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The Cedar Planter: 15 of the Best Plus Everything You Need to Know

Cedar planters are an excellent way to provide a new and exciting look for your home and garden. Cedar is a popular choice because it’s beautiful, renewable, durable, and environmentally friendly.

A cedar planter can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications so you don’t have to worry about the wood rotting or warping when exposed to rain or snow. Cedar has natural insect repellent properties that make cedar planters perfect for keeping pesky bugs away from your plants.

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What is a cedar planter? 

Cedar has a long history and has been used for thousands of years.  The Sumerians believed cedar groves were the dwelling places of the gods.  Phoenicians built ships out of this hardy wood.  Cedar was used in building King Solomon’s temple and other important buildings in ancient Israel.

One of the first things people ask me when they see my array of garden boxes overflowing with flowers and veggies is if they are made of cedar.  Now, if they were to take a closer look, it would be obvious that they are not as my boxes are weak and weather-worn.  

The beauty of old seasoned wood is something I love, but what I love even more is the wood that resists the weathering and doesn’t have to be replaced every five years.

A cedar planter comes in a variety of styles and sizes. You will need to consider the purpose as you make your selection. Do you want a cedar planter for flowers, herbs, vegetables, or all of these?

Cedar planter boxes also come in different shapes, including the cedar box and the cedar urn. The Cedar Box has a square or rectangular shape, which is perfect for planting flowers, herbs, vegetables, or even container gardening in small spaces.

If you are looking to put on a display with multiple flowers and foliage, a cedar urn will meet your needs.  The fun thing about urn planters is the combinations you can create.  Most people choose three categories of plants- thrillers, fillers, and spillers.  

The thriller is the eye catching blooms or foliage with bold colors.  The fillers are the smaller more delicate additions to the design and the spillers are the lovely vines spilling over the edge of the container. 

You will need to think about how much soil – as in how many pounds – a cedar planter can hold and how heavy the planter is empty.

Some cedar planters are ornamental only, while others feature drainage holes. All of the ones mentioned in this post are intended for growing plants.

cedar planter

Is cedar good for planter boxes? 

Cedarwood is a good choice for a planter box because it holds on to its thermal properties, resisting shrinkage from water and maintaining temperature for the plant roots. Cedarwood is also naturally resistant to insects and decay, so planter boxes made of cedar will last much longer than other types.

Cedar planters require minimal maintenance. You can add a colored sealant of your choice, but if left alone, the cedar wood will age to a grayish patina. If you are growing edible foods, do not use chemicals to seal your wood.

However, if you are growing flowers and ornamentals, you may want to periodically use a wood sealant to keep it from drying out.

Even though cedar planters are long lasting, they will maintain beauty and shape better if you provide a little care. Here are some steps you can take to maintain your cedar planter:

  • Add a UV resistant sealant if not already applied by the manufacturer. You can find neutral or colored sealants with UV protection.
  • Cover the planter when not in use to protect it against sun and rain damage.
  • For older planters, give them a rigorous brush down to get rid of debris before you apply another coat of sealant. You can also wipe down with water and a light soap.
  • Before you reuse a cedar planter, clear the interior as well from any dirt or plant material.
  • Many people choose cedar because they wish to remain toxin free and eco friendly.  If you are looking for a completely natural sealant, Pure Tung Oil is a great option.

For other long lasting planters to add a bit of charm to your yard, be sure to check out this post on wine barrel planters!

How long will a cedar planter last? 

There is no denying that purchasing cedar is going to hurt your wallet more than pine or another untreated wood (remember, if you are planting anything edible in your planter always use untreated lumber).  

While all climates are a bit different, it is impossible to say exactly how long your cedar planter will last, but this is a rough idea of how cedar compares to other materials.

  • Untreated lumber- 3 to 5 years
  • Redwood and cedar- 15 to 30 years
  • Untreated pine- 2 to 4 years
  • Juniper- 30 years
  • Pressure treated lumber- 30 years

15 of the Best Cedar Planters

While perusing the beautiful assortment of cedar planters available today, I must tell you that there is no denying they are on the higher end where cost is concerned. However, you will find them to be a sturdy investment and you will enjoy them for many years to come.

Whether you are looking to add a touch of style to your yard or are looking to create a garden, you cannot go wrong with these cedar planters. I have divided them into categories so if you don’t see one that catches your eye immediately, keep scrolling!

