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Making a grand entrance

An oversized front door can be the centerpiece of your home’s curb appeal. It adds drama, balance, and an architectural focal point.  

Getting the look of an oversized front door doesn’t have to mean finding oddly sized doors. An oversized front can be achieved with standard door sizes by adding sidelights, transoms, or double doors. Plus, even standard door sizes come in extra large!

In this Oversized Front Door Guide, we will take you through products from some of the most reliable U.S.-based door companies who sell online. Additionally, we recommend front door decor and light fixtures that bring design balance to an oversized front door.

Our four favorite doors made the list because we love a few things about them, including unique, bold styles and the wrought iron features. If it’s wrought-iron, it’s going to make our favorite list – anything and everything wrought iron, even front door mats. 

But we know a wrought-iron oversized front door is not on everyone’s favorite list. With that in mind, our guide includes both contemporary and traditional oversized front door choices as well.

We invite you to skim our guide or use the Table of Contents below to find product categories for an oversized front door, oversized doormats, and large outdoor light fixtures.

4 Old World favorites in oversized front doors

Wood and blooms
  • Beveled glass with black casing
  • African Mahogany
  • Dark walnut finish
  • Lock and door handles not included
Canton iron
  • Tempered rain glass that swing open on interior
  • Wrought iron designs are 5/8 inches thick
  • Handles included; not locks
  • 5 sizes
Bastrop stars
  • Tempered rain glass that swing open on interior
  • Steel frame; ready to hang
  • Also comes in single door
Princeton lions
  • Tempered rain glass that swing open on interior
  • Wrought iron designs are 5/8 inches thick
  • Handles included; not locks
  • 5 sizes

6 of the best oversized traditional front doors

For our top picks in the best oversized traditional front doors, we recommend either a double door or a door with sidelights. We’re featuring 6 choices to cover the range of traditional styles

French-inspired classic front entrance door

  • Solid wood door with triple-glazed glass
  • 3 sizes; ask to customize
  • Stile and rail made from solid wood
  • Door handles and locks not included

Mediterranean inspired

  • Mahoganey and tripled glazed glass
  • Old world styling
  • 2 sizes

Traditional French

  • African mahogany wood
  • Parisian inspired style
  • Door handle and lock not included

French-inspired in African mahogany and glass

  • One size; ask about custom sizes
  • Does not come with entry door handles or locks
  • Triple-glazed glass
  • Pre-hung, pre-finished
  • Silver caming in glass inserts

American Heirloom

  • 2 sizes in 4 colors
  • Durable fiberglass construction
  • Pre-hung on composite frame

The Montrouge

  • Parisian inspired style
  • Pre-hung, ready to install in 3 sizes
  • Mahogany and triple-glazed glass

3 of the best oversized contemporary front doors

Founded in 2006, Domadeco is a family owned and operated business offering some of the best contemporary oversized front doors. 

They have a huge collection of contemporary door choices, but we’ve narrowed down our top pick to the stainless steel Hevelius Duo in bleached oak with sidelites panel. You have 9 other color choices in this door. The Hevelius Duo is also our best pick for the price.

Included in the door kit:

  • Door and door frame with two gaskets
  • Two independent locks (multi-point locking mechanism) providing anti-burglary security solutions
  • Two sets of inserts with the keys
  • Door handle (long T-bar handle sells separately as an upgrade)
  • Mounting kit plates

The door comes in three sizes:

  • W 47.40″ x H 81.85″ with frame (W 31.50″ door + 11.81″ side panel)
  • W 51.34″ x H 81.85″ with frame (W 31.50″ door + 15.75″ side panel)
  • W 55.28″ x H 81.85″ with frame (W 35.43″ door + 15.75″ side panel)
Best contemporary

Stainless steel

The Hevelius Duo stainless steel front door, which is 2.2 inches thick, is filled with polyurethane foam and wood. The dual sealing system reduces vibration and provides insulation.

Our two other recommendations for oversized contemporary front doors come from the BGW Doors in Ontario, California, and AAWAIZ Imports in Fort Worth, Texas. These door companies also offer some of the best traditional and wrought iron oversized doors, which are covered in other sections of this guide.

