Who here would keep Christmas decorations up year-round if they could?

Let’s face it: some of us are the type of people that celebrate Christmas year-round if we could, while others of us enjoy having Christmas in just one season. (We all have that one friend that wants turn on the Christmas music in July, am I right?!)

No matter which category you fall into, Christmas decorating can be such a fun time of year. In between decorating your tree and decorating the lights outside your home, make sure you take some time to think about Christmas doormats for your front porch!

We have collected a list of not only Christmas doormats, but the best winter welcome mats to have you covered for the whole winter season!

What is the Best Kind of Doormat?

Honestly, when trying to choose, the best doormats for winter will really depend on a couple of factors.

First, what is the weather like where you live?

Do you need to worry about making sure the snowy weather doesn’t track into your house? For some, that is going to be much more important than worrying about how cute your Christmas doormat is.

If that is the case, you will want to make sure to read the description of the mat carefully (as well as the reviews) to make sure you are choosing mats that are truly outdoor mats.

If you don’t have to worry about winter weather, you get a little more leeway in finding the perfect mat for you.

Second, you want to consider where to buy your mat from. If people are constantly going in and out of your house, you will want to make sure it is sturdy!

Overall, finding a mat on Amazon can be great since it is full of reviews. However, if you want a unique mat that not everyone has, Etsy is a great option as well.

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What are the best doormats for winter weather?

When it comes to choosing the best winter welcome mats, there are a few different types of material you should consider if you live in a place that is  handling snow and other winter weather.

Best doormats for outside can include:

  • coir
  • rubber or plastic
  • astroturf

The Washington Post chose coir doormats as the most reliable for winter. According to the article, coir mats are best for snow removal. The coir absorbs moisture well. Because of this, it contains the snow that you are wiping off your feet better than any other material.

What is a normal size doormat?

For a single front door, 18″ x 30″ is the standard doormat size.

However, if you have a door with sidelights, 24″ x 36″ is a standard door mat size for this type of doormat. You can also use 21″ x 33″ 

The MUST-DO Before You Buy a Winter Doormat!


Don’t buy your Christmas doormats (or even non-Christmas doormats) yet!

We are about to recommend some of our personal favorites from Amazon, Etsy, and more. If you are shopping anywhere outside of Amazon, make sure you are getting cash back!

Rakuten is a program that gives cashback when you shop at one of 2500+ stores online. You are literally losing money if you do not sign up for Rakuten. (Honestly, I use this throughout the year and buy all my Christmas presents from the cash back I earn!) If you apply here, you get $25 the first time you purchase something through them.

Best Doormats For Winter Weather

Check out our list below of all the best winter welcome mats. We separated our lists by Christmas doormats and non-Christmas doormats. Make sure to let us know your favorite at the end (we’ll be letting you know our favorites too!)

The Top 10 Christmas Outdoor Mats

Are you an Amazon Prime member? Or maybe you just love shopping everything-Amazon. Either way, we made a list of the best Christmas outdoor mats specifically from Amazon. (PS- If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you are missing out! Get 30 days for free with this link here.)

1. “Owl” Be Home For Christmas Mat

The “Owl” Be Home For Christmas mat is too cute to pass up! Who doesn’t love a fun Christmas pun? This one’s reviews state that it is super easy to clean off as well- just in case you tend to run around last minute cleaning before family and friends show up for the holidays!

2. Here Comes Amazon, Here Comes Amazon…

This may be the best of the Christmas outdoor mats for 2020. If we weren’t all shopping on Amazon for Christmas last year, we most likely are now! This mat will give your family and friends a laugh when they come to the door- and you’ll most likely get a laugh from the Amazon delivery person as well!

3. Moose Doormat

This is such a fun winter welcome mat because it is simple yet attention-grabbing. With everything black-and-white except for the Santa hat, this gives a great Christmas vibe for anyone that wants to visit your home.

4. Retro Christmas

Looking to go a bit retro this Christmas? This fun retro Merry Christmas doormat may be the right one for you! This bright red mat is a festive way to welcome in family and friends and grab their attention quickly!

5. Gnome Christmas

 Peace. Love. Joy.

Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

Capture the peace. love, and joy that we all want to share during the winter holidays with one of these lovely gnome winter doormats.

There is something about this mat that simply states what this season should be about. Remind those that come into the comfort of your home what this season should carry, no matter what is going on in the world.

