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In our guide to the best spring front door decorations, we’ve done the research for you. We’ve uncovered the season’s best in wreaths, doormats, garden flags, flowers, and more. For instance, did you know that tulips were originally found in the 11th century growing wild in Central Asia valleys?

Spring is called the season of renewal. The sun awakens our mental health, April showers wash away the doldrums, and floral blooms burst forth to color our world. Suddenly, we’re filled with a bright energy. 

The signs of spring come alive in our homes too. We’re spring cleaning, decorating, and readying our yards and gardens. Our front doors welcome the season and all who pass by. 

We invite you to skim our guide or use the Table of Contents below to find product categories for front door decorations for spring.

Springtime garden flags

Wave a cheery hello from your front entrance with spring garden flags, one of the most delightful products for spring front door decorations.

Garden flags give us an opportunity to add a little personality to our front gardens as well as some contrast for our plants and seasonal flair. You can also plant a garden flag by your mailbox. Depending on placement, you may want to make sure your garden flag is double sided.

Amazon is one of the best places to find high quality spring front door decorations, and garden flags are one type of product that gets near perfect reviews. People love garden flags!

Before we recommend any of our own choices, let us first take you to some of the stores on Amazon that are known for high quality garden flags. But if you don’t want to look through literally dozens of choices and reviews, we’re giving you a glimpse below of some of our favorites. 

The Adirondack

Printed in the USA by Toland Home & Garden. Machine washable.

Birdbath Gathering

Fade and mildew resistant by Briarwood Lane.

Peony Welcome

Double-sided burlap. Weather and fade resistant.

Spring wreaths for front door

Wreaths play a star role in front door decorations for spring. Because of color or size, most wreaths can be seen from the curb and help you set the stage for your spring door ensemble.

Spring wreaths also work well for transitioning into summer. The key theme for spring is renewal so look for wreaths that feature a fresh, bright, or calming look. For floral spring wreaths, look for wreaths with artificial flowers that represent the ones that bloom in early spring. 

Early spring flowers include:

  • Daffodils
  • Hyacinths
  • Forsythia
  • Tulips
Best transitional wreath

Refreshment in a wreath!

This incredible mix of lemons and greenery goes well with all home styles and can be used from spring through summer.

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Spring tulip wreaths

Tulips are the flowers most often associated with spring’s arrival. What better symbol of a season of rebirth than a flower that symbolizes perfect love!

Our top pick for best tulip wreath is by the Wreath Depot. You can find a color combination that is perfect for your front door. Here’s why we love Wreath Depot’s tulip wreaths

  • True to size. What you see is what you get. When they say 19-inch diameter, that’s what you get. 
  • Generously handcrafted. The wreaths are so full! They feature 240 high-quality silk tulip heads – the whole thing is made by hand!
  • Comes with a storage box. The wreath arrives in a sturdy cardboard box that is hardy enough to serve as storage. However, our recommendation is to purchase a storage container, like this set of 3 plastic wreath totes or this durable tarp wreath bag

Approved for outdoor use. As with all outdoor front door decor, a wreath will last longer if it is protected from the weather and sun.

Here’s a sampling of some of the tulip wreath selections from the Wreath Depot. Click on an image to learn more:

Where did tulips come from originally?

The history of the colorful tulip traces back to Central Asia where the flowers grew wild in the valleys of the Tian Shan Mountains. I don’t know about you, but the thought of tulips growing wild in a valley paints a dreamy picture in my mind!

In the 11th century, Turks began cultivating the flower, which they called a tulip, the Turkish for turban. Five centuries later, the tulip, which had become a symbol for the Ottoman empire, bloomed in popularity.

By the late 16th century, Western visitors to Constantinople had taken note and started the tulip frenzy in the rest of Europe and the Netherlands.

Easter egg wreaths for the front door

Like tulips, Easter eggs are a sign of spring. We’ve put together this Guide to Easter Door Decorations that includes fun bunny wreaths, religious wreaths, and more Easter eggs! Here’s one of our top picks for an Easter egg wreath.

One of our top picks

Gold and pastel eggs

Created on a grapevine base, the vines wrap around dozens of Easter eggs in this National Tree Company wreath that looks good on home styles from modern to Farmhouse. Indoor or outdoor use, if protected by an overhang. Wreath is 16 inches in diameter.

Peony wreaths

Peonies bloom for such a short time, but we can keep their delicate, fluffy beauty around all season with a peony front door wreath. We think our top picks for peony wreaths are so beautiful that you can almost smell their sweet fragrance! 

  • Realistic lemon leaves are the backdrop for the Alhambra Peony Rose Wreath from Frontgate. The wreath is accented with peony, rose, and hydrangea blooms.
  • This Balsam Hill spring wreath features an abundance of peonies and hydrangeas in various stages of bloom.

