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18 breathtaking peony wreath ideas for year around

If you’re looking for a peony wreath to purchase for your home, you have come to the right place. We are peony-obsessed and want to help you find the perfect peony wreath to showcase the beauty of the spring flower. 

Before we jump into the best peony wreaths for your house though, let’s take some time to embrace what a peony actually is. 

Peonies are a beautiful spring flower that can offer a diverse range of colors. These flowers are easy to grow and will last for years!

Peonies start to bloom around Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. This not only makes peony wreaths a great spring wreath, but also makes them amazing Mother’s Day gifts.

There are three types of peonies, all which can be used for your peony wreath: 

  • Herbaceous (Bush) Peony: These plants are very “fluffy” and large. They have an incredible fragrance. As well, they come in various different shades.

  • Tree peonies: These types of peonies bloom earlier than the other two varieties. This means if you want to give gifts early, these ones are best. However, tree peonies are also not as long-lasting as the other two. This type only lasts up to five weeks while herbaceous ones go on for seven or more. 

  • Intersectional hybrids: These beautiful peonies get their name from crossing herbaceous and tree peonies. As a result, they are usually taller than either parent plant type but still able to survive all year long. The reason they are able to last longer is because they have features of both bush varieties plus some additional benefits such as being more tolerant of heat and cold.
a grouping of flowers to use in a peony wreath

Peony history

Peonies are one of the most popular flowers not only in our country, but all over the world! Outside of the U.S. peonies also are favorites in Europe and parts of Asia. 

Peonies date back all the way to 1000 BC! The first sighting of these gorgeous flowers was in gardens in China. 

Interestingly, peonies were actually not used for decorative purposes like they are today. Back then, peonies were mainly used as medicine to treat things like headaches or to help with breathing (now known as asthma). 

The change of peonies from medicinal to decorative came with European cultures more than four decades ago.

Peony meaning

Because of the age of peonies, the whereabouts of where peonies got its name is not exactly known, although there are many guesses.

There’s actually a couple of theories on how peonies got their name. One comes from Greek Mythology where Paeon extracted a milky liquid from the peony root and cured Pluto. This caused the green monster to rear its ugly head in the god of medicine. Zeus ended up saving Paeon by turning him into…you guessed it…the peony flower.

Bloom & Wild

Peonies are associated with many meanings, and almost all of these meanings are beautiful. 

The peony is a symbol for prosperity and honor among other things because it blooms in the spring when all plants begin to blossom once again after winter has passed. This means that the symbolism of a peony is about growth. As well, it can mean new beginnings.

The peony refers not only to prosperity and honor, but also:

  •  to love or happiness
  •  wealth and money (as shown by its Latin name)

FUN FACT: During China’s Han Dynasty, Emperor Wu ordered peonies to be  planted around his palace so he could enjoy their lovely fragrance while talking about affairs of the dynasty with important people.

Choosing the best peony wreath: What to consider 

There are a few things you want to consider when purchasing your peony wreath.

  • Size can range from average size to small and then large. You can find a peony wreath in a size that fits your needs. You might find yourself purchasing one in each size!
  • Shape can vary from the traditional circle to heart shaped.
  • Shade can go from white to bursting with color to a muted and more vintage feel. Also the accents that sometimes are added to accompany the peony wreath can change the overall shade.
  • Cost can also vary widely depending on style, size, and whether or not it’s homemade.
  • Lifespan varies from wreath to wreath, even if it’s artificial. A lot depends on how it’s made and how you care for your peony wreath.

The best peony wreaths

There are so many awesome peony wreaths out there, so we made a list broken down by category of our top favorites for you. Now the big question is, which one is your favorite?

Nearly natural peony wreaths

This is a nearly natural 24-inch Peony Wreath with life-like flowers in a nice array of colors. It’s a wreath that will truly liven up your front door or even the inside of your home!

Another Nearly Natural is a mix of peony and berries.  The mix of color makes for a lovely combination and is perfect for any season.

Summer peony wreaths

A handmade option is this beautiful peony wreath. It has warm color tones and is a perfect option for both spring and summer.

Bursting with color and fullness, this peony wreath is a lovely choice for your home. The peonies take center attention and are surrounded by smaller flowers as an accent. It looks so life-like you might see people sniffing the flowers. A perfect choice to bring springtime into the home.

Nothing says summer days more than loads of colors as bright as the sun. You might love it so much that you will want to keep it proudly displayed in your home all year.

Small peony wreaths

The good thing about small wreaths is versatility. It can be used on cabinets, doors, walls, smaller front doors and even as a wreath ring with a candle in the middle.

Mounted on a thin grapevine wreath is this delicate peony wreath choice. It’s so full of flowers though, that you don’t even see the base. A great gift option for someone special.

If you want to feel as if you are in a garden full of peonies from a bygone era, then you will simply adore this wreath. This is a wreath that pictures just don’t do it justice.

