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The Mini Wreath: 19 Wondrous Styles for Your Home Decor

How do you like your Christmas decorations? Big and bold, or small and subtle? There are so many different ways to decorate for the holiday season. One of our favorite trends is mini wreaths! These little beauties can be used in any room of the house. They’re also great gifts for friends and family members who live far away from home.

Wreaths are a great way to decorate for any season, but not all of them have to be big and bulky. Mini wreaths are perfect for those looking for something small and festive that doesn’t take up too much space.

They can serve as decorations on their own or they can be combined with other pieces like garland or mini lights to create beautiful displays that add color without taking over your home. In this article we will discuss where you might put a mini wreath, how they work in different settings, what types of materials you can choose from, and more!

What are the reasons to buy a mini wreath?

Mini wreaths are a versatile decoration piece for any occasion. Even if you came here to find the best mini wreath to buy (we will have that below), you may not know all of the reasons you should be investing in these small wreaths.

Reasons to buy small wreaths:

  • They’re easy to store and transport, which means they may be more convenient than larger items.
  • If you don’t want something that takes up too much space
  • Great gifts
  • You don’t just need Christmas wreaths- you can buy them anytime of year
  • If you have a narrow door or want to put up more than one wreath
  • They work in any space (from small doors to narrow spaces), and they can create an impact without taking up too much room.

A lot of times we think of wreaths for holidays, but you can actually use mini wreaths for so much more.

Other places you can use small wreaths:

  • Around your front door: You can place a mini wreath on either side of the outside frame
  • Inside next to a mirror
  • On fireplace mantel: Consider placing them near photos and other items you like
  • To cover up an ugly lamp in your living room
  • Mini wreaths for crafts
  • Hang on cupboards
  • Hang on windows
  • Place with candles

The reasons for small wreaths as well as mini wreath ideas are endless. One of the best reasons in our opinion though is because they are so easy to hang! If you don’t want to be fumbling around with a big wreath, hanging up a mini wreath is a great idea.

How to hang small wreaths

Almost all small wreaths can easily be hung with a nail and a tack, or with adhesive hangers.

Another option is adjustable wreath hangers which are great for different sized doors and wreaths. Such as this sleek design:

Or you might want a suction cup style because they can be used in many different places around your home.

There are plenty of options to choose from depending on where your wreath will be displayed in your home.

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What type of mini wreath can I buy?

Fortunately, there are now many options for the type of mini wreaths you can buy.

A few things you will want to consider before buying a mini wreath include:

  • What color are you looking for?
  • Do you want a floral wreath or something else?
  • Are you looking for something more neutral or more extravagant?
  • What type of material do you want your mini wreath to be?
  • Faux or real flower?

Each of these questions will have a different answer for what type of wreath you should buy. And that’s okay — that is what makes this so great!

Some people like to use a mini wreath as a placeholder on their doors, others prefer using them in the front windows or mantelpieces. The options are endless!

You will also want to consider what occasions you will want to use small wreaths for.  Some people like to use them for weddings, others prefer using them as centerpieces.

Some favors that are popular during winter holidays include mini wreaths and other small decorations!

When you buy a miniature wreath is important too — it can make the difference between someone commenting on how nice your house looks from outside or walking right by without a notice.

Some mini wreath ideas include:

  • Mini Christmas wreath
  • Mini wreath ornaments
  • Mini advent wreath
  • Mini green wreath
  • Mini magnolia wreath
  • Mini grapevine wreath
  • Mini pine wreath
  • Mini fall wreath
  • Mini pumpkin wreath
  • Mini flower wreath
  • Small wreaths for windows

Where can I find mini wreaths?

Different types of mini wreaths can be found in almost every store. Before, you could only buy them in craft stores because smaller wreaths were generally only considered for crafts.

