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Outdoor Pineapple Decor Adds a Welcoming Glow to Home & Garden

Early Americans’ obsession with the pineapple started a design trend that just keeps on growing. Over two centuries later, we can’t get enough of this symbol of hospitality in our outdoor pineapple decor!

As researchers and curators of front door decor, we’re never more delighted than when searching for the best outdoor home products. Pineapples may be among our favorite motifs.

We’ve rounded up our favorites along with our Top Picks in several categories for outdoor pineapple decor.

Our 6 Favorite Picks for Outdoor Pineapple Decor

The Pineapple Metal Garden Bench with a gilded pineapple and patina finish will complement any outdoor decor with its timeless classic style. 

The 4-foot bench will comfortably seat two people and can be used indoors or outdoors.

The pineapple hooked throw pillow is a perfect match or for a lighter, modern look try this pineapple pillow cover.

A personalized pineapple door mat is the perfect accompaniment to the garden bench and hooked throw pillow.

This 18″ x 27″ black door mat comes in two thicknesses so that you can be sure of door clearance.

Up to 20 characters are allowed on the personalized line.

This handcrafted beige scatter rug stood out to us because of its style versatility. Dimensions: 4′ x 6′.

According to GDF Studios: “Each rug is expertly designed and made using a centuries-old method. Any natural variations are not product flaws.”

Mabel Outdoor Modern Scatter Rug

Campania International’s cast stone pieces are Made in the USA and the patinas are applied by hand by skilled artisans. The Pineapple Birdbath stands 20 inches in height and weighs 70 pounds.

It’s available in 8 different patina finishes. Over time, the birdbath will take on a more weathered look.

The Pineapple Table by Tommy Bahama Living beckons us to traditional Carribean style and tropical drinks served in a pineapple tumbler.

At 22 inches in height, the finish on the table is a light sienna top with golden sienna pedestal.

Pineapple Table

We’re always on the watch for Made in the USA products, so you can imagine how delighted we were to find this custom Personalized Pineapple Address Plaque in an antique brass finish.

The style is perfect for traditional home styles, including Colonial or Farmhouse.

outdoor pineapple decor
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5 Reasons to Use Outdoor Pineapple Decor

#1 Outdoor pineapple decor is everywhere

Pineapples are hot right now. From interiors to exteriors, pineapples are everywhere!

Although pineapples have technically been “in style” for hundreds of years, never before have we seen such a variety of products that literally fit every design fancy!

#2 Pineapples have history and meaning

When we use pineapples in our outdoor or indoor decor, we’re using a symbol with hundreds of years of history. Early explorers in the 15th century came across the fruit in their journeys to South America and the West Indies. 

A few centuries later, European royalty popularized the treasured fruit and demanded that it be cultivated in their greenhouses. They were mesmerized to say the least. 

In America, early day colonists imported pineapple from the Carribean Islands and displayed the pineapple in lavish centerpieces at dinner parties, which was the start of the fruit’s famous symbolism for hospitality and friendliness. 

If you were a colonist who couldn’t afford a pineapple, no worries – you could rent one!

The hothouse at Dunmore Park is a huge example of outdoor pineapple decor
The famous pineapple at the Dunmore Park hothouse near Airth, England. The hothouse was constructed in 1761 by the 4th Earl of Dunmore. The extravagant hobby of growing pineapples by the British (and later American) elite led to the widespread popularity and cultivate of the fruit.
Photo by Kim Traynor, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

#3 Outdoor pineapple decor comes in a variety of products

Manufacturers have made it so easy to find just the right pineapple motif for those of us searching for outdoor decor. 

You can light up the night with environmentally friendly pineapple solar lanterns or add warmth to your front door with a sophisticated outdoor wall sconce light in pineapple motif. 

From pineapple door knockers to tropical garden flags, pineapples cover the range of outdoor decor.

pineapple finial in iron
Brass pineapple finial on old colonial architecture. The pineapple motif was a common decor theme in colonial times and could be found on everything from architecture, ceramics, and in artwork.