Reno double door in wrought iron with tempered rain glass

  • 5 sizes in dark bronze finish
  • Glass panels swing open on the inside
  • Anti-rust varnish coating
  • Insulated with thermal injected foam in the door and window frame
  • Iron threshold included

Time tunnel style in African mahogany and glass

  • Triple-glazed etched glass
  • Does not come with entry door handles or locks
  • 3 sizes
  • Raised molding on both sides
  • Black, silver, or brass caming

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oversized front door

Best doormats for an oversized front door

Front door mats are a key piece of decor for making a grand entrance; plus, a doormat is just practical. It helps keep dirt and germs out of your house.

A monogrammed front mat works for all home styles. For recommendations, please see our guide for monogrammed mats.

Best heavy duty oversized doormat

Gorilla Grip premium

  • Made for high traffic areas
  • Waterproof; easy to clean; quick dry material
  • Special border to trap moisture and dirt
  • Comes in 29 colors and a variety of patterns

Best decorative oversized doormat

Rubber scroll double entry mat

  • Heavy duty and weather resistant
  • Anti-slip; resistant to high winds
  • Easy to wash; just spray it with hose
  • Low profile; door won’t get caught on it

More front door mat ideas waiting for you!

oversized front door
Funny, serious or somewhere in between, our front door mat guides have something for everyone and every home style.

Large outdoor light fixtures for your front door

Your outdoor light fixtures have a few jobs to do. First, they need to provide you with not only adequate lighting but also lighting that fits your needs. Ask yourself how much area these lights need to illuminate.

Second, your lights perform a design function. From a curb perspective, the lights are going to look much smaller than they do up close, of course. A general rule of thumb is that your front door light fixtures should be somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 the height of your door. If you have an oversized front door, then extra large light fixtures are needed to provide balance.

As you know, light fixtures can get pricey, but this is a case where you do get what you pay for. If possible, don’t go cheap with lights. You can still be economical, though. We’ve kept that in mind as we pulled together some of the best quality choices in large front door light fixtures.

4 best wall lights by price range

Best wall fixture for the price

These matte black fixtures with clear glass shades come in a 2-pack. The fixtures are weather resistant and they hold steady in wind. They are appropriate for many home styles from contemporary to farmhouse.

Best mid-range fixture

These matte black fixtures with clear glass shades come in a 2-pack. The fixtures are weather resistant and they hold steady in wind. They are appropriate for many home styles from contemporary to farmhouse.

Best Americana luxury

From Troy lighting, known for quality luxury fixtures for more than 50 years, this aged pewter with seeded glass is in Early American style. This is the 4-light version, but it also comes with 2 or 3 lights and the price is adjusted accordingly.

Best antique style luxury

From the Paris collection at Urban Ambiance this antique style copper gas light is finished in rustic copper. It’s 29 inches in height, almost 14 inches wide, and just under 16 inches in depth.

3 best hanging lights by price range

Best hanging fixture for the price

We love the hint of nautical styling in this hanging pendant light. The height of the fixture, from the bottom to where it attaches on the chain, is about 28 inches.

Best mid-range versatile

From the Transitional collection at Urban Ambiance, this light fits a variety of home styles, from Farmhouse to contemporary. It’s 27 inches in height, making it a perfect choice for a large front entrance.

Best mid-range traditional

For more traditional home styles, this brushed nickel with beveled glass is a perfect fit for most sizes of entrances and front doors. The fixture comes with a 3-inch chain and is 21 inches in height.

How to make a grand entrance

When it comes to making the most of your front entryway, size really doesn’t matter. No matter the scale of our front door, we can still have fun creating a grand entrance that is welcoming. Although size isn’t important, scale is an important component of exterior design.

Basically, scale refers to an items size in proportion to something else. Proportion looks at parts of the whole in terms of elements of design balance, such as relative size, color, texture, and shape.

In this guide to purchasing items for an oversized front door, our goal was to give you plenty of choices in style and pricing.

We would love to hear about your grand entrance in the Comment Section below.

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