Have you ever wondered about purple front door meanings?

“Don’t worry, you can change the door color.”

We had met the owner of the house outside, ready to see if this house was going to be our rental for the next year as we adjusted to living in a brand-new town. She had bought the house for her mother, but her mother ended up never moving, so she was hoping to rent it out as quickly as we were hoping to move in.

She kind of rolled her eyes at the purple door, and was quick to tell us that it was the previous owner that painted the front door purple, and we could change it whenever we wanted.

As we went up the steps though, there was something magical about this purple front door. It was warm and inviting, and definitely unique. I couldn’t help but be drawn to a color that I was normally never drawn to before.

We kept out purple front door, and this house has given us so many great memories during one of the darkest times our world has faced. We are grateful for our purple front door house.

We couldn’t help but wonder though- what is the meaning of it? Is there even a purple front door meaning?

purple front door meaning

Color Psychology: Where could the purple front door meaning possibly come from?

There is substantial research behind color psychology and what our minds believe when we see different colors. This is mostly used in the marketing world, as marketers are very careful of what colors to choose from for advertisements.

However, marketers are not the only people who worry about color. Even NASA cares about color psychology! In one of the color memos from NASA they state:

Aerospace graphics get special attention, but much of the information should be useful for other color graphics as well.

Is color psychology real though?

There are varying theories to the degree of color psychology. I believe most people would definitely agree that colors play a large role in how we interpret the world. In an article called “Color and psychological functioning: a review of theoretical and empirical work” by Andrew Elliot, he states:

“I want to reiterate the literature on color and psychological functioning is at a nascent stage of development, and by recommending patience and prudence regarding conclusions about theory, findings, and real-world application.”

My conclusion is: NASA worries about color psychology, then maybe we should as well.

So what about the color purple?

Meaning of the color purple

According to the Los Angeles Film School, the color purple is a “rare and artificial color” because it is rarely seen in nature.

History agrees with that. In the 1500s BCE  fabric traders used to extract purple dye from mollusks in the Mediterranean Sea. This was a long, drawn out process. Because of that, the color purple became a color that was reserved for the imperial class.  It became a trend, so much to the point that Queen Elizabeth I passed a law that said only the royal family could wear the color purple. 

Because of that, purple is often known as a color of wealth and royalty.

Other sources have said that the color purple represents prosperity and honor.

These were the trends that I noticed when studying the purple front door meaning. However, there was another find that threw me for a loop: witchcraft.

I didn’t see that one coming, but apparently there is some meaning in witch culture of a purple front door. Who knew?

According to “Witchipedia”,

Recently, a trend among witches of painting their doors purple to mean “A witch lives here” has sprung up. This seems to have started with a Facebook meme a few years ago, though it has been reported to me that some occult stores were selling signs saying “A purple door means a witch lives here” even before the meme appeared. 

Although I am not one hundred percent certain of which meme they are referring to, I keep seeing this meme come up which leads me to believe this may be what started that trend.

purple front door meaning

Purple front door meaning

Therefore, the meaning of a purple front door can mean multiple things:

  1. Honor
  2. Royalty
  3. Wealth
  4. Witchcraft

Keep one thing in mind though: since you’re most likely not trying to sell anyone your house right now, it does not matter as much as what the meaning of a purple door is compared to what the door means to you!

Purple front door examples

I absolutely love this purple door from A Thyme to Cook! Matched with the purple flowers, I would feel instantly warm and welcomed if I traveled to this place.

I love this one because if you go and read the comments, it is fun to see how different people interpret a purple front door meaning.

If I was going along down this street, I would definitely stop and take a peek at this front door! I believe this embodies the royalty of the purple front door.

Someone in one of the front comments said “Purple is the new navy.” Love it!


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How to choose the color for my purple front door

The first thing you will want to look at is: should my front door even be purple?

Luckily, HGTV has a solution for that. They have a quiz on what the color of the front door should be! You can start there unless you are completely certain that you want your front door to be purple. If you are certain, let’s move on!

Once you know that you want to have a purple front door, there are some things to consider:

The Right Paint

You want to make sure that you pick out the very best paint since your door will be exposed to everything that is on the outside.

To get the best type of weather-resistant paint, you will want to look at latex exterior paints, such as this purple latex exterior paint here.

You will want to make sure to use exterior primer paint first. This will help even more with weather.

The Style of Your Home

If you are considering a purple front door, you must definitely have style! The style of the rest of your house is just as important in this decision-making process. Do not fail to consider the already-style of your home and how the purple front door would add to everything.

The Trim

Don’t forget the trim of the door!

As fun as a purple front door can be, you can make it pop even more with the trim of the door! Consider some neutral colors to make the purple stand out more, or some complementary colors to purple.

What else do I need for my purple front door?

There is nothing like a great doormat for your purple front door.

Check out these funny doormats that will grab as much attention as your front door will!

Or, you can get some purple door accessories to go with your purple front door! Click any of the affiliate links below to check out more.

How about you? Do you like the idea of a purple front door? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. This is really cool. I had no idea that colors on doors meant anything. I thought they were just color. I love finding out new things like this.

  2. So, you learn something new everyday. This is so fascinating, my door is green. I would like to know the meaning of it because it’s a rental. I don’t know what the previous or the original owner meant with that color on the door.

  3. I have heard of colour psychology before! I know it is integrated in marketing for intended purposes e.g. the purple packing of chocolate bars, the red used in fast food chains. To be honest after reading this post it has made me consider to experiment more with colours in life.

    1. Experimenting with colors can be so much fun! Once I learned the purple front door meaning, it made me want to look at others!

  4. Whoa! This is so cool! Very informative and I just realized that purple is an artificial color, I think of a thing that is naturally purple but there’s only few of them.

    1. I really had to stop and think about it- there are such few things! It makes lilacs even more amazing, doesn’t it?

  5. Colors are how your eyes and brain perceive light waves of differing lengths. The meaning of purple color is symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition. But I like the purple color you put on your door. It’s beautiful.

  6. That’s so interesting! A purple front door is such a statement piece. I immediately thought of Friends when I saw this article haha

  7. I’ve often heard that purple has been associated with royalty, and I think that anything we believe is true! I like that your choice of front door color has caused you to look into color psychology.

  8. I rarely see purple doors on my area so this was fascinating to read. I like red doors myself because they brighten the home and have a lot of energy.

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