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Stop intruders at the front door with a low-cost solution

A burglary happens every 26 seconds in the United States. Three out of four homes will be burglarized in the next 20 years, and 34% of home invaders are coming through your front door. Security bars for doors offer an effective, low-cost solution to improve the security of your front doors.

Your biggest threat: A kick-in attack through your front door.  

Reinforcing your front door against home invasions can be achieved by adding a security bar and door braces. With these devices, they aren’t getting in through your door even if they successfully pick your lock. 

Most burglars are opportunists and can be deterred with security measures. Most of them also try to come in the front door before attempting other places for entry. 

For those of you who rent your home or apartment, security bars for doors are something you can pick up at a low cost and install yourself. No  modifications to the door are necessary.

Statistics also show that security bars for doors add an extra layer of security even in homes that are well secured with deadbolts and security alarms. The security bar slows down the home invader entirely or long enough for help to arrive.

Installing security bars for doors is also a safer security measure than adding a series of door locks. You don’t want to slow down your own exit. In case of a fire, a series of locks adds too much time to your exit. On the other hand, security bars lift easily and quickly aside.

What is a home invasion vs burglary?

A home invasion is a type of burglary in which a person breaks and enters into a residence or building while the occupants are at home. 

Depending on the jurisdiction, a home invasion may or may not be classified as a separate crime under law. Otherwise, the offender is charged with the crime committed once inside the residence or building – that could include burglary, trespassing, rape, or murder. 

Home invasions are also referred to as “hot prowls.” 

“A hot prowl burglary is dangerous because of the possible confrontation between the subject and victim,” according to the Escondido (California) Police Department. 

A burglary is unlawful entry into almost any kind of premises, including cars, with the intent to commit a crime, most often theft. Most burglaries occur when the owners are not home.

The offender doesn’t have to “break in” to be charged with burglary. They could simply walk through an open door. Robbery requires use of force or fear.

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Trends in burglaries and home invasions

Starting in 2019, according to FBI statistics, suburban and rural residents are at a higher risk for burglary compared to urban residents. 

The average loss of property is almost $2,500 per successful burglary. The safest month of the year is February whereas the most dangerous month for home invasions is in July, when people are typically on vacation.

Victims of burglaries and home invasion most likely know the offender. 65% of burglars know the homeowner in some capacity. The majority of burglaries happen when you are away from the home. 

The master bedroom is typically the first room targeted. 

The most popular time for an offender to enter your home is between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. An offender spends on average between 8 and 12 minutes in your house.

What are security bars for doors?

The most popular security bars are long pieces of metal designed to jamb against the door to prevent opening from the outside. Most models require no modification or adjustments to your front door. These bars are sometimes referred to as jammers.

In the most common models of door security bars, you simply secure one end of the bar on the ground and the other end under the door handle.  Manufacturers design the security bars with your floor and door hardware in mind to avoid damaging your floor and making sure to fit different styles of door handles.

Other models of security bars are metal strips that fit horizontally across the door. These security bars require some installation but nothing most homeowners or a handyman can’t handle.

Benefits of using security bars for doors

All types of security bars are simple to install, lightweight, and easy to remove. They require virtually no maintenance. You can find smaller versions that are perfect for traveling – small enough to fit in a purse. 

Security bars can also withstand an immense amount of force. As security measures, they are superior to locks but not a replacement for door locks. 

Some security bars even come with a door alarm!

The 4 best security bars for doors

Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar

Founded in 1921, the Master Lock company has been a world leader in security products. They are now the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of padlocks. 

The no-tools-required Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar is one of the highest rated security bars for doors. On Amazon alone, more than 10,000 people have given it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 – with over ¾ of them giving it the highest rating of 5.

This  inexpensive rugged bar made of 20-gauge steel has dual functionality. It can be used on sliding doors as well as entry doors. The padded, no-scratch foot has a pivoting ball joint to ensure full contact with the floor.  
For your convenience, Master Lock has provided visual instructions, graphics, and a video demonstration on the product page.

Brinks 675-83001 Commercial Door Security Bar

From one of the country’s leading security companies, the Brinks door security bar is a sturdy choice for both hinged and sliding doors. It’s one of the least expensive choices with flexible fit for all household doors. 
The 20-gauge steel bar is attached to a rubber-covered foot with a pivoting joint for more secure contact with all types of floors, including carpeted.

SecurityMan 2 in 1 Sliding Door Security Bar & Door Jammer

SecurityMan, a California-based company, is one of the leading authorities and manufacturers of do-it-yourself security and surveillance products. 

SecurityMan offers several choices of security bars for doors. Here, we’re recommending the 2 in 1 Sliding Door Bar and Jammer, an affordable product at a slightly higher price point compared to their other door jammers. All SecurityMan door bars and jammers are highly rated.

This kit includes interchangeable anti-skid rubber tips to accommodate different door knobs, sliding doors, and windows. The angled rubber bottom will stay in place on all types of floors without scratching or moving.

TOP CHOICE: SecuraDoor’s Heavy Duty Security Door Bar

Our recommendation for the most heavy duty security bars for doors is also at the highest price point. SecuraDoor’s product comes with a risk-free lifetime guarantee, no-questions-asked policy. 

This adjustable security bar has been lab-tested at 3 accredited national testing facilities and certified to withstand 3,000 pounds of force. The oversized footer made of thermo-plastic was designed to keep its grip on different floor types, including carpet, vinyl, tile, concrete, and hardwood.

“We offer the only door security brace that can adjust to all doorknob heights in accordance with the International Building Code,” according to SecurityMan documentation.

What you need to know before buying security bars for doors

  • How much weight do you want your door security bar to support? Even the cheapest security bars can hold back an incredible amount of force.
  • You can certainly purchase adjustable security bars, but it wouldn’t hurt to know some basic measurements about your front door. Find out the size and thickness of your door as well as the height of the door handle. 
  • Find out how the foot of the security bar is covered? Is it made of rubber or something comparable? Rubber will protect any hard floor.  No scratches!
  • For horizontal bars, you should find out the width of the door. You will also need to know if the bar attaches to the door frame or has to fit into the actual molding.
security bars for doors



What are the best door braces?

A door brace is another type of door reinforcement. Think of a door brace as a better version of shoving a chair under a doorknob.

For example, the Security Lock Door Brace fits at the bottom of your door but requires at least ½ inch clearance between the door and the floor. The idea is that the brace will hold even after an intruder breaks the lock and deadlock with a kick in. You will have to screw it into the floor. However, this brace is well regarded with more than 80% of purchasers giving it a top rating. 

One of the least expensive options is a simple door stopper. The Wundermax Rubber Door Stop Wedge will fit doors that hang off the floor up to 1 inch. If your door is nonstandard, then you can fit one wedge on top of the other and achieve the same security. These come in a pack of three.

The security wedge pack comes with three holders that can be secured to your door so that you have a place to store the wedge.

Protect loved ones with security bars for doors

As front door aficionados, we conclude that the low-cost and easy installation of security bars for doors make them a no-brainer purchase when it comes to adding an extra sense of protection.

On their own or in conjunction with alarm systems, heavy-duty doors, and high-quality door locks, these door jammers and braces are effective additions to any home security system.

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