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Strawberry planter guide: What type of planters are best?

Strawberries are a delicious fruit that can be grown in strawberry planters of all shapes and sizes. There are many different types of strawberry planters, but not all strawberry planters will work for your strawberry patch.

We all want to grow our favorite produce at home, but the strawberry planter is a great way for anyone with little space or without any gardening experience. There are many different types of strawberry planters and they can be either vertical or horizontal, depending on your planting needs.

In our Strawberry Planter Guide, we cover important questions you need to answer before buying a strawberry planter. Plus, based on our extensive research, we created a list of the best strawberry planters for your needs.

Clipping beautiful ripe strawberries in a strawberry planter

Do strawberries grow better in pots or in the ground?

The first time I picked strawberries was on a warm summer day when I was just a child. There were ripe strawberries all over the ground, and I quickly went to work picking them up in my little hands. What I found most surprising was that there were so many strawberries to pick and I didn’t know if I would ever finish.

It didn’t matter though because it was one of the best days with my family and it’s still one of my favorite memories as an adult.

But because of where I live, it makes more sense to use containers for growing strawberries. With strawberry planters, it’s possible to grow produce in the backyard or even on a patio. One of my favorite things about strawberry planters is that there are so many different ways they can be used! 

Do strawberries grow better in pots or the ground? It seems like a simple question, but it is not clear cut. The answer depends on where you live and what time of year it is. There are different cultivation techniques for each type of environment too so naturally there will be pros and cons to both scenarios!

When considering whether they should go into pots versus rooting them straight up in dirt, think about your location’s climate. 

Making a choice between the ground or a pot can come down to a few considerations:

  • The nutrient quality of your soil
  • Critters, birds and insects can more easily destroy strawberry crops planted in the ground.
  • Will your planting area get enough sunlight? Containers can be moved around to follow the sun.

Are strawberry planters good?

I love growing my own food so much that being asked if strawberry planters are good is an easy answer for me! Growing up in California meant having plenty of access to fresh fruits from local farmers markets as well as home grown vegetables when we were lucky enough. 

But now living on this side of the country has left us without such luxuries unless we take it upon ourselves to do our research and put in what work is necessary. 

Thankfully there’s been this nifty contraption called a “strawberry planter” which takes advantage of those small indoor or outdoor spaces we all have around our homes, such as balconies, porches, and sunrooms.

Why should you grow strawberries vertically?

Growing strawberries vertically is a great way to save space and squeeze in a little more gardening room on a patio, wall, or deck. Vertical gardening is also great for those who struggle with kneeling or back injuries.

How deep should a strawberry planter be?

When selecting the perfect strawberry planter it’s important to know how deep your planter should be for your plants to thrive. Strawberries have a relatively small root ball, which means they can be grown in pots 10 to 12 inches in diameter and 8 inches deep. 

Just keep in mind that the smaller the container, the more frequently you will need to water it.

What type of strawberries should I plant?

There are three main types of strawberries that you can grow, June bearing, ever bearing, and day-neutral strawberries, each one fruits at a different time of year. June bearing put out a heavy crop in June. Everbearing will put out a heavy crop in the spring, and a heavy crop in the fall.

While day-neutral strawberries produce all season long. I like to plant some of each variety to extend my harvest throughout the season.

Types of strawberry planters

There are tons of different types of strawberry planters on the market, but not all are made equal and not everyone will suit your unique gardening needs. Just as every planter is different, every garden is different and unique. 

Whether you are low on space and looking to make use of every inch you can, or have room to branch out, you’ll find something to fit your needs in our comprehensive strawberry planter guide.

Tiered Strawberry Planters

Tiered strawberry planters are another way to maximize your garden space and one of my preferred types of strawberry planters. This type of strawberry planter stacks to create multiple levels where you can plant your strawberry starts, while still taking up very little room. 

Bonus points: They come in multiple colors for you to choose from.

This ivory stackable strawberry planter is a great space saver for a patio or porch that is durably built out of quality materials. Easy to assemble and it comes with an option to hang it, or you can simply let it sit like a normal pot.

You can stack it in 2,3 or 4 tiers. Water filters from the top tier down to the others to help reserve water. It also comes in a black option or a brown one so you can find one that will better fit your color scheme.

This great little planter is well worth the price, it’s another great strawberry planter option for a small place. You can sit it on your porch, deck or patio or raise it up on a table for a living centerpiece in your outdoor entertaining area. 

It’s very easy to put together, a breeze to water (simply water the top tier and it filters down to the others to minimize wasted water). It’s not suitable for plants with very deep roots but perfect for strawberries.

