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32 unique doorbells to bring character to your front door

Are you looking for a new doorbell? We’ve compiled a list of unique doorbells, whether it be aesthetically unique or unique doorbell sounds.

We want to provide you fun and entertaining ideas if you’re looking to get creative with your front porch. Whether it’s an old fashioned chime or something more modern, we hope this guide will help you choose the perfect one!

Where did the doorbell even come from?

In the 1800s, doorbells were mechanical. A string was simply pulled and a bell rang. It was usually used in the servant’s quarters if something was needed from the help.

unique doorbells
Joseph Henry, inventor of the first electric doorbell. Public domain photo.

In 1831 the electric doorbell was invented by a man named Joseph Henry. They had an annoying loud buzzing sounding until the 1960s when there became more of a variety. Today, the sky’s the limit with what your doorbell can do. It can even take video footage of the person standing at your front door.

Why should I consider a unique doorbell?

A doorbell can be a great way to express your personality and creativity, whether you’re looking for an old-fashioned chime or something more modern. There are plenty of reasons why people choose an unique doorbell:

● You want to replace the sound from your current doorbell with something new that matches what kind of mood you’re in; maybe it’s soothing music or noises? You could also change the tone every now and then so it doesn’t get too repetitive. The idea is to create ambiance through sounds!

● Maybe it is hard for people to find your doorbell and you want to give them a way to find it easily.

● If your house is between two doors or multiple floors, you might be looking for something with more than one button so people know which floor they should ring at.

Asking “what is our favorite unique doorbell?” would usually result in an array of answers — so we’re here to help! Here are 26 unique doorbells that will accomplish different purposes:

unique doorbells
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26 unique doorbells to bring life to your front door

Hardwired doorbells come in an array of unique styles and give the most options to fit everyone’s unique personality whether you enjoy the great outdoors or pineapples. It’s truly amazing how many unusual hard-wired doorbells there are to pick.

Nature-themed doorbells

For those who love nature, a unique nature-themed doorbell is perfect. The first thing that comes to mind when people ring your front porch will be how much you care for all things natural and green!

The Waterwood Decorative Doorbells in Austin, Texas, offers a variety of hand painted wired doorbells for nature lovers. From sea turtles and lady bugs on a leaf to quails or sunflowers they have it all! Prices start under $30. See our sampling below or find more on the Waterwood page.

Vintage doorbells

For those unique old souls who love a vintage feel, they will love these old-school doorbells. They still are wired for electricity. However, they have that old-fashioned aesthetic.

Be one of the most awesome people in the neighborhood with this unique, vintage doorbell. It adds a bit of whimsy with the words “press” on it as if people coming up to your door would not know to “press” the doorbell.

Another fun doorbell with the words”press” on it comes in the oval design. However, it still maintains that vintage feel. Switch out the screws with something that does not rust such as brass.

Beautiful and attractive is this simple vintage doorbell. Push button lighted center. Great addition to the front of anyone’s home for that simple old-school touch.

Doorbells resembling food

Pineapples have become very popular recently. They are seen everywhere including in television shows. That’s why we put together a guide to the 48 of the Best Pineapple Decorations and Pineapple Door Knockers.

Early Americans’ obsession with the pineapple started a design trend that just keeps on growing. Over two centuries later, we can’t get enough of this symbol of hospitality in our outdoor pineapple decor!

So why not be unique and show your love for pineapple decor with this cute doorbell?

Shaped like a giant pine cone with a voluminous crown, the pineapple immediately commands attention. While it once represented unreachable wealth, the fruit now represents warm welcomes, celebration, and hospitality, especially in the South.

Southern Kitchen

This adorable, well lit pineapple is awesome for anyone wanting to add a touch of this tropical fruit to the front of their home. Perhaps it would even be perfect for your Floridian home.

This pineapple option even says “welcome,” which ties in with the meaning of the pineapple. Make anyone coming to visit you feel this way with this beautiful pineapple doorbell.

Under the sea unique doorbell

For anyone who loves the sea, an ocean-themed doorbell from Waterwood is a must-have for the home.

A nice addition to your beach-themed house is this sturdy and beautiful seahorse doorbell. Looks like aged brass but is really caste resin and painted!

Unique animal doorbells

What stands on one leg and is pink? You guessed it, a flamingo! For people who want to give their home a unique, tropical touch, then this doorbell is a must-have.

Flamingo lovers will enjoy this unique doorbell. Tasteful in color without being loud or tacky. Great for your home on the Gulf.

Do you love bears? Perhaps you enjoy that rustic feel? This bear chime is perfect. Besides loving bears, they have symbolism too and have been a main part of Native American culture for centuries.

In many cultures, bears are spiritual beings. The bear spirit animal is a powerful force in the lives of those who are chosen by this special being. On a spiritual level, the bear represents the courage to evolve and the ability to be open-minded. In addition, the bear reminds us to trust our instincts and to be protective of our faith.

There is a lot of definition to this bear doorbell with great detail down to the fish in the bear’s mouth. It’s a fun way to spruce up the front of any home and add a touch of rustic flare.

American Spirit doorbells

For the patriotic spirit, this doorbell is great. Nothing says America more than an American flag doorbell. Celebrate America every day with choice. A colorful doorbell for anyone loving red, white and blue without being gaudy. Be a proud American and mount this patriotic flag doorbell to the front of your home.

Gothic style unique doorbells

“Most American Gothic Revival homes in the 1800s were romantic adaptations of medieval architecture. Delicate wooden ornaments and other decorative details suggested the architecture of medieval England,” according to the premier reference site ThoughtCo.  

