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33 Top Looks for a Rattan Planter in Classic, Modern Styles

A rattan planter is the natural choice for a modern twist on a classic. When you want to lend your home an air of earthy elegance, rattan is where it’s at! A rattan planter comes in all shapes and sizes so that no matter what plant or flowers you’re looking to show off, there will be one waiting for you.

The rattan planter has a simple and natural aesthetic that gives your space an inviting, clean look. With its warm color scheme it brings life to any interior or exterior space.

The Rattan Planter is the perfect fit for those who are looking for something with both function as well as style in their living spaces.

So what makes these particular planters so special? Well, let’s explore!

rattan planter
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Are Rattan and Wicker the Same Thing? 

When you weave reed or cane-like materials into a strong surface it’s called “wicker.” You can also do this with any kind of thin wood like willow and bamboo as well as synthetic fibers which means there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to material selection for your design!

Rattan, on the other hand, is the material. It is used for weaving baskets and making furniture in a plaited straw pattern called wicker. 

In short, wicker is the process and rattan is the material.

What is the Rattan Plant?

Rattan is a plant that grows in bunches and belongs to the palm family. The most interesting thing about rattans are their 600 species, which grow mostly in tropical regions of Asia, Australia, Africa–almost always on hilly areas. 

Most of the commercial production originates from the forests of Indonesia. 

The life of a Rattan starts as an entangled vine, but the real goal is to reach up into the canopy where they can access the best sunlight. As their stem lengthens, sharp hooks grab hold and allow them to climb upwards in pursuit of sun rays.

rattan planter
People in Singapore gather rattan. The photo is believed to be dated back to some time between 1890 and 1923. Image courtesy of the U.S. Library of Congress.

“Some species of rattan have been reported with stems measuring over 500 feet!” according to In Defense of Plants.

Rattan has always had an important role in the tropical rainforests. But with deforestation, these populations have been declining at a rapid rate and now there is not enough supply to go around for all those who rely on it as their livelihoods, according to the World Wildlife Federation.

The Benefits of Rattan

  • Grows faster than trees and it is easier to harvest
  • It’s lightweight and that makes it easier to transport
  • One of nature’s most durable materials
  • Does not break or split
  • It is flexible, making it ideal for furniture or a rattan planter

Our Curated Gallery of Top Selections for a Natural Rattan Planter

We start our list of recommended suggestions for a rattan planter with products actually made from rattan. From here, we branch out to include rattan-like planters because we understand that most of you are searching for a wicker look, which can be achieved with a number of natural and synthetic materials. 

Rattan Planter Stand

Because most of the world’s supply of rattan comes from Indonesia, we begin our rattan planter gallery with four items offered by Kouboo, a California home decor company created by a husband and wife team. 

Kouboo sources one-of-a-kind natural, artisan products from around the world. Most of the items offered by Kouboo are made by local artisans and craftspeople in small villages and workshops in developing countries.

“In many instances, the craft the artisans learned from their ancestors is either their livelihood or supplements their income from other activities such as farming,” write Joe and Patrice. “The opportunities for many of these artisans and their families are limited.”

These four rattan planter stands are sourced from Indonesia.

  • Diameter 12 inches x 28 inches high.
  • Shelf Diameter 10 inches. Shelf 16 inches above ground.
  • Diameter 12 inches x 18 inches high.
  • Shelf Diameter 10 inches. Shelf 10 inches above ground.
  • Diameter 12 inches x 36 inches high.
  • Shelf Diameter 10 inches. Bottom shelf 9 inches and top shelf 28 inches above ground.
  • Diameter 15 inches x 33 inches high.
  • Shelf Diameter 10 inches. Shelf 26 inches above ground.

For our next rattan planter recommendation, we discovered the Baconta company located in northern Vietnam. As a provisional member of the World Fair Trade Organization, Baconta takes the utmost care in the selection of its handicrafts.

