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Ultimate Modern Planter Guide: Top 33 Picks for the Home

A Modern Planter is an easy and affordable way to incorporate greenery into your home’s modern architecture. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern, or rustic and natural, we have the perfect planter for you! 

You may not know this, but modern home planters have been around for over a century. The first modern planter was created by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the early 1900s and is still being used today. In fact, many modern homes are designed with indoor and outdoor planters in mind so that every space harmonizes with the natural surroundings.

In this definitive guide to the modern home planter, you will also learn about the different styles available and how to find the best modern planter for your space. We hope you enjoy reading!

If you already know your specific interest in modern home architecture, the Table of Contents might be a helpful way for you to navigate the guide:

modern planter
The Dana Thomas House, a Frank Lloyd Wright designed home in Springfield, Illinois. Frank Lloyd Wright used built-in planters and designed oversized bowl planters for his signature Prairie-style homes, which were among Wright’s first designs.

What does a “planter” mean?

A planter typically refers to a container for potting plants. It can also refer to an ornamental or decorative container that is not used for potting plants. You will find them indoors and outdoors, on balconies or patios, at the entrance to your home or office building-pretty much anywhere you’d like some greenery around!

Planters have been an integral part of home design for centuries and you may not know that modern homes are typically designed with indoor and outdoor planters to create a harmonious atmosphere in every space. Modern planters come in sleek, modern forms or rustic, natural varieties depending on your preferences.

It is important when choosing your planter that the shape, size, texture and material blend in with your design style from flooring to lighting fixtures.

What is the difference between pots and planters?

The two terms are often used to mean the same thing, which is how we will use the terms in this article. But, in general, I suppose a pot is usually a round container for plants that holds about 2 gallons and one plant.

A planter, on the other hand, is usually an ornamental container used to accent your home’s architecture or decor. Although it can be found both indoors and outdoors, the term “planter” usually refers to outdoors containers.

Planters house more than one plant and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including irregular shapes. Planters also have drainage holes. Pots often don’t.

What is the Modern planter style?

Modern planters are typically one of two styles: sleek or rustic.

Overall, modern planter design is clean and simple. Designers use flat surfaces, sharp angles, and straight lines to create a simpler look in the home.

However, some modern home styles, such as the Craftsman or Ranch, may highlight a more rustic look.

Rustic-style planters bring nature right inside your home! With their weathered wood and natural finishes they’re perfect as centerpieces on tables or atop mantels.

You may already know exactly what you’re looking for in a modern planter. If so, scroll past this next section describing modern home styles. If not, stick around and we’ll give you some of the basic characteristics of the main modern home styles so that you can pick a modern planter that is right for you!

Modern planter
International style home architecture is one of the Modern designs. It is primarily characterized by its simplicity, with clean lines and uniformity. Image by Muntzir Mehdi from Pixabay.

What are Modern home styles?

The most common Modern home architectural styles are:

  • Mid-Century Modern
  • American Craftsman
  • Ranch
  • International

The modern home is a style that has been around for over 100 years.

Some characteristics of the modern style are open plans, linear forms, clean lines and abundant natural light.

Modern homes design features include an open floor plan to promote family interaction and activity while providing flexible spaces for living and entertaining.

They also often maximize natural light because they lack any obstructions like heavy drapes or curtains that block the sun’s rays from entering the space.

modern planter
Mid Century Modern home architectural style.

Mid-Century Modern Home Style

The term “modern” can be misleading when it comes to home architecture and decor because the term is often confused with Contemporary Style, which simply put refers to the current design trends, like the Farmhouse design trend. (See our Farmhouse wreath recommendations!) 

Modern architecture refers to house styles of the early 20th century, starting in the 1920s and ending around the 1950s. The most well known of those styles is Mid Century Modern.

How to Choose the Right Modern Front Door for Your Home
Choosing a Contemporary Front Door Wreath

Mid-century homes have simple shapes with sleek lines that often incorporate natural materials such as wood or stone which creates an open and airy feel.

modern planter
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American Craftsman Home Style

The American Craftsman style of architecture is typical in the western United States. It is an architectural design that dates back to the nineteenth century and has been around for a while. The most common features are porches with gables, intricate woodwork, and small columns lining the porches.