What better way to embrace the gothic or medieval style than a gothic doorbell!

This detailed metal doorbell in a dark finish screams gothic style. Add some old world style to your home with this doorbell by Qurom International.

Another elegant choice is this floral shaped doorbell. It definitely has the feel and style of a bell from long-ago.

A hand cranked doorbell is another option. This hand-turn wireless doorbell would look great on an early American home like Colonial style. Find more ideas for early Americana in this Colonial front door mega guide to decorating ideas and find planters to match your Colonial style.

Unique doorbells for the minimalist

So if you are the type of person that just enjoys a lifestyle free of clutter and simple things than a very plain doorbell might be your unique style. These simple doorbells can also lend to a more new-age feel.

The true essence of a minimalist lifestyle is determining what provides us the most value in life and removing everything that is simply excess. It works on the concept that less is more. Minimalist living is about intention. You make room and time in your life for the things you love and eliminate everything that distracts you from them.

Karthik Kumar on MedicineNet

Additional items needed for electric doorbells

Keep in mind that most electric doorbells do not come with a chime. However, they can be purchased separately on Amazon. If you scroll through any of the product descriptions that require extra products, you will find the additional products needed to create a bundle. One-stop shopping makes it so much easier than having to run to a bunch of different stores!

For more fun with doorbells, see our other stories:

Shopkeeper doorbells

A shopkeeper’s doorbell is one that does not use electricity. It reminds people of a simpler time. These are super unique doorbells as they have a lot more to their design than a standard doorbell. The best part is they can be used anywhere and not just the front door of the house.

For cat lovers anywhere, this shopkeep doorbell is a lovely addition to the home with a nice twinkle sound to it. A cute and dainty option.

For anyone who loves anything floral, this rose shopkeeper doorbell is for you. It has a very sturdy magnet and is simply beautiful with a wonderful sound to it.

Add a little bit of goodluck to your home with this elephant shopkeeper doorbell. Keep in mind it’s very small and not much bigger than a hand. However, it has a lovely sound to it.

Perfect little owl bell. Great small size. Has a light, high pitched sound. Great for all those who want an owl perched on the front of their home.

Another bird option is this two bird kissing doorbell. It is a sweet and simple addition with a lovely tone to it as well. It makes a great gift for any bird lover or for someone who would like a touch of cuteness.

Melodious doorbells

A lot of melodious unique doorbells are wireless. This is a great option for adding extra boxes in different rooms of the house or offering other features that the hard-wired doorbell does not offer.

This doorbell has 58 different melodies as well as being equipped to reach further distances. It also has lifetime customer service and is a great option for the elderly and hearing impaired. Sensors also alert you keeping you safer.

The Amicoson wireless doorbell chime is the perfect solution for anyone who has trouble hearing when someone is at the door. This model features 56 different sounds and 7 volume levels, with a mute mode to ensure that you’re not woken up by noise when someone comes calling during naptime! 

It’s IP55 dustproof/water resistant construction means this little machine can withstand even harsh weather conditions while still looking sleek enough in any home decor style – plus installation couldn’t be simpler. 

Just plug the receiver into an outlet and mount the doorbell transmitter using double-sided tape or screws and voilà — you’ll have yourself one very happy bell ringer without all those pesky wires getting tangled everywhere anymore!

Other unique doorbells that are wireless

Who loves the throwback to neon colored everything? Well, if that is you, then these “designed-in-the-USA” doorbells are perfect for the person who likes all things neon. They come in blue, lime green, yellow, and pink red, as well as more traditional colors such as beige, matte black, glossy black, brown, and gray.

This Ring video doorbell goes beyond the neon and offers a rainbow of color selections. It ups the neon game by about ten. So whatever your favorite color is, you can make your house stand out with a unique, colorful doorbell.

Unusual novelty doorbells

Novelty doorbells are fun too! How about having an “eye” on your guests? These even make fun sounds! Best part is that oftentimes these are used seasonally for holidays such as Halloween and they just require batteries.

We created a whole list of the best Halloween doorbells for you. But why should you get a doorbell for Halloween? We created a list of reasons for that too!

  • People love to see how festive you are. It gives them a chance to feel happy and light-hearted again.
  • A Halloween doorbell is a great way to make your house stand out. It can bring in more Trick-or-Treaters or even give you a chance to make new friends.
  • My No. 1 reason – It’s just fun for the kids!

For more Halloween decorating fun, check out these 12 Enchanting Witch Hat Wreath Ideas.

Unique chime boxes

In addition to unique doorbells, we’ve found some unique chime boxes to cover-up the existing doorbell. They aren’t a bell or anything else. They just change the look of your current chime box. So cover up the ugly, old chime box with one of these decorative styles and add a little flare to this part of your doorbell system too.

Mini unique doorbells

What if you don’t have a large space or simply prefer a small doorbell? Well, they make mini-doorbells too.

This doorbell, below, is so tiny that it’s smaller than a dollar bill! So it’s a great choice if you are looking for something small. Perhaps a great option for a tiny home?

This next mini doorbell packs a lot for its size. It has great melodies and a crystal clear sound. This doorbell is also a great option for the hearing-impaired.

Final thoughts about unique doorbells

Everyone styles themselves differently to express who they are. Why shouldn’t you do the same for where you live? Whether it’s a funky pineapple or an old-fashioned shopkeeper’s doorbell, the sky’s the limit with different style options for unique doorbells. So go make your home as unique as you with a doorbell to fit your style and personality!

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