#4 Outdoor pineapple decor comes in a variety of styles too

Along with the wide range of outdoor pineapple decor, comes a variety of styles. From bright tropicals to stylish gold, pineapple decor abounds to please every design personality. 

Add a touch of colonial charm to your front door with a personalized plant crock with a welcoming pineapple design. 

Looking for bold and colorful? Check out this pineapple front door mat that welcomes your guests with tropical flair. 

#5 You can use as many pineapples as you want

The breaks are off when it comes to how many pineapples you can use in your outdoor decor. Design experts agree that it’s difficult to overdo the classic pineapple, even if you want to go a little overboard. 

Let’s explore the many options and types of products to help you get started with your outdoor pineapple decor!

Top Picks for Outdoor Pineapple Decor Lighting

Solar Pineapple Lights

Plow & Hearth’s Solar Pineapple Garden Stake is beautiful as a daytime garden display but at night, those beautiful pineapple crystals beam with a beautiful glow. The height is 33 inches. To prevent fading over time, the manufacturer recommends spraying with a UV protectant like SunGuard or Krylon.

This 2-pack of solar pineapple lights comes on shorter stakes – 16.5 inch total height. Sold on Amazon.

Tcamp’s Pineapple Solar Hanging Lanterns are brighter and bigger than previous versions and the customers are loving the improved model. The company increased the LED lights from 30 to 30 and lengthen the solar lantern to nearly 10 inches from the bottom of the pineapple to the top of the handle.

By charging the lanterns in full sunlight for 8 hours, you can expect the pineapple lights to stay illuminated at least 8 hours. Have fun hanging these lights around a gazebo and on trees, pergolas, and porches.

How about Solar Wind Chimes with pineapples and coconut trees? I’ve never seen anything like this, but I’m loving the whimsical, colorful vibes. 

When fully charged, the lights last 6 to 8 hours and change randomly from red, green, blue, and purple. The wind chimes are made for outdoor use and thus waterproof. Reviews indicate that the chimes may be smaller than expected.

Outdoor Pineapple Lights for the Front Door 

Front door lights not only beautify our entryways but they also serve an important security function. Front door lighting deters home invaders. 

Hanging porch lights and wall sconces are the two most popular choices in front door lighting. When it comes to classic lighting choices, the understated pineapple motif lighting has a long history. That’s probably why choices in this type of lighting style are so plentiful. 

After all, what better way to welcome visitors than the universal symbol of hospitality!

For you, this will come down to personal style, but we like to assist in your shopping by showing you a sampling of quality options available in outdoor pineapple lighting for your front door. We’ve also included a range of price points.

Our favorite pineapple light wall sconce from Acclaim Lighting’s Lanai Collection harmonizes perfectly with home styles, such as Colonial, Federal, and Farmhouse as well as houses with a more tropical feel. 

Acclaim also has a hanging lantern light in the same style. You can find the full Lanai series on both Amazon and Houzz.

Lanai 2-Light Black Coral Wall Light, 7501BC

We’re also fans of Hinkley outdoor lighting. But before you introduce you to a few of their pineapple outdoor lights, let us introduce you to the company. 

If you’re a regular reader, you know by now that we value not only quality products but also quality companies. For us that means we look for companies that inspire us. Hinkley Lighting is one such company. 

Founded in Ohio, Hinkley Lighting has been a family-operated business for nearly 100 years. They have grown into an international company known for service, style, quality, and technology. 

They have a series of pineapple front door lights in a style that reminds us of Old World charm. Hinkley has done a great job with the pineapple outdoor lights so that the variations in design ensure that it will fit almost any house style.

Although all of the Hinkley pineapple lights share a common design, the price points differ according to size and brightness of the light. You can find a Hinkley light from just under $300 to well over $1,000. Below, we show you a sampling of those choices.

We start with the lowest priced and smallest Hinkley front door light in the pineapple motif. This version weighs about 6 pounds and spans 14 inches in height.

