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Adorn your door in hospitality with an elegant pineapple door knocker

A pineapple door knocker welcomes guests with an age-old symbol of hospitality.

Front doors give us a wonderful opportunity to express not only our design style but also our warm-heartedness.

During the late medieval period, when the exotic fruit made the long journey across the Atlantic to the castles and chateaus of Europe, pineapples often arrived rotted on the inside. The fruit was still displayed, not the wiser to the rotten core.

Stewart, Thomas; Called ‘John Rose (1619-1677), the Royal Gardener, Presenting a Pineapple to King Charles II (1630-1685)’; National Trust, Ham House; image courtesy of Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

By the 18th century, the cost of a pineapple was estimated at $8,000, in today’s dollars. If you weren’t wealthy enough you could still rent one for the evening!

Meanwhile, we’re putting pineapple on our pizzas!

In young America, 18th century colonists were also struck with pineapple fever. The fruit made its way from South America to the Caribbean Islands and on to the States. 

The pineapple took on a symbol of hospitality in the homes of American colonists. A Pineapple, which was only affordable to the wealthy, was the centerpiece of extravagant food displays in dining rooms.  

“The colonies were then a land of small, primitive towns and settlements where homes served as the hubs of most community activity,” explains Hoag Levins in the Social History of the Pineapple.

“Visiting was the primary means of entertainment, cultural intercourse and news dissemination. The concept of hospitality–the warmth, charm and style with which guests were taken into the home–was a central element of the society’s daily emotional life.”

For sure, they were showing off, but they were also heightening the importance of hospitality in American culture. 

A culture that now permeates our society with pineapple symbolism, which can be found in a plethora of products for homes and gardens.

In this article, we recommend a handful of elegant choices for a pineapple door knocker and also present a round-up of some of the best choices in pineapple decor for your front door, garden, and yard. 

Read along with us or use the Table of Contents below to jump right into your favorite sections.

5 Classic Styles for a Pineapple Door Knocker

We have two top picks for a pineapple door knocker and three other choices that are new on the market. 

Why the Michael Healy pineapple door knocker is one of our top two recommendations:

Based in Rhode Island, Michael Healy Designs produces exceptional quality decorative door hardware using the old art of sand casting. Healy door knockers are handcrafted in solid brass, solid bronze, and solid nickel silver. 

Michael oversees every step of the process from his initial designs to completion. His signature is etched into each piece confirming authenticity.

The Healy pineapple door knocker comes in standard and premium sizes and 3 different finishes.

Our other favorite pineapple door knocker comes from a company once called The Brass & Iron Foundry of Virginia.

The Jefferson Brass Company is one of the few brass companies still operating in the United States. Located in Virginia, the company specializes in handcrafted brass products that are designed in-house by Creative Director Jack J. Goehring, III.

Because of the handcrafted workmanship of each piece, you may occasionally be able to discern very small inclusions, imperfections, and even slight size variations.

One tip to use with brass that has discoloration is to use a metal polish, such as Brasso or Wenol.

The Jefferson Company polished brass pineapple door knocker is no light weight. When you hold it in your hand, you’ll recognize the quality. 

The door knocker is 6.5 inches tall and 4.75 inches wide and weighs nearly 4 pounds. For installation purposes, the distance between the holes is 3.5 inches.

Pineapple Door Knocker, Polished, Polished

We have three other recommendations in the mid-price range that are all fairly new on the market. Each has a slightly different design and finish. The costs range from around $40 to over $60.

Hanzla Brass Pineapple Door Knocker
  • Brass in antique finish
  • Weighs just over 1 pound
  • Size : 2.8 x 1.5 x 6 inches
  • Hanzla is known for vintage style nautical gifts
Large, Lightweight Golden Door Knocker
  • Non-corrosive metal
  • Weighs less than pound
  • 8″ height x 4″ width
  • Body of pineapple strikes against base plate
Vintage Style Cast Iron Door Knocker
  • Hand casted and finished
  • Cast iron
  • Could also be used as a door pull
  • 5.5″ height x 2.75″ width

Other Ways to Add Pineapples to Your Front Door

If we wanted, we could decorate our house in pineapples from the inside out. The enduring pineapple has been popular for all house styles and designs over the centuries, literally!

