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Shine bright this holiday season with a festive ornament wreath

There is something so magical about the holiday season. The combination of lights, cold air, and snow make it seem like anything could happen. One thing that is sure to happen during this time of year are visits from friends and neighbors bearing gifts in hand.

If you want your home or front door to be as festive as possible, then an ornament wreath may just be the decoration for you to greet everyone who comes to your door during the Christmas season!

In this post we will discuss everything there is to know about these beautiful decorations: buying them vs making your own, types of ornament wreaths, how they look on a door, in your home or on your front door. The only question is, should I make an ornament wreath DIY-style or buy an ornament wreath?

The choice may come down to two things: time and cost. With all the gorgeous online choices for an ornament wreath these days, cost has become less of an issue than it once was. There are many companies now creating wreaths. That’s why we created a guide to make it less overwhelming and guide you to companies and wreaths we love.

Ideas for an ornament wreath

If you’re looking to save some time this holiday season, buying an ornament wreath might be the best idea. But if you’re looking for a DIY project, making an ornament wreath for the holiday season is a popular craft. It’s a craft project that you can even do with friends and family making a new festive tradition. Just be careful with hot glue around children! 

A DIY ornament wreath is a great way to use some of your existing ornaments. Over the years, my ornament collection just keeps growing and growing! My attic is bursting at the seams with decades of family ornaments.

I’m sure a lot of people find themselves in the same boat as me. Making an ornament wreath with your existing ornaments is an easy way to customize the wreath by themes, such as sports or hobbies. It also saves money and gives your wreath that extra personal touch.

A DIY ornament wreath is a great way to showcase and protect heirloom ornaments as well. My family has continued to pass down Christmas ornaments over the years. It’s fun to see how my ornament collection has amassed over the years.

I’m sure a lot of people out there are looking for ways to reuse ornaments year after year that they’ve grown attached to. The holidays can be tough when you’re feeling blue, but an ornament wreath is a great way to bring some cheer into your home and showcase all those special memories! So let’s look at how to DIY a wreath first versus purchasing one.

How to make an ornament wreath 

Here is a video that shows an easy ornament wreath to make. I then break it down in items and steps to create your own ornament wreath masterpiece.

Gather items you will need

Steps for DIY Ornament Wreath

  • Remove the tops off all your ornaments so that they look uniform
  • Cover your wreath form in fabric that matches ornaments
  • Start working from back to front adding your various size ornaments
  • Hold down each ornament for a few seconds to ensure they stick
  • Look for bare spots at end and fill in within tiny ornaments
  • Hang your wreath and admire your work!

Where to find the best ornament wreath

There are so many options with ornament wreaths. Some are all ornaments and some have them here and there. Others have a sense of whimsy while others are truly elegant. An ornament wreath for every style. Here is our list below by category!

Ornament Wreaths with Garland

30-inch wreath from the Scarlet Hydrangea Collection

This ornament wreath with traditional green garland and pine cones takes 4D batteries (not included). It’s a heavier wreath and comes with a remote control. An absolutely beautiful piece for your front door this Christmas season! The matching garland by the Village Lighting Company is sold separately.

We’ve recently discovered the beautiful Christmas decor and accessories offered by the Village Lighting Company. They offer a few products that make decorating for Christmas easier. Check it out:

30-inch wreath from the Red Magnolia Collection

Another great option from the Village Lighting Company is this ornament wreath that comes with a water safe battery pack. It’s big and bright. A great wreath for the front door. The 9-foot Red Magnolia garland is sold separately.

The Valery Madelyn Pre-Lit 24-inch Frozen Winter Wreath

The Valery Madelyn Frozen Winter Wreath is a wintry decoration that will last for years because they use the latest in pressing technology. The leaves and pine needles on this unit are treated to prevent them from falling off. 

The lighting technology is also impressive. The winter wreath features 8 lighting effects. All you  need to do is place 3AA batteries (not included) and press on. The automatic timer sets the wreath’s warm lights to stay on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours.

The 6-foot garland can be purchased separately or you can purchase the wreath and garland in a set.

If you love the look of silver and white Christmas decorations, you’ll find other beautiful Valery Madelyn products in this style, such as:

24-inch pre-lit ornament wreath with candy canes

The red in this ornament wreath really sets it off. Lovely and beautiful choice for the front door.

The matching garland is not yet available, but they have another 72-inch lighted garland that will match the red and pine cones in the wreath. Keep an eye on the Wanna-Cul store on Amazon for when other garlands become available.