The glass is a light amber that has been sandblasted on the inside. You can also find this light with a clear globe.

The front door Hinkley pineapple light series also comes in a:

The premier product in the Hinkley outdoor pineapple light collection weighs in at a stunning 49 pounds and 34 inches tall. This is no lightweight! With four LED bulbs, the illumination is also stunningly bright.

You’ll need the oversized front door to match its grandeur! This light also comes in a:

Hinkley Plantation 4-Light Copper Bronze Outdoor Wall Light

Outdoor Pineapple String Lights

String lights are fun and add a sense of warmth to any outdoor setting. But keep in mind that most string lights are of adequate quality but overall these are not expensive products meant to last a long time.

That works fine for me because I like to change out my string lights for seasons and occasions.

The 10 pineapple lights on 8.5 foot white wire come with end-to-end connections, and you can string up to 25 sets together. Listed as indoor or outdoor use. The lights also come with four spare bulbs and two replacement fuses. 

The 40 LED Pineapple Fairy String Lights are waterproof and battery operated. They come with a remote controller with eight modes for brightness and flashing. The string reaches 33 feet. Batteries not included.

The Best Pineapple Doormats Around

When it comes to shopping for the best front door mats, we have you covered. We love shopping for doormats and are obsessed with seasonal doormat changes at our own homes. So, any excuse to shop for others, we jump on it. 

Our research has also directed us in how to look for the best quality and styles. 

Thanks to the popularity of outdoor pineapple decor you have a literal storehouse of choices in picking out a front door mat with a pineapple motif.

We’re bringing you a diverse selection of styles, sizes, and materials so that you can choose what works best for your house. Simply click an image below to purchase or to view product specifications.

Standard Size Pineapple Doormats

Hand Painted

Extra Large Pineapple Doormats

Liora Manne Illusions Patio Party Indoor/Outdoor Mat, Tropical, 23
Betsy Drake Pineapples Door Mat 30x50

Pineapple Garden Statues

Garden statuaries can add balance and pull together a look in any garden. A huge variety of garden statues ensure that all of us can find one that fits our style or personality. 

You can overdo it, though. Too much of a good thing becomes distracting from the arrangement of plants. Pineapple garden statues are ideal for garden decor because these statuaries tend to be understated. They add a touch of elegance to any garden setting.

Let’s discover a few of the best picks out there. 

One of our favorite finial statues comes from Campania International, which offers a statue in 9 finishes. The statuary weighs 58 pounds and is nearly 18 inches in height.

The new 23-inch Pineapple Fiberclay Garden Statue from U.S.-based Winsome House comes with powdered coated leaves that detach from the base.

Accent Your Outdoor Pineapple Decor with Throw Pillow Covers

Outdoor pineapple pillows are one of the easiest [and often affordable] ways to enhance your outdoor decor. From stately to blingy to tropical, outdoor throw pillows fit any style and personality.

We’ve rounded up a collection of not only our favorite picks but also Top Picks according to design style. Most of these will fit in more than one design category, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Note: These are pillow covers not filled pillows.

Best Outdoor Pineapple Pillow for Mid Century Modern Style

Best Outdoor Pineapple Pillow for Colonial Homes

Best Outdoor Pineapple Pillow for Coastal Style

Belgala’s 20″ x 20″ outdoor pillow cover

Best Outdoor Pineapple Pillow for Cottages and Bungalows

Wozukia Pineapples 18″ x 18″ pillow cover

Best Outdoor Pineapple Pillow for Tropical Styles

18″ x 18″ pillow cover in burlap

Wrapping Up Outdoor Pineapple Decor

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed going shopping for outdoor pineapple decor. Just say the word “pineapple” and we’re there! No matter the time of year, the many looks of pineapple design style puts us in a tropical state of mind. 

Bonus Product:
Candace Cameron Bure’s “Pineapple of My Eye” Ruffle Bib Apron

Candace Cameron Bure - Pineapple of My Eye - Ruffle Bib Apron

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