6. Merry and Bright

This fun red Christmas outdoor mat will surely grab people’s attention! If you are looking for a very festive gift, or a fun holiday decoration for your own house, make sure you choose this great “Merry and Bright” Christmas doormat.

7. Christmas Trees Doormat

I don’t know about you, but this outdoor Christmas mat reminds me of the Charlie Brown Christmas special I used to watch every Christmas. Remember when Charlie Brown picked out his special little tree? “I think I’ll take this little tree home and decorate it,” he said. “Besides, I think it needs me.” This is my favorite part of Charlie Brown, the way he loved his little tree.

I love that this mat has Christmas tree of all shapes and sizes. Made from coir, which means it will be great for winter weather, this is a great mat that will be a marvelous way to celebrate Christmas.

Personalized Christmas Doormats

I was never big on personalized mats until I found a clever idea if your family is not with you on the holidays. If you have family that live far apart, we have a fun Christmas idea featuring any personalized Christmas mat.

Buy everyone an early holiday gift of a personalized mat. Then, have everyone that lives in different locations ask someone to take a picture of them on the mat. Next, have everyone that took a picture send them to you. Then, collect everyone’s photos, and use frames that allow multiple photos (like this one) and cute frames to your family of everyone on the same mat.

8. Christmas Santa Shoes Mat

This doormat, which says “Santa Stop Here!” is a great winter welcome mat, whether you have kids or not! This mat is not only a fun way to bring in the Christmas holidays,  but it can be personalized too! This mat would be a great gift for any of your family or friends.

9. Tree Decorating Christmas Time!

I love this personalized Christmas doormat as well. I love the sweetness of the animals decorating the Christmas tree, as well as the fun red holiday ornaments in either corner. There is just something that would make me smile walking into a house with this doormat, and I know I’m not the only one!

10. Christmas Truck Doormat

This layered Christmas doormat with the truck design would be another fun outdoor mat to showcase during this Christmas.

This is actually two separate mats that are used together! You can actually customize the background design anyway you want- side stripes, polka dots, and more! The material that was used to make this map is very durable and will last you all season long- probably even more!

Non-Christmas Winter Welcome Mats

For many of us, we don’t necessarily want a Christmas doormat. Some of us want the best doormats for winter, but that doesn’t mean Christmas always! Instead, we just want a simple winter doormat. If you are specifically looking for either January doormats or winter ones, we have a list of those also!

Winter doormats are great because they can be used longer than the Christmas season. (Unless you’re one of those people that starts with the Christmas decorations the day after Halloween). If you’re in an area where winter lasts a while, one winter doormat can go a long way!

1. Posing Snowman

This “posing snowman” is a fun winter welcome mat that can be used all winter- not just for Christmas.  Its reviews state that it is super non-slippery and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

2. Happy Holidays Mat

Want a cute mat that brings a little holiday cheer to everyone this season? This “Happy Holidays” mat  may be the best “Happy Holidays” mat there is. The plaid colors mark the winter season but don’t only have red and green in it.

4. There’s “snow” place like home

Who doesn’t love a good pun, am I right?!

I am obsessed with this fun winter mat with the cute snowman in the corner. I think it is such a welcoming mat for anyone that may come up to your house or pass through your front door.

Let’s face it- even if you live in the south, snowmen are cute enough to be a universal great wintertime decoration.

5. Snowflake Mat

Have you ever watched a snowflake fall slowly to the ground? There is something so eye-catching and unique about falling snowflakes. How old were you when you learned that each snowflake was different? I remember being fascinated by that fact growing up!

This snowflake mat makes me calm just looking at it. It is heavy-duty as well and could most likely withstand any type of winter weather. The reviews on Amazon are outstanding as well!

6. Snowy Friends

This snowy picture is a beautiful picture- and a great picture to have on your outdoor winter welcome mat. It looks like it is on a tree similar to a Christmas tree, but it doesn’t go out of its way to look Christmas-y. Instead, it represents all the beautiful parts of Christmastime.


In conclusion, coir doormats are the winner for best Christmas doormat. Amazon and is the winner for the best place to buy your mat because of the variety, descriptions, as well as the most amount of reviews- that way you can make sure that you are buying the right one!

Do you have an amazing winter doormat? Let us know what you have in the comments below!

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