Elevated Cedar Planter Boxes

We are going to start with these three-tier planters because I think it is not only a great design but very functional. The dimensions of each box are on the small side, making it ideal for flowers and herbs. Because it is three-tier, it is perfect for small spaces. Want fresh herbs for cooking, but only have a small patio or balcony? This is your solution! Want to grow green onions or leafy lettuce? Check these out!

The dimensions of the boxes on the first planter are: 15” L x 5 8/16” W x 5” H. The dimensions on the second three-tier planter are 10.38″D x 36.10″W x 5.51″H.

This elevated cedar planter is sturdy and functional. It is made of yellow cedar so doesn’t have that reddish look we often associate with cedar, but is a great size. Four feet by two feet and nine inches deep, making it perfect for growing any kind of vegetable. It comes with a cloth liner to put on the bottom so that dirt does not fall down onto the shelf below. The shelf is a bonus of it being raised up on legs as well as easy to access without constant bending.

If you are looking for a less expensive version and don’t care if you get the shelf, check out this next one. (See above.)

If you have a long wall or space to put a 72 inch cedar planter, this one is for you. As an experienced gardener, I can tell you that you can grow a lot of produce in a bed this size as long as you have good soil. Despite its size, it is sturdy and boasts the ability to hold 441 lbs. Fill this cedar planter with tomatoes, carrots, beets, lettuce, and any other veggie your family enjoys.

Take your garden box to the next level with the addition of a green house cover. You can extend the season with this easy to put together cedar planter. At 30 inches high it is ideal to garden and not hurt your back bending over and at 72 inches long, your planting options are endless.

Box Shaped Cedar Planters

My favorite thing about this cedar planter is that it is almost a perfect cube. You can use this as a stand alone flower box or arrange several around your outside space. At 30 inches it is deep enough to grow a variety of plants and yet small enough to move around.

What is better than one cedar planter? Two! You can use these two planters by themselves or stack them for a deeper box. They are only 6 inches deep which is totally fine for herbs, leafy greens, and many flowers. A great deal!

Want to dress up your yard while inviting people to sit and rest? This lovely design features two planters and a bench that connects them. Plant restful herbs such as catnip, lemon balm, and lavender for a truly peaceful addition to your yard or garden. Of course, you could also fill them with colorful flowers and create an attraction you will want to sit and enjoy over and over.

Cedar Trellis

While I could not find cedar planter and trellis combos, I just had to include a couple of these lovely trellises.

If you are growing climbing roses, adore the sight of a clematis, or are looking to grow veggies vertically, these cedar trellises are for you! They are sturdy, stunning to look at, and will provide an attraction in your outdoor space that you will never tire of looking at.

The second item is a full arbor and I can’t help but smile at the thought of it covered with delicious purple grapes.

Cedar Boxes for Raised Garden Beds

Our last category is cedar planters for raised garden beds. While I have been mentioning growing veggies in almost every item description, these are intended primarily for that purpose as opposed to flower landscaping. As a lover of both flowers and organic veggies, I tend to mix all of them together and enjoy an endless bounty of both eye candy and nutritious food. I encourage you to do the same!

This U-shaped garden provides ample room to grow your family’s favorite vegetables and herbs. It is made from untreated wood and requires no hardware or tools to assemble. It is open on the bottom allowing the roots of your larger plants ample room to grow. Fill with good quality dirt and enjoy a bounty all summer long.

At 48″ by 48″ you could grow a wonderful variety of produce. A perfect size for reaching into the middle (some larger beds are hard to reach if you have shorts arms!) It is unfinished so no harmful chemicals and comes with a one year guarantee. If your box doesn’t hold up for that first winter, you get your money refunded.

If you are looking to grow root crops, this box is for you. It is the deepest one I could find at 16.5″ and ready for you to grow those extra long carrots! If you have kids, carrots are a wonderful veggie. Because you cannot see them grow, it is always a surprise as you pull them out of the ground. Some short and fat, some long and slender, all delicious.

This one is fun as it is 96 inches long! It is slender at 16 inches wide, making it great for onions, garlic, peppers, beets, and pretty much anything you’d like to grow. Set it up next to a fence or trellis and plant pole beans, sugar snap peas, or cucumbers.

Final thoughts on a cedar planter

While I love the wild, free look of a field or cottage garden, there is something absolutely stunning about a well-manicured outdoor space.  Whether you have acres to play in or a small garden space you wish to create to grow your own food or you simply enjoy the wooden box full of beautiful blooms, a cedar planter is the way to go.

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