White peony wreaths

A handcrafted, beautiful white peony wreath with hydrangeas and leaves would truly make a statement on a contrasting colored front door. It’s a beautiful option.

A smaller white peony wreath option would be great on pantry doors or hanging inside the home. Great colors for a smaller wreath.

If you are shopping for a white peony wreath that is great for in between seasons, then this wreath is a great option. It’s simple, classic and adds that touch of country chic to your decor.  

Add some decorations to accompany your peony wreath selection this springtime or if you just want to feel a little springtime happiness anytime of the year!

Heart shaped peony wreaths

Add that extra touch of romance with this heart-shaped peony wreath. The ribbon adds just the right amount of something special. Absolutely fall in love with this burgundy peony wreath.

This peony wreath is definitely worth the wait. A shatterproof wreath that would look lovely either indoors or under a covered porch. It also has faux rose buds and hydrangeas making a lovely combination with the peonies.

Pink peony wreaths

Pretty in pink is this lovely peony wreath. Add a special sign to the middle or keep it as is. Very sturdy and moveable so it can be fluffed to its full beauty. 

This pink peony wreath is just bursting with cheerfulness and would be great anytime time of year for your home.

How about an elegant, simple pink peony wreath to bring some pink into your home? It’s small at 14 inches but does not disappoint. Perhaps a nice option for cabinet doors or above doorways. 

Peony hydrangea wreaths

Here is a great selection from Antique Farmhouse. It has a beautiful combination of colors to fit many home styles. The wreath is also bursting with artificial blooms making it a perfect choice if you are looking for a Peony and Hydrangea wreath.

Peony’s can also work in the autumn. The muted colors match the fallen leaves from the trees and have pumpkin accents to accompany the peonies and hydrangeas. 

A more springtime peony and Hydrangea wreath choice is this beautiful wreath with shades of purple, pink, and brown. 

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Buying a live peony: Things to know

Now that you know much about the history of peonies, as well as their meaning, you have most likely made the decision to add a peony wreath to your front door or your front entryway. You may have even decided to buy live peonies to place around your front entrance! 

Given the beauty and the amazing fragrance of peonies, a peony plant is a great choice!

That’s what happened to me when I bought my first peony wreath. I decided to also add some peonies to my front landscape. 

When I first went to buy a live peony, I got a bit worried, wondering if peonies were hard to care for. I was actually extremely surprised that it was easier than I thought.

Below we included a quick live peony guide with some things you may want to know before you buy live peonies.

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Are peonies hard to care for? 

Peonies are the perfect flower if you want to grow a large amount of them. 

If you are within USDA Zones 2-8, planting peonies and caring for them is not difficult at all! (Click here to learn more about the USDA zones.) 

There are many types of plants that can be grown for their beautiful flowers, but few have such an iconic color as peonies. You know you’re in the presence of a true work or art when it has been painted with this vibrant hue! 

To grow these bushes successfully and maintain their rich colors, make sure to first plant them in sunny areas where they’ll receive plenty of sunlight throughout the day– especially during summer months- so they won’t wither away like other varieties might do.

Be careful not to overcrowd your bush though; too much competition could cause some blooms to fall off before reaching maturity later on down the line. For best results try spacing out each new planting at least 2 feet apart from one another.

Where do peonies grow best? 

Peonies like to bask in the sunshine with well-drained soil. However, it is important that they have plenty of fresh air circulating around them otherwise botrytis can infect their buds and stems causing blackened areas, which could lead to rot at the base if not cut off. Botrytis is a common outdoor fungus known to destroy peonies. 

Peonies are known to grow best in warm, not hot, months and in climates with winter chill for root dormancy.


Yellow Wreaths

We want to make finding the perfect yellow front door wreath as easy as possible, so we have broken it down two ways: by season, and by floral wreaths v. non floral wreaths.

All styles and seasons

Large Wreaths

Large front door wreaths range from bold and colorful to understated and natural. The size of the wreath alone makes a statement, but you’re in charge of that message.

10 incredible

Floral wreaths

Your front door leaves a lasting first impression. Why not make that first impression a positive one with floral wreaths for front door?

Do peonies need full sun?

Peonies need full-sun to grow, but do not need full sun once they are on your wreaths or on your front door. 

The more sun your front door gets may cause some artificial peony wreaths to fade, but it’s not a deal-breaker. It just means that if you are looking for a wreath that doesn’t get destroyed by being in the sun, pay attention to the manufacturer’s advice.

Like most artificial wreaths, a peony wreath will do better if protected in covered areas.

Final thoughts on a peony wreath

If you’re looking for a beautiful spring flower that will last years, growing peonies is perfect. If you are looking for a peony wreath, these will definitely last during the spring (and maybe even the summer) months, and are an extravagant way to welcome spring.

These flowers can offer a diverse range of colors and make great artificial wreaths! What is your favorite shade of peony for a peony wreath? Let us know in the comments below!

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