Top Picks for a NuTone Doorbell: The Proven Authority in Door Chimes

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NuTone chimes are more than just doorbells. The NuTone doorbell is a symbol of home and welcome.

The NuTone name is synonymous with door chimes. It’s the company that invented this iconic item, and it has been a household staple for decades now, helping people know when someone is at their front entrance – whether they be home or on business premises.

A doorbell is a seemingly simple device, but one that NuTone has been perfecting over the years. A NuTone doorbell is a great way to greet your guests with the sound of elegance.

Who makes NuTone Doorbells?

NuTone has a long-standing place in U.S. industrial history. Like many old companies, though, it has changed hands many times – including at the very beginning! 

After inventing the doorbell, a man from Dayton, Ohio, found himself in debt to J. Ralph Corbett of Cincinnati. The inventor defaulted on the loan and was forced into bankruptcy. With this development, Mr. Corbett took over marketing duties for the product under the NuTone brand. 

Corbett’s important contribution was in reducing production costs enough to make it an affordable option that could create demand among customers who were interested in its affordability and novelty appeal; thus creating what is now known as “the doorknob market.”

The current iteration of the company – Broan-NuTone – is headquartered in Hartford, Wisconsin, and employs more than 2,500 worldwide. Within the United States alone, Broan- NuTone products can be found in 110 million American households.

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Find A Pushbutton NuTone Doorbell in a Variety of Styles

With all the new high-tech devices available, wired doorbells are still a popular choice for your front door. There is no need to worry about not being connected to Wi-Fi when you have one of these handy gadgets installed!

Wired doorbells are a popular home improvement.One of the best features about wired a NuTone doorbell is that it lasts for a long time and you never have to worry about changing batteries. Also, a wired doorbell is often a more affordable option than wireless.

NuTone’s door chime pushbuttons are perfect for any style and function needs. There is sure to be something that suits your home with a variety of mounts, finishes, colors, shapes, and sizes available.

A NuTone doorbell comes in various styles like surface mount to flush mount as well as polished brass options alongside satin nickel and oil-rubbed bronze; so there will always be the perfect fit no matter what design you have going on at home.

A pushbutton NuTone doorbell comes with standard features, such as:

  • U.V Inhibitor touch pad surface to prevent yellowing
  • A touch pad designed to work without getting stuck
  • Lighted touch pad for night time visibility
  • Surface mount that allows for a variety of installation surfaces (e.g. brick)

Now that you know the standard features, let’s see some of the available options in a NuTone doorbell.

NuTone Doorbell Kit with Strobe Light

The plug-in NuTone doorbell is the perfect option for those with hearing difficulties or noisy environments. Strobe lights flash on all audible tones including 8 note Westminster chime, 2 different two-note sounds to ensure no one is missed, and the wireless range varies from 20 to 125 feet depending on your home’s construction.

Additional (LA224RWH) receivers can be purchased to hear the chime in other areas of your home. The doorbell is expandable up to 3 TOTAL doors with a purchase for 2 additional wireless push buttons, which allows you more control over where visitors are allowed into your house!

Other Brands of Doorbell Kits with Strobe Light

The ‎Jsieem innovative wireless waterproof doorbell is a perfect addition to any home. With 36 Melodies and 4 levels of volume range (mute-low-middle-high), the built-in big LED indicator offers additional assistance for hearing impaired people. 

The strong wireless signal has up to 1000 feet coverage in an open area and will not interfere with other equipment in your house or the neighbors nearby!

It’s easy to install and has a 3-year battery life.

The Merisny Flashing Light Doorbell has a green strobe light and is activated by the German-made AKM transmitter. The wireless long range doorbell offers stable frequency and anti-interference features, which make it usable up to 1000 ft away! 

With 36 clear customizable chimes you have lots of options for different tunes. No batteries are needed for the receivers and the doorbell is water-resistant.

NuTone Doorbell Cover

When you think about it, replacing your old doorbell chime cover is one of those mundane household tasks.

Older doorbell covers become yellowed and may even get tossed during a remodel, but don’t worry because we have replacement options for you!

A replacement NuTone doorbell cover, like the product featured above, should simply snap in place over the chime mechanism.

Another option is to purchase a decorative doorbell chime cover, see product below, that is large enough to fit around the old mechanism, cover and all, depending on size.

When a Plain Doorbell Isn’t What You Want [Check Out These Fun Options]

If you find yourself wanting a little more fun and personality when it comes to a doorbell (or door knocker), we can help guide you to a few delightful (even spooky) products that my be perfect for your front door. We also have some high-tech options.

Why should I bother getting a Halloween doorbell?

You could ask, “Why should I bother getting a Halloween doorbell when it’s only on for the spookiest night of the year?” Well, for one thing, people love to see how festive you are. It gives them a chance to feel happy and light-hearted again.

Also, having a Halloween doorbell is a great way to make your house stand out.  It can bring in more Trick-or-Treaters or even give you a chance to make new friends.

Find out more in 8 of the Best Halloween Doorbells.

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Are you on the hunt for programmable or custom doorbells? Here we dive into both best wired doorbells as well as top rated wireless doorbells. Whether you are looking for a simple installation, or wireless doorbells with multiple receivers- we are covering it all!

Adorn Your Door in Hospitality with an Elegant Pineapple Door Knocker 

A pineapple door knocker welcomes guests with an age-old symbol of hospitality.

Front doors give us a wonderful opportunity to express not only our design style but also our warm-heartedness.

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20+ Ideas for the Best Old-Fashioned Doorbell

In this guide to finding the best old fashioned doorbell for your front door, you’ll find a little history along with recommendations for vintage push chimes, antique reproductions of twist knob door bells, shopkeeper’s bells, vintage-style door knockers, and antique door bell accessories like chimes and chime covers.

Final Thoughts on the NuTone Doorbell

NuTone has been making residential electronic devices since 1928. They first focused on creating a quality home comfort solutions at an affordable price by manufacturing doorbells.

Decades later they introduced an electric vacuum cleaner and other home products, including the residential kitchen ventilator hood.

As we can see from NuTone’s history, they have remained committed to bringing innovative products to consumers for over nearly a century.

We’d love to know what kind of doorbell (or door knocker) you prefer. Are you all business when it comes to your doorbell or do you like a little style or fun? Let us know in the comment section below!

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