Craftsman style homes are a good choice for people who want to preserve the feel of the past but with updated features. The Craftsman style was inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement in Great Britain in the latter decades of the 19th century.

The best type of planter to go with the Craftsman style is a rustic style planter. These outdoor containers are built from natural and weathered materials, which makes them perfect for the outdoors.

A modern planter can also work well with this style if it has clean lines to contrast against the Craftsman home’s architecture.

modern planter
Lovely Ranch style home of red brick, white trim and black shutters with an American Flag.

Ranch Style Home Architecture

The modern ranch style home is an American favorite.

Ranch homes are recognizable for their wide open spaces and low-pitched rooflines with a prominent central gable, typically found in California.

This type of home offers modern living while still maintaining the spaciousness of its predecessors, like Craftsman Style homes. 

The classic Ranch architecture houses have strong horizontal lines that allow plenty of light into the space which can be seen through windows on nearly every wall or doors leading outside to expansive patios and decks perfect for entertaining!

International Style Home Architecture

Modern International Style Home Architecture is a style of architecture that became popular in the 1920s and 1930s. It is primarily characterized by its simplicity, with clean lines and uniformity.

International Style architecture is most prevalent in North America, Western Europe, and Japan.

The International style first became popular with the architectural designs of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (Chicago) and Walter Gropius (German pavilion at the Exposition des Arts Decoratifs).

Mies’ architecture was characterized by large windows to allow for maximum sunlight, open interiors without columns or walls that might obstruct the view, steel frames covered in white stucco panels to make buildings appear clean instead of brick and stone which were used more often due to their association with old European styles.

It’s not easy to define the character or look of this type of house, but it is often characterized by an asymmetrical exterior and interiors with limited wall space for formal rooms. The lack of emphasis on symmetry, heaviness, and ornate decoration are what typically sets these houses apart from other design styles.

33 of the best modern planters

On your hunt for a modern planter, look for flat planes, clean lines, and interesting shapes and stay with neutral colors. Although, with the Ranch and American Craftsman styles, incorporating color is also an option. If you want patterns on your modern planter, opt for geometrical designs. 

Shopping for a planter is easy and fun with the right principles in mind! With Modern architectural design as your guide, you can find great options to suit any need.

We joined in on the fun and went on an Amazon shopping spree to find the perfect modern planter for you! Amazon has a

The Mid-Century Modern Planter

Don’t get too fixated on design differences because in most cases a Mid-Century Modern planter can fit perfectly with the other Modern home styles, such as American Craftsman, International, and Ranch. In fact, some of our recommendations also fit well with contemporary styles. 

But there are quintessential choices for a Mid-Century Modern planter. Let’s start our guide with those top picks. 

If you’re a fan of Mid-Century Modern, then you most likely have one or more pieces of hobnail glass, which have become a vintage collectible favorite!

These handmade ceramic planters in hobnail design are high-temperature fired stoneware. This modern planter can withstand extreme temperatures and is resistant to temperature changes, thanks in part to its insulating properties which protect your plants’ roots against sudden shifts. 

The little pots feature a built-in drain hole at the bottom so you never have water sitting stagnant near your plant’s root system or on top of delicate soil where it could cause damage like mildew and mold growths! Choose from three colors: white, teal, or gray; each set includes one 6.1 inch planter as well as a smaller 4.8 inch pot for herbs or succulents indoors.

FaithLand offers a modern planter with an innovative design. It is made of fiberstone and comes in three different colors, black, gray or white finish to match any décor style. The size is 14 inches wide and 12.5 inches in height. The adjustable plant stand is sold separately.

The durable material makes it lightweight so you can easily move your plant without having to worry about heavy lifting! Plus the drainage hole is located on the outer edge away from the center which protects the modern planter from corrosion due to dampness buildup near its base – this pot doesn’t just look great but also functions beautifully as well!

The all-season Veradek outdoor/indoor planters come in rectangular or tapered tall shapes. The tapered planter comes as a 2-pack in four different sizes. The long trough planter also comes in four sizes. Both modern planter products come in black, gray, and espresso. 

The tapered planter comes with an insert shelf so that you don’t have to fill it full of soil.

A tall tapered planter in neutral colors works well with any of the modern architectural home styles and contemporary styles, such as the Farmhouse Style. 