Baconta owns the Halinh Rattan & Bamboo Company. They pride themselves on a rigorous manufacturing process and fair standards for villagers from whom they source materials.

In the villages, the materials are harvested and dried. The craftspeople transform the rattan vines into small strips and pieces, which are then used to create a variety of different rattan and bamboo products, according to the company. Every product is 100% handmade by expert artisans with years-long experience who take pride in their workmanship from start to finish! 

Here we’ve featured two styles of Halinh rattan planters. Each style measures: 11.8 x 11.8 x 12.5 inches. You can find them both on Amazon.

Find out more about how Halinh makes their natural rattan planters and products in this YouTube video:

Top Picks for a Large or Extra Large Rattan Planter

Rattan baskets and stands are perfect for displaying your favorite plants, or anything special you want to show off.

As we move up in size for a natural rattan planter, we have three selections in planter stands and two rattan planter baskets.

For the larger rattan planter stand, we were able to uncover two classic Asian styles along with a more modern rattan planter that would be perfect for Farmhouse Style.

  • 3 Heights: 24, 26, 38″
  • Sold by USA company
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Nearly 31 inches tall
  • 15.7″ width
  • Features fir wood

We’ve not been able to determine which version will be shipped – the plant holder or the stand.

For a large or extra large rattan planter basket, we returned to one of our favorite companies, Kouboo (we hope you read about them above). As with all Kouboo products, these two planters baskets are hand crafted with great care.

  • 10 inches x 8.5 inches high. Diameter opening 7 inches.
  • 17 inches long x 17 inches wide x 18 inches tall

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14 More Woven Planters and Plant Stands

As we said earlier, we realize that you may be looking for the wicker style of planter and not necessarily a rattan planter. Other popular natural materials for planters and stands include bamboo and grasses such as seagrass.

Woven Bamboo Planters and Sturdy Plant Stands

Bamboo is a type of grass that’s found in Eastern Asia, where it has been used for thousands of years as a building material. It is the fastest-growing plant on earth, and grows up to 36 inches each day. 

This sustainable crop can be easily harvested without damaging its extensive root system. It does not require pesticide or fungicide to grow because it naturally repels bugs and disease.

Bamboo is not only durable but also resilient to natural disasters like earthquakes and fires; it grows quickly after a disaster, providing shelter and food for people who need it most. 

Best of all, bamboo is naturally antibacterial and extremely durable, so it doesn’t splinter or warp over time like traditional wood products do. With bamboo as a building material, you have an eco-friendly product that is luxurious and long-lasting!

Top 2 Picks for a Bamboo Planter

Weaving together tough, yet lightweight bamboo with a cleverly-designed plastic insert achieves the perfect balance of durability and delicacy. Each woven bamboo planter has a 5-inch opening diameter and measures 5 inches tall. They come in 5 patterns

The set of 2 bamboo planters with wooden legs measure 22 inches in height. The bamboo planter that sits on top of the legs is 12 inches in width and height.

We Love These 3 Incredible Bamboo Planter Stands

Take a look and you’ll see why everyone should have at least one of these bamboo planter stands in their home. They are perfect for holding all those plants you need to keep in a sunroom during the winter.

3 Handcrafted Woven Wall Baskets

All three wall baskets feature natural fibers handcrafted by skilled artisans.

The rattan wall planter in wicker style comes with an integrated handle. The pair of willow twig baskets are plant-ready with an inner plastic liner. The double jute rope baskets come in 5 colors and patterns.

Seaglass Planter in 6 Natural Styles

Seagrasses are one of the most under-appreciated, yet productive ecosystems on Earth.

Often confused with seaweeds, seagrasses actually have more in common with the flowers on land. These plants can be found all over the world from tropics to the Arctic circle and form meadows that create a productive ecosystem for fish and other small life forms as well.

“Seagrasses have been called ‘the lungs of the sea’ because they release oxygen into the water through the process of photosynthesis,” according to the National Wildlife Federation.

For thousands of years, people all over the world have been weaving seagrass into practical and beautiful home products.

