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Show your heart with a Valentine’s Day wreath [+ even more decor for your door]

Valentine’s Day in the USA has become more than a day for sweethearts. Friends and family are showing their love for one another through thoughtful gifts, delectable foods, and small acts of service.

We want to join the cause by helping your front door radiate the love you have for others. A Valentine’s Day wreath acts as the centerpiece of your front door decor.

We have a long list of beautiful, quality wreaths to fit every home style and owner personality. Because we know wreaths are just a starting point for holiday door decor, we’ve added the best available choices for doormats, signs, yard signs, and more.

Use the handy Table of Contents below to find your starting point or just keep reading.

Valentine's Day wreath
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7 top picks for a Valentine’s Day wreath with flowers

If you love floral wreaths, Valentine’s Day gives you the opportunity to hang a spring wreath early. Some of our favorite spring flowers are perfect for a Valentine’s Day wreath. Think about roses, hydrangeas, forsythia, and tulips in pinks, rose, and reds. 

We combed through all the possibilities to create the Top Floral Valentine’s Day Wreath list that is sure to satisfy most door lovers.

Valentine’s Day wreath with hydrangeas

The New England Home Accent store has some of our favorite picks for a Valentine’s Day door wreath for hydrangea lovers.

Rustic Hydrangea Grapevine

Burgundy red and rose pink premium silk hydrangeas and a bow in your choice of color are attached to a grapevine wreath base.

Flowers are sprayed with a UV-Resistant clear acrylic matte coating to help protect the colors from premature fading from sunlight. For front door use, the Valentine’s Day wreath should be protected from the elements by an overhang or porch.

Hydrangeas for Valentine’s Day

Hydrangeas abound in this full floral wreath, which is also attached to a grapevine base.

You have a choice of 4 sizes and the number of hydrangeas. You can select 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14.

This wreath also receives a complimentary UV-resistent coating.

Valentine’s Day wreath with roses

Roses are among my favorite flowers in part because of their fragrance and beauty, but a more meaningful reason is a fond memory. My grandmother grew the wondrous flowering shrub along the fence line between their house and the First Baptist Church in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. 

As a young girl, I spent hours running up and down the fence line, breathing in the restorative perfume. On occasion, I was allowed to carefully clip a few stems to put in her vases.

No wonder that I tried to recreate that memory over the years by growing my own roses. Sadly, never to a level to satisfy the perfection of childhood memories. However, I find other ways, such as a Valentine’s Day wreath with roses, to honor Grandma’s love of roses. 

Here are the two best recommendations for a Valentine’s Day wreath with roses.

Handmade rose blossom wreath

The handmade rose blossom wreath is a favorite for Cottage and Farmhouse style homes. The Valentine’s Day wreath comes with 5 plump pink roses surrounded by a generous number of small pink and white buds. 

The silk roses are on a bed of ivy and olive leaves attached to a grapevine base. The wreath measures approximately 24 inches. Once you take it out of the box, you’ll need to adjust it a bit to achieve the full width. 

Each front door wreath from the Huashen Store comes in a reusable sturdy craft box with plastic locks.

Eucalptus and rose wreath

Handcrafted on a plastic vine base, the rose and eucalyptus wreath is full of large pink roses and smaller budding roses. It measures just over 17 inches in width.

Valentine’s Day wreath with tulips

Valentine’s Day gives you the perfect excuse to bring out a spring wreath a little early, especially when your Valentine’s Day wreath is a medley of pink and white tulips.

Pink tulips symbolize a caring type of love and attachment, like you would have toward friends and family. Whereas, white tulips signify innocence, purity, respect, and forgiveness, according to Tulips in Holland.

Medley of pink and white tulips

The Wreath Depot is so incredibly generous when it comes to their tulip wreath. This medley of pink and white comes with more than 240 designer-quality silk tulips. The tulips are attached with floral picks to a natural wreath base. 

the Valentine’s Day door wreath is approved for outdoor use if displayed on a sheltered door that is not exposed to direct rain. The wreath measures 19 inches across diagonally by 5-6 inches deep and comes in its own storage box.

Valentine’s Day wreath with daisies

Daisies have not received their due as a flower of love. But throughout history, daisies have symbolized purity, innocence, and love. 

For poet Emily Dickinson, flowers, a major theme in her writing, stood in for actions and emotion. In “The Daisy Follows the Soft Sun,” Dickinson urges us to find a love – a love that we would follow anywhere.

Here’s a stanza from the poem, but you can read the full version here.

The Daisy follows soft the Sun
And when his golden walk is done
Sits shyly at his feet
He waking finds the flower there
Wherefore Marauder art thou here?
Because, Sir, love is sweet!

What are the types of daisies?

Although we can’t fully answer that question here, we can tell you that daisies come in thousands of varieties and a multitude of colors. Not to mention, crafters and florists often pick daisies as a flower to dye.

Daisies are one of the easiest flowers to grow. They need little to thrive. Daisies can grow in early spring as well as in summer. 

Best Valentine’s Day wreath with daisies

Our top pick is another Huashen store wreath featuring a bounty of silk blue daisies and blue cosmos, another flower symbolizing love, that are situated among a full bed of greenery attached to a grapevine wreath.

At its fullest, the wreath should measure 24 inches.

Valentine’s Day wreath with forsythia

We love the idea of using the spring flower forsythia as a Valentine’s Day wreath. Forsythia tells us to anticipate something exciting and that seems to be a perfect match for a day symbolizing love. 

The forsythia shrub also signifies good nature. Pair that with its prolific nature (it likes to grow) and you have a front door that symbolizes how we can all spread a little good nature and look forward to something good.

Best Valentine’s Day wreath with forsythia

The Pink Forsythia Door Wreath has lasting style and versatility.

