The Perfect Farmhouse Wreath to Brighten Your Door

The old fashioned farmhouse look is “in” across America. People using reclaimed wood, beating up new wood to give the appearance of rustic, all the while cute egg signs and farm animal decor line the shelves of hobby stores. In honor of preserving the richness of this culture, let’s find the perfect farmhouse wreath to add style to your front door.

First, let’s discuss what elements create this farmhouse style.

  • Sturdy furniture made from distressed/reclaimed wood and wrought iron.
  • Color palettes with white, cream, navy, sage, and gray.
  • Open shelving providing storage for everyday items as well as antiques or family heirlooms.
  • Rugged beams, hardwood floors, and shiplap are seen within the structure of the home.
  • Linen or cotton are used for curtains while natural jute, sisal, and burlap are uses for rugs throughout the home.
  • Repurposed goods are the best ways to decorate a farmhouse. Old baskets, pottery, canning jars, buckets, and milk bottles add a vintage and comfortable feel to the home.
farmhouse wreath
While decorating for a certain look or style is fun, be sure to put your own personality into it! Don’t feel like you have to be limited to a certain color or pattern.

Ok! Now that we have an idea of the syle we are going for, let’s plunge into the topic of farmhouse wreaths. What are the options? How do you achieve the farmhouse look? Should you go with a burlap wreath or a eucalyptus wreath? And before we get into all of that, let’s answer the question many ask to start with. Are wreaths tacky?

Are Wreaths Tacky?

I suppose it would be a matter of opinion, but I’m going to say a loud “NO.” Why? Because wreaths have a long history and have been around since the time of ancient Persia.

At that time they were not created to hang on your door, but rather as a decoration for a hat. During early olympic games, wreaths were given as prizes. The Romans also embraced this tradition adorning their military and athletes heads with lush greenery eventually adding jewels and metals and evolving into the modern day crown.

It wasn’t until the 15th century that wreaths appeared on doors across Europe and the tradition was brought to the New World. By the mid 1800s, a Christmas wreath hung on a door conveyed a welcoming message.

For Christians, the symbolism of wreaths are also important. Because a circle has no beginning or end, it symbolizes God’s eternity.

All of that being said, it still boils down to personal preference, but the wreath has been around longer than any of us and it’s still going strong!

The best thing about wreaths is the many different ways you can express yourself through them. They can be unique like these front door basket wreaths or these flip flop wreaths.

They can also be classic like floral wreaths for each season or make a really big statement with these large wreaths.

No matter what look you are going for, you are sure to love these great ideas for farmhouse wreaths!

farmhouse wreath

Farmhouse Wreath Decor Ideas

Farmhouse wreath ideas are as diverse as personalities while staying somewhat in the same style. You can make a farmhouse wreath from burlap, eucalyptus, cotton, silk magnolia, and even embroidery hoops.

If you are going for a more rustic farmhouse wreath, including elements such as chicken wire, small wagon wheels, tangled branches, pine cones, or deer antlers can go a long way in achieving this look.

How do You Make a Burlap Farm Wreath?

Burlap is a common material in farmhouse decor and for good reason. It is made from jute, which is an inexpensive crop to grow and very strong. In some people’s opinon, burlap can be a bit overdone so a wreath is a perfect way to use it. It adds the perfect touch.

Making a burlap farm wreath is simple and inexpensive. The only supplies you will need are: 2-3 rolls of burlap ribbon, 14″ wire wreath frame (smaller or larger if you want), floral wire, scissors, and accent pieces if you wish.

I am not going to give detailed directions here because that would make this post too long and there are so many great tutorials out there. My favorites are from A Well Purposed Woman and Crafts by Amanda.

If you aren’t feeling the crafty vibe, no worries, Amazon has you covered!

Farmhouse Wreath with Ribbon

Many people think of checked, striped cloth, or gingham when looking for a farmhouse wreath with ribbon and you won’t be disappointed! There are plenty of those available to purchase or make yourself.

I know we just talked about burlap wreaths, but burlap also makes a great bow.

