and ideal for a larger plant. It is made of real wood (gotta watch that when choosing planters like these) that is stained lightly to keep the grain of the wood visible.

Master Garden Products has a lovely full wine barrel planter shaped into more of an urn style with a larger opening at the top. Each one is different due to the reclaimed wine barrels and is as authentic as you can get. It is the perfect size for a small shrub or patio-style fruit tree.

At 120 lbs, this wine barrel is the real thing! It is big and heavy and functional in so many ways (as long as you have a way to move it around!).

Half Wine Barrel Planter

Your half wine barrel planters are numerous and you can choose one that fits any design. These are short and wide, perfect for multiple flowers and herbs. They are also deep enough to hold larger plants such as tomatoes if you are looking to have a container garden.

Another great option from Master Garden Products is this half wine barrel planter. It is made of oak with steel rings. It can hold up to 25 gallons of water if you are interested in making a water feature. It is important to note that this planter weighs 54 lbs empty. This is great as it will not blow over in a storm but could be difficult to move around your yard especially once it’s full of dirt.

At 21 inches tall, this next barrel is simply beautiful due to the acacia wood it is made from. The hardwood lends itself to lovely markings and will add personality to any space.

Small Wine Barrel

Not everyone has the space for a large round planter so I hunted down a few small wine barrel planters that are perfect for tighter spaces. I think this next one is such a fun idea. It is considered a “quarter” barrel and has a flat side. It is perfect to set against a wall. It would be beautiful next to a front door.

While this barrel is as wide as all other planters, I put it into the small category because it is quite short. It stands only 9 inches tall and will not work well for larger plants, but would be perfect for herbs and annual flowers. It would also look amazing layered with barrels of different sizes.

Another great option for small wine barrel planters is this set. It would make a lovely arrangement or use them separately in different areas of your yard. Another idea would be a water feature. Isn’t it fun how endless the possibilities are with these barrels??

Large Barrel Dimensions: 18″(Dia) x 14″(H), Medium Barrel: 15″(Dia) x 11.5″(H), Small Barrel: 11.5″(Dia) x 10″(H).

The metal handles on the sides of this small wine barrel planter make it unique. The size does also with an exterior height of only 12 inches making it perfect for a porch or a way to add height in an established garden or border. It is perfect for flowering plants or herbs.

A Few Faux Varieties

While this post has been exclusively about true wine barrel planters, there is something to be said about plastic or resin. No, they are not as lovely, but they are much less expensive. They are also not nearly as heavy to lift and some may find them easier to handle. If you are interested in a little bit of charm, but hesitant about the real thing, check out these planters.

This planter stands 20.5 inches tall and is made to look like walnut, but it isn’t really fooling anyone from up close, it is clearly made from resin. A perfect combination of character and practicality.

What if we cut the barrels a different way? This is a practical design and while it is made from plastic, you will find it durable and charming. I also like this style because it is a completely different shape from anything we have explored yet.


If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your front door or patio with an easy-to-maintain planter you can’t go wrong with these wine barrel planters. Whether you have a large space or small, wish to make a statement, or simply looking to add a bit of charm, there is a perfect planter for you.

Although I have said it already, I do want to emphasize that many of the authentic full size barrels are very heavy. They will become even heavier once filled with dirt. They are, however, very useful and worth the effort if you are physically able to manage them.

I hope you have found what you are looking for and are excited about the new addition to your landscaping. We would love for you to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. And if you are looking for other charming additions to the outside of your home, be sure to check out these charming wishing well planters!

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