If you hang it for Valentine’s Day, you can leave it on for spring and summer too! The wreath also has the advantage of fitting in with many home styles, including modern, farmhouse, cottage, and coastal.

Are you looking for rustic Valentine’s Day decor?

We suggest starting with a Valentine’s Day wreath as the centerpiece of your front door. We found three front door wreaths perfect for a rustic Valentine’s Day for your farmhouse or cottage style. 

Our first pick would also work well on a modern or contemporary style door. We think the rose gold metallic berry wreath fits a theme for those who do not want a typical Valentine’s Day door wreath. 

The 24-inch pip berry wreath features the warm colors of winter with just a hint of spring around the corner.

Next up, burlap and deco mesh – two of the mainstay materials used in rustic wreaths.

Burlap Bowtique’s 24-inch Valentine’s Day wreath is plump with ribbons and deco mesh, finished off with a vintage Happy Valentine’s Day sign. Customers have raved about the wreath and commented on how well it is packaged.

If you like a little bling with your rustic romance, Janeva’s 27-inch Valentine’s Day wreath is full of deco mesh and ribbon upon ribbon. It’s difficult to imagine a more generously made wreath! “When your wreath arrives, take it out of the box and fluff the ribbons and make them perky for the best look,” Janeva says.

How to store seasonal decor

Before we move on with more recommendations for a Valentine’s day door wreath, let’s pause to talk about storing all of our seasonal decor. It’s so fun to change out our front door decor with seasons and holidays, but where do we keep everything?

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. No doubt we will hear about many a clever idea!

In the meantime, here’s what we handle storage at my house: Heavy duty steel wire racks and quality storage bags.

These 5-tier shelves come in a long list of sizes and depths to fit any nook or cranny you have available. We keep ours in a lower level storage area. They literally line the walls. I don’t know what we would do without our metal shelves!

The electroplated nickel chrome over carbon steel helps prevent rust. Polyurethane casters – two of which lock – ensure that even when you pile on the weight, you can maneuver their position. Shelf height can be adjusted at 1-inch increments. These shelves are NSF certified for professional use.

We use a lot of canvas storage bags for our seasonal decor, and even though we store them in the garage, the wreaths and other decor remain protected.

Here’s a two-for-one canvas wreath bag for wreaths sizes 24 to 30 inches. Each layer individually zips and comes with buckles to hold the wreath in place.

10 best front door heart wreaths

A handcrafted mesh wreath made in New York tops our recommendations for heart wreaths. 

The crafters at What a Mesh by Diana can also handle custom requests. But we think their Valentine’s Day wreath is perfect as is.

A glittering bright red heart rests on a bed of white iridescent deco mesh. The inner part of the wreath is decorated with black herringbone ribbons and black and white stripe ribbons with glittering red hearts. The outer ring is made of bright red shimmering deco mesh with black, red and white mesh flutes. 

“Absolutely gorgeous!” says Cheryl. “I was smiling big the minute I saw it! I was pleasantly surprised that I could put it on my front door and still be able to close the glass door on it.”

Nicole agrees. “The wreath was a little expensive but worth every penny!!” she wrote. “It’s so beautiful! Absolutely love it!!!”

We have 9 other recommendations for heart wreaths based on careful reviews, and we’re sure one of these will be perfect for your style and budget. If you see one you like, simply click on the photo to find out more about it.

All of the wreaths have a favorable review rating of at least 4.5 out of 5. For your convenience, we’ve grouped them according to prices.

Heart wreaths under $50

Heart wreaths under $30


Heart wreaths under $20

Valentine’s Day door decor

Decorating your front door for Valentine’s Day can mean more than wreaths. You have other choices, including wooden signs, hanging banners, and door covers, to use in place of a wreath. 

Our top pick for Valentine’s Day door decorations is this package of two hanging buffalo plaid door banners, measuring 72 inches high and 12 inches wide. It’s normal for the banners to become wrinkled during shipping, and you need to iron. Hand washable only.

Banner features include:

  • Comes ready-to-hang and assembled with wooden rods and string on top and wooden grommets at the bottom to attach weights
  • Durable material made of textured gabardine
  • Fade resistant

As a wreath alternative, wooden front door signs are a favorite among those who love farmhouse and cottage style homes. We’ve picked out two of the best quality signs that we think are so cute for a Valentine’s front door.

Wooden signs for Valentine’s Day

Door banners can be used as a stand-alone door decoration or as a compliment to your Valentine’s Day wreath. We’ve research the available front door banners and narrowed our recommendation list down to four, which includes a door cover. Click on an image to check prices and sizes.

Valentine’s Day door banners

Doormats for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day front door decor wouldn’t be complete without a themed doormat. At Front Door Ideas we are obsessed with doormats. Two of our favorite themes for front door mats are funny doormats and monogrammed doormats.

Now we get to add our favorite Valentine’s Day doormats! We hope you enjoy our Top Picks tht range from puppies to mason jars to hugs & kisses.

Valentine’s Day yard signs

We are closing out our recommendations list with Valentine’s decor to help you share the fun with your neighborhood. At my house, we put out little yard signs for each holiday in our front garden.

Neighborhood children love to see what’s coming up next at the Lamsam house.

We’ve rounded up a list of the best reviewed yard signs, large yard banners, inflatables, and even some fund things to hang from a tree!


We had so much fund finding the best Valentine’s Day wreath for our front doors. We hope you can tell how much sheer delight we take in researching and making recommendations for front doors.

We already feel like we’re neighbors. That’s why it would be so amazing to hear back from you. Did you find a Valentine’s Day wreath? Did you make your own? We hope you share your ideas with us below.

Sharing is Caring!

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