Aside from the material of the ribbon, you can go big and bold, making a statement, small and simple, or even layer 2 or 3 ribbons giving a fuller more complete look.

Eucalyptus Farmhouse Wreath

Eucalyptus gives a timeless look and is very classic to wreaths in general. One great thing about eucalyptus is it makes a versatile base with which you can accent for the various seasons. Add pink and purple flowers in the spring, bright yellow flowers or classic white for summer, sprigs of red berries for fall, and pinecones for winter.

You can use seeded eucalyptus which gives a variety of color in the stems and seeds or the traditional eucalyptus. One other option you have is to use faux or fresh eucalyptus. I found these two websites to be helpful for DIY tutorials.

DIY Natural uses fresh eucalyptus and Crafting My Home uses faux eucalyptus.

Again, if you aren’t feeling the crafting vibe, Amazon has you covered! The variety of eucalyptus farmhouse wreaths are endless and you will no doubt find one you love just as much as if you had made it yourself.

Small Farmhouse Wreath

Another great option are small farmhouse wreaths. These mini farmhouse wreaths are perfect for your kitchen cabinets, pantry door, or for hanging in an old window frame. Some are even the perfect size to use around the base of a thick candle.

Just as with full size wreaths, the variety of materials for mini farmhouse wreaths are endless. My favorite is the use of twine. To me, living in a farming community, twine is a versatile and useful material. It gives that country look that you are going for!

Check out these small farmhouse wreaths and your decorating wheels will be turning. They are great for every season, though maybe the most common for Christmas and other holidays.

Farmhouse Wreath Sign

I am trying to keep these wreaths categorized, but I am finding that they are overlapping! No matter what style of farmhouse wreath you are looking for, we have you covered!

One fun variation of the traditional farmhouse wreath is to turn it into a sign. These are cute and personally, make me smile.

You can find them for any season and holiday or purchase a general one such as “welcome” or “home” to give that comfortable feeling of belonging year round.

Most farmhouse wreaths signs use a combination of wood and ribbon with fun font. The buffalo or plaid materials add that country feel and encourage your neighbors to come and sit on your porch for a bit (hopefully that is a good thing!)

Farmhouse Christmas Wreaths

I don’t know anyone who has bought or built a farmhouse that doesn’t put a beautiful Christmas wreath on the door. Farmhouses embrace the pine and red ribbons like a modern look cannot. I may be the most excited about this section of the post.

A few ideas for decorating your farmhouse for Christmas and then we will get to the wreaths!

  • Use natural wood to add a rustic touch to your decorations. This wood can be found in signs, ornaments, wreaths, table settings etc.
  • Evergreen branches, pine cones, cranberries, and any other natural elements go a long way in achieving a farmhouse look.
  • Always think vintage. Use canning jars, old window frames, sleds, flour sacks, and vintage ornaments.
  • Burlap and flannel are warm textiles that add a lot of charm to decorations and the overall feel of your farmhouse.
  • Metal works well with the farmhouse style. Small metal buckets, old watering cans, canning jar lids turned into ornaments, the list goes on.

The variety of farmhouse Christmas wreaths is like all of the others we went over so far. You are sure to find one that suits your style and taste.

Farmhouse Fall Wreath

A post on farmhouse front door wreaths would not be complete without a short focus on fall.

Fall for me means sipping apple cider around the campfire, picking apples at the neighbor’s orchard, and hauling large orange pumpkins in from the garden.

Fall is the smell of pumpkin spice, donning hoodies and jeans once again, as the trees put on a display of orange, red, yellow, and brown. It is seeing your breath when you walk outside in the mornings and hearing geese honking as they fly south.

Farmhouse fall wreaths reflect all of these elements that tickle our senses and satisfy the heart that is ready for a change.

One Last Word on Farmhouse Wreaths

While decorating for a certain look or style is fun, be sure to put your own personality into it! Don’t feel like you have to be limited to a certain color or pattern. Wreaths come in as many varieties as people do and what hangs on your front door speaks for you.

So, speak up loud, shout to your family and friends that they are welcome in your home any time but most importantly choose a farmhouse wreath that will make YOU smile!

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