The Veradek modern planter is:

  • Crack resistant in cold weather
  • Rated for use in temperatures -30 to +125 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Fade, scratch, and impact resistant 
  • Eco-friendly
  • Manufactured from high-grade plastic
  • Pre-drilled with drainage holes

Putting a modern spin on the traditional clay pot, this six-piece set of colorful Ceramic Wall Mount Planters can be hung up or placed in any number of creative ways to add life and color into your home. The irregular and rounded shapes combine both modern and classic artistic styles while also adding an element that many other planter designs do not have: personality!

Make Your Interior Pop: Top 9 Picks for a Modern Wall Planter

The most difficult part of choosing a modern wall planter isn’t finding one. It’s sorting through the huge selection available online. In our research, we found the best choices for a modern wall planter on Plow & Hearth and Amazon.

When selecting a modern planter for your walls, here’s a list of tips and questions to keep in mind:

  • What is provided for mounting the planter? Typically, there will be two pre-drilled holes (keyhole anchors) so that you can mount them by using nails. 
  • What type of plants will you use in the wall planter? Do you need a liner? If so, you’ll most likely need to provide your own liner. 
  • Are you looking for a hydroponic modern planter for your wall? Is the water tube removable? Is it easy to clean?
  • Is the wall planter rated for outdoor use as well?
  • Does the planter provide enough space for what you want to plant?
  • Is there a weight limit for the planter?
  • A modern wall planter is not likely to come with a drainage hole.
  • It may seem like common sense, but make sure the container is waterproof.

Our recommendations are made with the above tips in mind. Simply click on images below to learn more about a product and to purchase.

Modern wall planter

Chic, Stylish, Nature-Friendly: 6 Best Picks for a Modern Hanging Planter

Modern hanging planters have been popping up more and more in homes, offices, and social media. They bring an air of nature and freshness into your home or office space.

Not only do they fit just about any type of design aesthetic but their low maintenance plants will make them look great for long periods of time even with minimal care from the owner.
Shop our 6 Top Recommendations by clicking on your favorite images below.

The Modern Rectangular Planter: The Secret to Growing More Plants in Small Spaces

Trough Planters are the perfect accessory for any modern landscape or interior. They offer a great way to add more plants into your space, and they’re easy-to-maintain because of their simple design that allows you better access to your plantings. With the rectangular shape, it becomes easier than ever before to move your planter around!

All of our recommended trough planters are high quality and well reviewed. For you, it really comes down to color, material, price, length, and height.

Click an image to shop and see descriptions.

For more Veradek trough planters, like the one above, visit their store page on Amazon.

Self-watering rectangular modern planter with water level indicator.

A set of 6 tri-color self-watering planters with a visible water level window.

Ceramic 10-inch planter with drainage holes and removable tray. 5 colors.

Light weight, weathered concrete outdoor planter with rubber plug.

Large indoor/outdoor modern planter rated for UV and weather resistance.

32-inch long trough planter in 3 finishes. The silver finish has no drain hole.

The White Modern Planter: The Trending Choice for Modern and Contemporary Styles

White modern planters are the latest trend in a world that has become all about sleek, minimalist designs and clean lines. They are perfect for any type of design or style because they give you the opportunity to play with different textures, patterns and shapes. Because white is neutral, it can go with anything!

They are also a good choice for those who want to add some interest without making their space too busy.

The FaithLand 10-inch pot comes in 4 sizes and 4 colors. Features include the choice to drain or not!

The Fox & Fern 10-inch pot comes with a hidden saucer that allows plants to self water for up to 14 days.

This 8-inch pot with saucer comes with a drainage hole, mesh drainage net and protective scratch pad.

The 16-inch steel planter is waterproof and powder coated for scratch and chip resistance.

A set of 2 tall modern planters are rated for outdoor use. Saucer needed for indoor use.

This set of 5 pots comes in 7 other colors. No saucer needed because of an inner drainage system.

Final Thoughts on the Modern Planter

The modern home planters are a great choice for modern homes and modern styles of architecture. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and materials to match any style you have!

With so many styles of modern planters available, it is easy to find the perfect one for your home or office. Whether you are looking for a sleek and minimalistic design that will fit in with any decor or something more traditional as an accent piece on your balcony, there is surely one out there just waiting to be found! 

Explore our recommendations today, and let us know what type of modern style you prefer by leaving a comment below.

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