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Join the tulip wreath mania with 10 spring-worthy options

Tulip wreaths are a great way to start your spring decorating! There is no better way to welcome in the time of year and fresh beginnings.

However, some people have never known the joy of owning one for themselves. This article will explore what you need to know about tulip wreaths before purchasing one for yourself or someone else this season.

field of orange tulips to use in tulip wreath

What are tulips known for?

Tulips are known for their bright, vibrant colors and the variety of shapes. There is a tulip to suit everyone’s taste in color or shape and size!

The tulip is one of the most iconic flowers in nature. The tulip is also known for its versatility — grown indoors or out, in formal gardens or at home with just Mother Nature herself and a little help from you, of course.

There are many reasons that this plant is popular, but it’s origins remain a mystery. Some say Turks introduced the flower into Europe from where we know almost nothing about or how old the tulip may be.

Tulips can symbolize a lot of things, but one thing is for sure: they are beautiful and will bring plenty of joy to your home.

Tulips have been around for centuries, grown all over the world in cool climates like Holland where they originated, or hot climates like South Africa. 

Most agree that they symbolize deep, unconditional love. Whether that is love for a partner or spouse, or love for a child, friend, etc. Deep unfailing love is often shown through tulips.

If tulips mean love, what better way to welcome someone in your home than a tulip wreath?

Artificial tulip wreaths

Of course, not everyone wants to buy a fresh tulip wreath, and that’s okay. Artificial tulip wreaths are a great alternative. They come in all different sizes, some with just one or two flowers and others with many more.

Artificial tulips will never wilt or die like fresh ones can, so they’re an investment worth making over time!

Here are some of the best artificial tulip wreaths that we found:

Tulip wreaths from the Wreath Depot

You’ll love purchases from Wreath Depot because of a few reasons:

  • They’re unique, durable, and high quality.
  • They come in a lovely white box for storage so you can protect the wreath when you want to put it away for a season or two like Christmas or winter. 

The box itself makes it easy to buy this as a gift for someone because it’s already packaged for you in a beautiful yet functional box. You don’t have to look for a plastic or other box to fit your wreath and possibly end up with a damaged wreath.

  • This company puts a lot of detail, care, and love into its product and packaging.
  • They are committed to charitable support. 

With each purchase that you make from Wreath Depot, they donate 10% of the proceeds to struggling local women entrepreneurs to start their businesses. Knowing you’re giving back to those less fortunate brings more meaning to that amazing piece of décor on your front door!

Gone are the days of having an empty door during spring. This gorgeous multicolor tulip wreath is the true personification of spring. Everyone will know spring is coming when you hang it on your front door.

The different shades of red, orange, and yellow silk tulip heads make this thick, full, and striking. It’s the perfect colorful wreath to decorate your front entrance.

This bright wreath will make you smile every time you walk up to your front door and so will your guests. It will bring joy to those who drive past your house and strangers and neighbors who walk by the front of our house. Most of them will think the tulips are real so that’s how fancy it is.

It can be used both for Spring and Summer. But you can even put it up at the end of winter to add some sparkle to those dull and dark days. This luxurious, life-like artificial flower wreath can be perfectly used for all seasons as it’s designed to add life to your door.

This wreath shows that while you can have various springtime front door decorations, tulips wreaths are among the best and top ones.

This striking white and yellow wreath will bring the perfect pop to your front door. It will change the look of your front door completely in a good way. Because of the bright colors, you can see it from afar.

The tulip wreath will not disappoint as a statement front door décor item. You’ll be sure to get lots of compliments from neighbors and guests because of this wreath. It’s natural-looking, elegant, and inviting.

A nice little touch or addition to this already amazing wreath is to add a bow either above it or on it. You can purchase the bow online or make your own. Either way, the wreath is still beautiful as it is.

The tulip wreath is a great way to welcome spring with a bang! Let the fun, happiness, positive energy, and cheer begin from your home.

The stunning pale lavender, yellow and white tulip wreath will welcome the joy and beauty of spring. The vibrant, full, and cheery wreath will accent your door for spring.

The pastel colors make this wreath unique and stand out. A perfect spring, summer, or Easter wreath. Your mom, mom-in-law, sister, girlfriend, friend, or any other woman in your life would love this as a Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Christmas, housewarming, or birthday gift.

It’s a durable, high-quality wreath you can use for a long time. It’s one sure way to brighten your door.

Bring that spring and summer sunshine, cheer, positive vibes, and joy to your home with this charming yellow wreath. It’s filled with beautiful and lush green leaves, an excellent contrast to the bright yellow tulips.

This elegant tulip wreath will add a breath of fresh air to your front door and a welcome touch of spring to your home. The beautiful greenery and pop of exciting yellow will be a message to everyone who sees it that you’re ready to welcome Miss Sunshine to your home!

The gorgeous combination of light and dark pink makes this wreath a great Valentines’ Day or Mother’s Day gift. It’s a great way to switch up the red roses and red hearts Valentines’ gifts and decorations that flood our homes and stores during this special month and day.

