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A doormat for all home styles: A monogrammed front door mat makes a lasting impression

Door mats are one of the most popular ways to accentuate your front door. And, why not? Front door mats can be both functional and decorative. Styles may come and go but a monogrammed front door mat is a timeless choice.

A monogrammed front door mat comes in a variety of designs to fit house styles from modern to Gothic.  You can also find a doormat to fit the size and type of your front door. 

When picking out your personalized door mat, you also need to consider purpose and use. For example, is it critical that your front door mat be sturdy and thick? Does your doormat need to be functional yet elegant? 

Does your front door get a lot of sun? If so, and you want to use your monogrammed front door mat for a long time, then check to see if the mat is fade resistant.

monogrammed front door mat

What is the purpose of a doormat?

I’ve been known to choose a front door mat purely for decorative reasons. Yes, I try to make sure that it’s also useful, but sometimes I choose a seasonal doormat purely for the fun design. 

However, when it comes to my monogrammed front door mat, I want both quality and style. 

The basic purpose of a front door mat is for people to scrape dirt and outdoor debris, such as leaves, off of their shoes. About 80% of contaminants that come into your house have hitched a ride on your shoes, according to the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association.

With family, you can ask people to take off their shoes, but you still want the shoes to be as clean as possible.

“The problem with floors is gravity,” writes Dr. Greg S. Whiteley, chairman of Whiteley Corp. based in Australia. “You walk on floors, and everything that falls to the earth also lands on the floor and is walked upon.” 

Door mats help protect your indoor flooring as well. Over time, as people walk around in your house, the dirt from your shoes causes a constant friction that wears away at your floors.

You also want your front door mat to be inviting for visitors. The mat makes an announcement about your home and your style. With a monogrammed front door mat, you’re telling visitors that this home is a place of stability and subtle sophistication. The monogrammed door mat conveys a sense of tradition and timeless style.

How big should your front door mat be?

One of the first measurements to take is the door clearance. Some front door mats can be really thick, which is a good thing because those are usually made from sturdy fibers that do their job! Most front doors have an entry threshold, so thick doormats shouldn’t be a problem. 

The next two considerations are the size of your front door and the size of the statement you want to make.

You want your front door mat to be at least as wide as your door, but bigger if you want to make a style statement. The standard front door size is 36 inches in width and most doormats come in a standard size of  22” x 36”. Double front doors usually start at 64 inches in width.

The more contact your visitor has with the doormat, the cleaner the shoes! At the very least, you want to make it easy for a person to have both feet on the doormat.

Save for later!

monogrammed front door mats

How do I choose a door mat?

First, consider the purpose of the door mat. Is it both decorative and utility? For me, yes. I want my front door mat to make a statement and do its job. 

Another consideration is foot traffic. How many visitors do you expect on a regular basis? I have a large family so our foot traffic is high even without visitors!

You might want to have door mats for every season. That’s certainly the case at our house. We have seasonal doormats, but our year-around choice is the monogrammed front door mat. We have a thick, coir fiber monogrammed mat that catches every little piece of dirt!

That’s another thing. Pay attention to the fiber or composition of the doormat. For example, a Victorian home might have a wrought-iron mat for the front door. Wrought iron front door mats can be expensive, but they are rugged and beautiful, not to mention long-lasting and self-cleaning — all it takes is a bath from the rain.

What is a coir doormat?

A natural fiber, coir comes from the outer husk of a coconut. The fiber is used in everything from doormats to brushes to agricultural products. Coir is somewhat waterproof and resistant to damage from saltwater, which can be important if you have a coastal home.

Coir doormats are often thick, but the thickness isn’t as effective as the density of the fibers. Tightly woven coir doormats are the most effective.

Modern outdoor front door mats

If you have a modern home style, such as Mid-Century Modern or a Contemporary Craftsman, you probably want to stick with a no-frills monogrammed front door mat. You still get the classic, timeless style of a monogrammed mat, but in a design that fits your home style.

From the city to the suburbs, this Home & More simple monogrammed front door mat will fit with any chic modern design, including the doorstep of an apartment. The durable natural coir fiber mat, which comes in a variety of sizes, is sturdy enough to scrape any shoe clean.

If you want more of a striking visual, this heavy duty coir mat makes a bold statement with a thick black picture frame. Nedia Home makes a similar mat, which works well for doors with a low threshold. Coir mats can be quite thick so be sure and check the height of the mat against your threshold space.

Monogrammed doormats with decorative rubber frame

A monogrammed front door mat with a rubber frame can broaden your style choices. The decorative rubber frame with intricate swirls can serve two purposes:

  • The added ornamentation in the rubber frame of these doormats match several home styles. For example, the decorative swirls in the frame are reminiscent of Victorian architectural styles such as Gothic Revival, Queen Anne, and Stick.
  • The rubber frame has a practical purpose. The rubber helps hold the mat in place.

The scrolled rubber design on this Calloway Mills extra wide door mat brings to mind intricate wrought iron work. The monogrammed coir mat is removable. The width would fit double front doors as well as a sliding door. The coir monogram is weather and fade resistant. Just spray it with a hose for easy clean up!


If you’re looking for something similar but in standard sizes, the Francesca Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat offers Old World charm with an anti-slip backing. However, the centerpiece is not interchangeable.

If you want a standard size with an interchangeable center, Calloway Mills has a monogrammed front door mat with a larger area of scrolled rubber design. For a large monogram in a standard size mat, the Allete Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat has a large, handmade coir fiber center that resists weather, staining, and fading.

Monogrammed front door mats with scrolling

One thing to keep in mind with coir fiber is that the mats may “shed” fibers for a few weeks, but that’s a natural occurrence. Coir itself is 100% organic and biodegradable. The natural fiber is weather resistant and does well in rain and snow. Just like the coconut, the fibers withstand the corroding effect of saltwater.

A1 Home Collections is known for carrying a variety of coir doormats, including this ornately designed coir mat with a PVC backing for extra stability. All A1HC coir doormats are weather resistant even in extreme conditions of heat and cold. One of the reasons weather resistance is so important is because it helps prevent bacteria from forming on the surface.

Handcrafted in India, the inexpensive Monmouth organic fiber doormat by Charleton Home is perfect for smaller doors.

If you don’t want coir fiber but you want something equally weather resistant, try this oversized Kaufman All-Weather Personalized Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat in synthetic fibers. The mat, which comes in three sizes and two colors, is fade resistant even in direct sunlight, and low profile so tripping isn’t a hazard like it can be with thick mats.

Our picks: Monogrammed front door mat

Teresa and Julie are huge fans of ironwork. If she’d been born in a different time, Teresa is convinced she would have been an ironmonger; whereas, Julie would have owned the castle!

Julie loves the Old World style of this Modern Functional Doormat by Calloway Mills. The rubber iron scrolling with monogrammed cameo inset of durable coir makes this a front door classic!

Teresa likes this highly functional coir mat with a touch of rubber scrolling in a paisley design.


After living the apartment life for 12 years, where every front door had to be the same, Jessie is now obsessed with personalizing everything front door- including front door mats! Her favorite is this one from Personalization Mall. The best part? You can pick your door color!

What type of front door mat do you like? Let us know in the comments below!


In the meantime, we are digging this front door vignette photographed by Vicki at The Creeping Fig. Scroll through her Instagram Feed to get inspired by her beautiful photos!

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