Forsythia wreaths

Forsythia is the herald of spring. The yellow flowers of the ornamental shrub burst forth in early spring before the leaves. In parts of California, you might see the blooms as early as January. Whereas, in colder parts of the U.S., the forsythia blooms appear in April.

Artificial forsythia flower wreaths are perhaps our favorite way for front doors to announce that spring has arrived. You can place these beaming pops of yellow on any door style or color in March to symbolize the promise of spring’s rebirth!

These wreaths have the added benefit of fitting both spring and summer themes for your front door. You can leave them up for both seasons. 

Best forsythia wreath

Fullness. Lots of yellow flowers

Size. It will be a little squished from the packaging but you can adjust the branches and flowers.

Transitions from spring to summer.

It’s difficult to find quality artificial wreaths as reasonable prices. This one is highly rated by reviewers.

Best doormats for spring

While wreaths play a star role when it comes to the curb appeal of your spring front door decorations, doormats roll out the welcome carpet. 

At Front Door Ideas, we’re partial to coir fiber door mats because they are both practical and attractive. Coir mats provide a durable roughness to help scrape dirt from shoes, and the fiber also provides a natural weather resistant quality. 

To learn more, see our guide to monogrammed front door mats. In this guide, we take you through the purpose of doormats, how to choose a mat, and offer information on coir fiber.

For spring front door decorations, we have 4 top coir doormats to recommend. You can click on the links in the list or on the photographs of the mats to learn more about the products. 

Spring doormats made in the USA

It can be difficult to find front door decor that is made in the USA, so when we find American-made quality products that are highly rated, we want to let you know!

Toland Home & Garden is one of those companies that has us waving the American flag as we applaud their designs and quality products.

Although not made of coir fiber, Toland decorative doormats have advantages too, including:

  • UV, mildew, and stain resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Rugged non slip backing. 
  • Low door clearance and not a tripping hazard like coir doormats can be. 

You have dozens of choices from Toland for spring doormats, but we think these two are cutie patooties! Click on an image to learn more.

Best spring front door mats with rubber trays

If you like to trade out your doormats often, using a rubber tray is a great option. You buy one tray and multiple designs in decorative mats. One of the best products on the market in this category is sold by Briarwood Lane.

Briarwood’s rubber doormat tray is made to fit their decorative mats measuring 18″ x 30″.
Here are just a few of their spring decorative mats, but we encourage you to go straight to their page to pick out your favorite. If you like either of these two below, just click on the image.

No fuss spring flowers

Once upon a time I was reluctant to display artificial flowers in my outdoor pots. That was then and this is now – a time when you can find quality faux floral.

Not all of your flowers need to be artificial, of course, but strategically placing these arrangements in front door vases or planters, can give you that consistent pop of color throughout a season.

You do need to be picky about selecting your artificial flowers, though. We’ve done some of the research for you with these three recommendations. One thing to keep in mind: The bunches will need to be fluffed out and the stems rearranged after being squished in a shipping box. Also, if a bud has fallen off, just plug it back in!

8 bundles

Comes in seven colors and the colors are fade resistant.

6 bundles

Artificial Eucalyptus leaves and flowers comes in 5 colors.

4 bundles

Artificial lavender bouquets measuring about 14.5 inches.

Front door signs to welcome all

A guide to the best spring front door decorations wouldn’t be complete without the “signs” of spring!

We have a few favorites to share with you. Our first pick is a wreath and a sign all in one and features, of course, the flowers and colors of the season.

Best metal wreath

Welcome spring!

Handcrafted and painted metal wreath on rattan. Can be used indoors and outdoors. The width is just over 17 inches and the height is nearly 16 inches.

Best Farmhouse wreath

Rustic simplicity

Keep it simple or add to this rustic wooden sign that is perfect for Farmhouse or Cottage styles.

List of the 24 best spring front door decorations

  1. Garden flag: Adirondack chair with flowers
  2. Garden flag: Birdbath Gathering
  3. Garden flag: Spring Peonies
  4. Wreath: Spring lemons and greenery
  5. Wreath: Silk tulips in red, orange, and yellow
  6. Wreath: Silk tulips in lavender, white, and pale yellow
  7. Wreath: Silk tulips in a medley of pinks
  8. Wreath: Easter eggs in gold and pastel colors
  9. Wreath: Alhambra peony rose
  10. Wreath: Peony blossoms
  11. Wreath: Rustic forsythia
  12. Doormat: Hello Spring flowers and butterflies
  13. Doormat: Spring has sprung farm truck
  14. Doormat: Birdhouse trio
  15. Doormat: Ladybug welcome
  16. Doormat: Welcome with dog, flowers, and butterfly
  17. Doormat: Birds in a spring tree
  18. Doormat: Fresh flowers in vases
  19. Doormat: Old church amid spring flowers
  20. Artificial flowers: Bundle of 8
  21. Artificial flowers: Bundle of 6
  22. Artificial flowers: Lavender bundle of 4
  23. Door sign: Metal flowers
  24. Door sign: Rustic wooden welcome

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