You can also use it for February “the month of love” decoration on your front door or inside your house and leave it on to welcome spring. An excess of tulips is used to create this stunning tulip wreath.

Tulip wreaths from the Bomarolan and other stores

The Bomarolan store is the home of artificial flowers. You can get the wreaths below for your front door as well as a variety of tulip flowers they have to put in a vase and complement your home’s spring or summer décor.

The Bomaralan store brings us this sunset color tulip wreath for a great year-round front door wreath. That’s because the colors work during spring, summer and fall. You can put the wreath inside the house to brighten up your home during the dreary winter months.

The wreath is vivid, strong, well-made, and long-lasting since the leaves never wither.  You’ll experience feelings of joy and positivity just by looking at this décor. The burst of color makes this great as a background photo prop for taking some memorable pictures outside the house during Easter or any other day.

You can also get this white with a touch of green and yellow wreath from the Bomaralan store. The gorgeous and lush nature-inspired wreath is perfect for your door during the spring and summer seasons.

This wreath is for pink lovers! Pink is the color of love, acceptance, compassion, warmth, kindness, comfort, sweetness, and playfulness. And that’s exactly how you and your guests will feel when you arrive at your front door and look at this beautiful wreath.

I mean what better way to greet your guests than with this stunning pink wreath, brightening the front door of your home.

This wreath is a unique twist on the classic tulip wreath. It has sunflowers added. I love it! Definitely for the yellow flower lovers. It’s almost like a buy-1-get-1 free deal and we all love those, right?

The yellow color will bring a double dose of joy, cheer, and fun energy to your home making this a perfect display for your spring door.  Your home will stand out with this wreath and you’ll become the “talk” of the neighborhood — in a good way.

This wreath works together with a farmhouse or contemporary home style.  Buy this for yourself and any other loved one in your life as a housewarming, Thanksgiving, birthday, or Christmas gift and you’ll wow your special loved one.

Another big hit as you welcome your guests all year round will be this elegant.

The sunset colors will make this wreath eye candy for the neighbors and passersby.

The last of the wreaths from Generic is this red, yellow wreath with an additional purple color. The purple makes this tulip wreath more luxurious, inspiring, uplifting, and magical. 

This wreath will bring attention to your home and your front door will certainly show that spring is on the way.

Artificial tulip wreaths special care

To ensure that your artificial wreath lasts longer, place it away from direct rain or sunlight. Ideally, add it to a covered outdoor setting or under an overhang. The severe weather conditions and direct sunlight will cause the materials and colors to fade away.

When the season is finished and you store it and it collects dust, there’s a specific way to clean it. You need to gently shake the dust off and use a soft clean cloth to wipe it. That way your décor is back to almost new and you ensure longevity.

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How to make your tulip wreath

If you’d like to make your tulip wreath instead of buying one, that’s also a great idea! You can have fun making the wreath with your kids, grandkids, or other family and friends. It can make for great bonding time.

Here are some of the supplies that you will need:

Faux tulip stems

What else will you need for your DIY tulip wreath?

Depending on how you make your wreath, you may also need a hot glue gun, florists wire, scissors, or wire clippers.

Chloe Crabtree’s spring tulip wreath video makes DIY look easy! See below:

What are some other ways to decorate for spring?

If you’re looking for other tulip decorations to welcome spring, then garden flags are a great option. The flags can be put even closer to your street making your home stand out even more and be a joy to all who see it.

Here are some top tulip garden flags for your home:

This is an excellent, sweet, and cute way to say “Happy Spring” to your entire neighborhood without knocking on everyone’s door! This tulip garden flag is so inviting and vibrant, it might even prompt some people to want to come into your home and you could strike up new friendships.

It’s the best way to spread love, kindness, and happiness for Spring. You can also purchase it as a house flag, size 28 inches by 40 inches.

This vibrant flag is a great flag to welcome spring and can be enjoyed for summer as well. It’s a gorgeous Easter décor. The fabric is strong and durable and can withstand different weather conditions.

The pastel pink, white, and yellow colors on this tulip garden flag bring a feeling of warmth, calmness, and comfort to your home for you and everyone who comes as a guest.

Give your guests a warm welcome before they even come in with this tulip garden flag. It’s strong and durable and can be used for home décor or even to welcome guests to a festival or party.

This heart-shaped pink tulip garden flag is great for the entire month of February to spread the love and you can leave it on for spring, Easter, and summer. It’s a great addition to your Valentines’ Day décor.

It’s durable and can withstand different weather conditions. The flag stands out on the road and will make your home a neighborhood hit.

The red car, gnome, and message to welcome spring make this a great addition to your home and garden. If you have tulips in the background, it will even make this stand out more as the message will be more meaningful.

 Either way, the truck makes this a fun and colorful way for you and your family to say “hello” to spring and bring it to the entire neighborhood.

Final thoughts on a tulip wreath

The wide variety and vibrancy of the tulip wreath make it a great addition to your house or front door. Whether you buy an artificial wreath, make one yourself, or buy a fresh tulip wreath, one thing is for sure ﹘you’ll never regret the joy, love, and happiness it will bring to you and those around you.

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