National Tree Company’s 24-inch wreath with red ornaments

An ornament wreath with a romantic feel to it. It says let’s go snuggle by the roaring fire and drink eggnog. It’s made by National Tree Company and the online pictures do not do this wreath justice.

Try matching it with one of these National Tree Company garlands with red highlights to match the red in the ornament wreath. Each garland is 9-foot long and comes pre-lit.

Multicolor Ball Ornaments Wreath

Remember the story of the Three Bears? Well, that’s this wreath. All the components of this wreath are just right together. Just the right amount of each element on this wreath makes it a sophisticated yet unique piece for your home.

Pair it with the plain evergreen 9-foot garland from the National Tree Company.

36-inch red and gold ornaments wreath

Another nice choice for your home. It’s a nice full ornament wreath that might look better on a larger door or in a bigger space. Beautifully done. It pairs well with this 9-foot pre-lit garland with Holly berries and pine cones.

For more seasonal wreath ideas:

Unique ornament wreaths for your home

Christmas Elf wreath with ornaments

If you want a wreath with a little sense of humor, this ornament wreath with an elf from the rear end greeting you is for you! Cute, colorful and festive. This wreath will definitely make anyone going to your front door smile!

24-inch pink wreath with ornaments

Hello lovers of pink. The pink garland really blends well with the ornaments. It lights up beautifully. You might even feel an urge to purchase a pink Christmas tree to tie in with your pink ornament wreath! How unique.

Vermont Christmas Company Advent wreath

How about an advent wreath to hold your candles? We have talked about ornament wreaths to hang just about anywhere. However, what about those advent candles? This ornament wreath is a perfect choice. Put something under it to protect your table from scratches. You also might want to add a different colored mini ornament to it to add a little more contrast and make it stand out more.

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Elegant ornament wreath

30-inch champagne and gold wreath by Valery Madelyn

If you are a fan of Victorian elegance, then this is the ornament wreath for you. This super classy wreath is a gorgeous choice! When you replace the batteries on the back, you might have to replace the zip tie holding the battery pack on the wreath.

30-inch Valery Madelyn winter wreath

This lighted ornament wreath option that is simply lovely turns off after a few hours. You might want to add your own touches to really make this wreath special.

24-inch National Tree Company wreath with golden accents

Another National Tree Company option is this breathtaking wreath. You will need to fluff it a bit before hanging it in your home. The lights aren’t too bright. However, it does not take away from the beauty of this wreath.

24-inch National Tree Company frosted silver pine wreath

Silver elegance set off this wreath. Even when the lights are not on, it still seems lit up because of the coating on the ornaments. So have your door shine bright this season with this elegant National Tree Company wreath

20-inch Kurt S. Adler champagne, gold and pink ornaments wreath

Pink, gold, and champagne make up this special wreath. It definitely speaks to the holiday season without the Christmas colors. Another elegant choice that you might just want to also purchase for someone else this holiday season.

Just ornaments

16-inch Glitter and Gold battery operated wreath with lights

All things that glitter are gold is a very true statement with this amazing wreath. It’s completely gold ornaments. Has lights and tinsel too that just complete this statement piece.

Small ornament wreaths

Pack of 2 13-inch wreath with ornaments

With nearly 2000 mostly positive reviews, these mini ornament wreaths may be small but make a big statement with their shining beauty. For the price, they are a very good option. Now and then, an ornament may become detached during shipping.

20-inch Northlight silver and white ornament wreath

This wreath is smaller in size. However, with the smaller wreaths, you have more options on where to hang them. This wreath would look lovely hanging in your home or perhaps even on your windows.

Which ornament wreath do we recommend the most?

Honestly, if I was to pick the wreath I would recommend, it would be a tie. If I wanted something cute and unique, then I would pick the elf wreath I described above.

Christmas elf wreath

However, if I am going more traditional, then I would pick this wreath, see below, from the National Tree Company. They produce a lot of wreaths. Many with strong reviews. So I feel it’s a company that would be a good choice to pick. 

I also am going with one that is heavy on the red ornaments with the green garland. I just like the traditional red and green ornaments that just represent Christmas. It would be lovely hanging on my door with reindeer on the roof and white candles in my windows.

Final Thoughts on an Ornament Wreath

The ornament wreath is a festive and easy way to add some Christmas cheer to your front door this holiday season. There are many different types of ornament wreaths you can make at home depending on what materials you have available, but there’s also an option for those who don’t want the hassle- purchase one already made! 

We hope that this blog post has helped inform or inspire you in your quest for the perfect ornament wreath. Remember – if it doesn’t fit perfectly right away, try again with something new until you find just the right look for your house. Happy holidays from our team here at Front Door Ideas!

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