We’ve curated for you a selection of three seagrass baskets and three seagrass hanging baskets. But before you order, here are a few things you should know about handcrafted, natural seagrass baskets:

  • Each basket is handcrafted. They aren’t being cranked out by a machine. Expect slight variations in size.
  • For the same reason, they may not be perfectly circular.
  • The color could yellow or darken slightly as it ages and in sun exposure. It’s seagrass. This is a natural reaction. However, some baskets may be made of naturally dyed seagrass.
  • The baskets are not rigid.
  • If it arrives damaged, then contact the seller for a replacement. However, the handmade nature of these baskets makes it likely for little imperfections to be present.

Outdoor Planters in Wicker Style

Now we turn our attention to outdoor planters that give you a wicker look but in more durable, weather resistant materials. 

Rattan furniture is certainly used in an outdoor setting and the planters can be as well. But you will need to provide some protection and maintenance. 

For example, rattan tends to develop mildew and mold. The outside of the canes may be weather resistant, but over time, water tends to accumulate inside the cane – no matter how well sealed or manufactured. 

You have a few options before you turn to synthetic materials:

  • If you keep a rattan planter outdoors, minimize its exposure to weather. Even then, moisture seeps in. 
  • Apply a coat of tung oil or three coats of marine varnish to the rattan planter. 

However, if what you are looking for is outdoor wicker style planters, we think you will love this selection of high-quality planters. We’ve included some of our favorite brands that are the best on the market.

Outdoor Wicker Planter Pots in Large and Extra Large Sizes

Keter’s Easy Grow 31.7 Gallon Raised Garden Bed makes gardening a no-brainer with its easy to read water gauge that indicates when plants need additional moisture, simple drainage system for full control over watering and an included reservoir to prevent root decay or overwatering of the plant roots.

The Suncast Sonora Resin Wicker Planter is a stylish, lightweight, and durable outdoor option that will not fade or rust. The resin construction makes it tough enough to withstand the weather yet light weight for easy transport from place-to-place. You will need to drill your own drainage hole.

UniFramPro’s 2-pack “Rato” Square Planter in woven rattan style can be a fashionable addition to any garden. The quality craftsmanship and rustproof construction make it resistant against the toughest weather; you no longer have to worry about rain, snow or hail ruining its color, shape or durability!

Suncast’s Sonora Resin Wicker Planter is perfect for large plants! The 4-pack comes at some of the best prices around. These planters are lightweight (when empty), attractive, sturdy enough to hold up your favorite small tree with ease – they’re even large enough to fit some roses bushes that you might have been eyeing lately. No drainage holes on the bottom so you’ll need to drill your own.

This set of two hanging planters in a weave design is lightweight and perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Whether you need to bring some green into your home décor, or if you’re looking for the perfect piece to hang on your patio during warmer months, this durable plastic with natural stone powder material will make an excellent addition!

It’s made from weather-resistant materials so it can stand up against intense sun exposure (and all types of other unpredictable conditions) without fading away. The metal appearance provides a heavy-duty look that feels weighty but won’t weigh down these plant holders which are light enough to hang anywhere with its sturdy rope hanger.

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Tall, Tapered Wicker Planter Pots for Outdoors

For a synthetic wicker planter, the materials look so real – almost like natural rattan! Each set comes with plastic liner bins that take up about half the height of the pot. No need to fill the entire plant with dirt or potting soil. You will need to drill your own drainage holes.

rattan planter
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Final Thoughts on a Rattan Planter

Rattan planters offer a natural, earthy elegance that blends well with any room. With their simple and clean look they are the perfect accent to any space you want to give an inviting feel. Whether it be your living room or outdoor patio, rattan can make all of those spaces come alive!

You can achieve a similar look and feel with more durable resin materials made specifically for outdoor conditions. 

Whichever way you choose to go, we’d love to know how you decorate with rattan and wicker style. Let us know in the comments below!

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