This 5 tier, 20 pot strawberry planter is another fabulous option from Mr. Stacky for those seeking to grow their own food. This stackable strawberry planter is 28” tall and is free standing. Just place it in the sunshine and plant. It’s built with a flow through design to prevent over watering and root rot. 

It’s very easy to assemble and sturdy; if you find it needs added reinforcement you can easily do this by running pvc or a dowl down the center to anchor the stack.

Made in the USA, this 28-inch stackable strawberry planter can fit 20 strawberry plants in 5 tiers. As with all stackable and tower planters, you will need to either place it in a spot where it will get sunshine on all sides or turn it every day so it gets equal amounts of light.

Watering is made simple with this strawberry planter; you water the top tier and it trickles down to water the other tiers. This helps to save water and prevent root rot in your plants.

Looking for a more colorful strawberry planter option? LELEAN has you covered with this colorful 6 tier stackable planter on wheels so you can easily rotate it and move it around your patio or deck. Made from durable PP plastic to prevent fading and cracking, this 34” tall is perfect for growing strawberries!

Another great strawberry planter option with some color is this five tier stackable planter from Tgbn with room for 20 strawberry plants. This one is on wheels so you can easily move it around your balcony, patio, or porch.

This 6 tier strawberry planter has 3 pots on every level making it a perfect option for strawberries. It’s natural color makes it fit in well with other decor on your porch or patio. An added bonus is that it’s on wheels so you can move it around, and it’s self watering. Just add water to the top tier and it will flow down and water the other 4 tiers.

Strawberry planter Pin image

Hanging Strawberry Planters

Hanging strawberry planters are a great way to make use of spaces you couldn’t normally. A hanging planter can be hung from a porch rail, the ceiling of your porch or along a wall. Sneak in a little extra growing space with one of these:

These little planters are perfect for hanging on your porch or even a wall in your yard. You can hang them together or separately depending on the look you are going for, or skip hanging them all together and sit them on the ground. These sturdy little pots will make perfect strawberry planters and they are very easy to hang.

This wall planter is another unique hanging planter that would be great for growing strawberries. Hanging it on the outside of your house or even a fence to turn unused space into a growing room. It’s very easy to hang and built out of sturdy material.

Another great option are these simple, made in the USA hanging strawberry planters; they are built out of a sturdy plastic that can handle the weight of the soil and plants even once watered. They also come with a chain to hang them.

Grow Bag Strawberry Planters

This strawberry planter features 8 side pockets for planting, plus the open top for more planting space. It has reinforced handles so you can easily move it. It’s also easily customizable; just fold the sides down to the size you want and you have the perfect size planter. The side pockets connect to the main chamber so the roots have a big space to grow in. 

These strawberry planters are sturdy and can hold a lot of strawberry plants without taking up much room.

Don’t have a lot of floor space? Try a hanging strawberry planter! These Nicheo hanging 3-piece strawberry planters are a great option for you. Sturdy and well built, these planters make a great addition to a porch or use a shepherd’s hook to hang them along a walkway.

Turn a fence into a beautiful hanging garden with this 7 pocket planter that would be perfect for planting strawberries in. Plus it’s vertical design doesn’t take up much space, making it appropriate for small backyards.

Strawberry Pots

Another option when it comes to strawberry planters are clay planters. This style adds a unique look to your patio and flare of texture.

Hand-made by skilled artisans this kiln fired ceramic earthenware strawberry pot is another great option for growing strawberries on a deck, balcony, or patio. Because it is a handcrafted work of art, the color, texture and form may vary some. This beautiful strawberry planter would make a beautiful addition to any patio.

Strawberry Planter Boxes

A great strawberry planter box option is this vertical tiered garden with five rows. This is great to still save space but have a little more wiggle room. It comes with a sturdy metal frame that is easy to assemble.

This sturdy box style planter is the best of both worlds, giving you more space for planting while still saving you space by going vertical. This is a great option for those with back issues or have trouble kneeling. This planter is easy to assemble and can hold quite a few plants making it a great option for your deck or patio.

These planters are very easy to put together, and are a great option as a strawberry planter if you are looking for a little more room in your planter.

Easy-to-buy strawberry planters

Another great way to grow strawberries is using this hydroponic system that sits right on your counter. This is really easy to set up and a great compact way to grow your own food.

Looking to add a small vertical garden space to your deck or garden? This Tiffany blue stackable planter from Mr. Stacky is a great option for your strawberries. It’s a beautiful color that will complement your patio or deck decor, or you can find it in light pink.

Final Thoughts on a Strawberry Planter

Strawberry planters are a great way to grow your own food right on your patio, and with so many options you are bound to find one that you love as much as I do. Nothing beats tasting that first berry that you grew yourself.

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