Through our research, we found enough quality pineapple decor products that you could theme your exterior with the exotic fruit of hospitality. But we’re going to take a guess that you might want just a touch or two here and there.

Pineapple doorbells

Like a pineapple door knocker, doorbells are also a way to add “jewelry” to your front door.

Doorbells are a more subtle adornment than a front-and-center pineapple door knocker, which means you could easily have both without overdoing it.

Our list of pineapple doorbells includes three products worth your attention.

The “Welcome” pineapple doorbell comes in a nickel or brass finish from two different sellers. It’s an inexpensive choice that is highly rated by buyers.

Some buyers have noted that the mounting is not necessarily flush.

Solid brass decorative surround, screws, and electrical connections,” wrote one reviewer.

“Replaceable bell button, is well lit and only requires a lite touch to work. As others mentioned, you may have to enlarge the hole in your door frame to mount this flush. I used a small wood chisel and held the existing wire towards the opposite side while I chiseled away…took extra 5 min.”

We love the fun and whimsical hand-painted pineapple doorbell from Waterwood Doorbells by Aria Sebastian LLC.

Waterwood is a woman-owned small business in Austin, Texas.

Includes doorbell button, mounting screws and installation instructions (chime not included)

Outdoor Lights in Pineapple Motif

We struck pineapple gold when searching for exterior lighting for your front door. From that research, we’ve curated a list of the best lights with a traditional pineapple theme.

Outdoor lights will complement your pineapple door knocker with a subtle, classical touch.

Our top recommendations include two places to buy these lights: Amazon or Houzz. Here’s something to keep in mind: Houzz will almost always be more expensive but the company offers free shipping. That’s not the case with Amazon unless you have a Prime membership.

The Acclaim Lanai Collection offers so many choices in the pineapple style lights. Take note of the subtle distinctions in features. In general, the differences are in the finish, number of bulbs, and mounting types.

In addition to the Lanai Collection, we’ve included other styles and a premium recommendation. Simply click on the “plus” button below to open up an information box on each selection.

Acclaim 7516

  • 3-light outdoor pendant
  • Uses 3 (60W) medium base bulbs, not included
  • Finish: Matte Black or Black Coral
  • Safety rated for damp conditions
  • Pineapple-shaped clear shade
  • Pre-assembled
  • Installation hardware included

Acclaim 7517

  • 3-light mount for outdoor post
  • Requires 3, 60-watt max, candelabra base bulbs
  • Finish: Black Coral or Matte Black
  • Safety rated for damp conditions
  • Pineapple-shaped clear shade
  • Pre-assembled
  • Installation hardware included

Acclaim 7501

  • 2-light wall mount for outdoors
  • Uses 2 (60W) Medium base bulbs
  • Finish: Black Coral or Matte Black
  • Safety rated for damp conditions
  • Pineapple-shaped clear shade
  • Pre-assembled; hardware included
  • Height: 18″ Width: 7.5″
  • Weather-resistant
  • Made of die-cast aluminum
  • Requires one 60 watt medium base A19 bulb (not included)
  • Dimmable
  • Height: 15.25″
  • Height: 14.5″ Width: 6″
  • Finish: Pearl Bronze
  • All weather rated
  • 1 medium 60w bulb required

Pineapple doormats

What can we say. If you follow us here on Front Door Ideas, you know that doormats are one of our favorite decor items for your front door!

Doormats are so versatile and affordable that we can swap them out a few times a year for seasons and holidays. Plus, they are a great way to complement your pineapple door knocker.

Here’s a roundup of favorite, top-quality doormats for your front door from Houzz, Macy’s, and Amazon. Simply click on an image to learn more.

Pineapple Heritage Rubber Doormat
Pineapple Welcome Doormat
Pineapple 24x36 Slip Resistant Coir Doormat

A tour of doors with a pineapple door knocker

We thought it might be fun to journey through Instagram to find doors adorned with a pineapple door knocker. It’s always fun to see how other people style their front doors.


With pineapple decor inside or outdoors, you can rest assured that you have a style that will outlast any trend. Additionally, a pineapple door knocker is a fitting adornment for any door and home style. 

A pineapple door knocker looks just as home on a classic New England home as on a Midwest Modern.

Let us know if you post a photo of your front door and maybe we can share it in an article like this. As always, leave a comment below. We always love hearing from you!

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