Not the case anymore! While you can still find them at craft stores, places like Amazon are not only doing the job, but providing a variety of high-quality mini wreaths.

mini wreath
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Mini Christmas Wreaths

Who doesn’t love a touch of rustic charm? This mini Christmas wreath accomplishes just that and can be used not only for the front door but for other home purposes too. So lay it on a table and put a mason jar in the middle or hang it above a doorway. At just 8 inches, it is a perfect choice for your Country Christmas.

Do you want some lights on your Christmas wreath? Well this Farmhouse style Christmas wreath, above, is another rustic option for your home. It comes pre-lit with LED fairy lights.

Unlit Canadian Pine Wreath, 18 inches

This pine wreath is a great base to customize and make your own or you can keep them as is for a simple pine wreath. Add some ornaments or cute little bows and truly make this a personalized wreath for your home.

Who doesn’t love gnomes with their long white beards and little hats that cover their eyes? This wreath is a great option if you are looking for something with a lovely Scandinavian feel. Only question you need to ask next is where should you park the reindeer?

Whether you love snow or hate it, this “Let it Snow” wreath is simply adorable with its little snowman. This wreath will remind people of Christmas from long ago. So even if you aren’t looking forward to winter, you can look forward to hanging this cute wreath. Let it snow!

This is a 4 pack of small artificial pine wreaths that is great for cabinet doors or as a candle ring. Since they are just plain wreaths, customize them with a holiday bow, ornaments or whatever screams tis’ the season to you.

Our Ultimate List: Find the Best Mini Wreath for You and Your Occasion!

Small Magnolia Wreath

For the springtime a lovely white magnolia 18-inch wreath is a wonderful touch to your home.  It even comes with a zip-up bag so you store it during the off season. It’s gorgeous and realistic looking with lots of little touches.

For a simpler option, this wreath is just preserved leaves that smell amazing. It has delicate leaves on a grapevine base.

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Mini Flower Wreath

Floral wreaths aren’t just for spring. In fact, you can find a mini floral wreath for any season and they also can come in many different styles that veer from the traditional round wreath style.

This sunflower wreath is a great summer wreath with vibrant, bright colors. A true eye-catcher with tons of flowers making it seem very full and life-like. Great statement piece for the front door.

A hat wreath covered in flowers is so country chic and a lovely addition to your home. It does better on a covered porch or breezeway than completely in the elements. Pretty choice with lovely pops of color. It would also look lovely hanging above a bed or fireplace mantle.

According to Bloom and Wild, “Peonies symbolize prosperity, good luck, love and honour.” This peony wreath is just beautiful and truly makes a statement. So if you want some good luck hanging in your home, choose the Peony wreath!

Mini Fall Wreath

Even though this wreath is mini at 18 inches, it fluffs out to about 23 inches. It also appears very real and not fake. With its vibrant fall colors, it will remind you of the beautiful fall foliage. Keep in mind this wreath does come folded and you have to let it fall into place and then you can adjust branches as needed.

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Another fall wreath option comes with the same vibrant fall colors. However, this one has different leaves that are larger than the previous fall wreath. Again, it comes scrunched up, so you have to work it a bit out of the box to get it how you want it on the front door. Overall beautiful fall touch.

Adorable wreath with smiling pumpkins. Add a bit of whimsy to your home with this harvest wreath that’s perfect for the whole autumn season including Halloween!

Ornament Wreath

Ornament wreaths aren’t just for Christmas! They are available for other holidays as well. This heart-shaped ornament wreath will make a statement that will show up from the street. The ornaments are breakable so be aware. Love this heart shaped ornament wreath.

Patriotic Mini Wreaths

This seasonal wreath is a fantastic addition to anyone who loves patriotic themed decor. You can use it year round or on the Fourth of July! When it arrives, just straighten out the branches and hang it wherever you want!

A more rustic patriotic option is this heart-shaped wreath with red and blue vibrant berries on it.  The small white stars give a little something extra. Cute wreath with farmhouse charm.

This beautiful wreath with red, white and blue flowers just needs to be fluffed up a bit when it’s taken out of the box. Great for a touch of Americana on your front door.

This ""” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener nofollow sponsored”>grapevine heart-shaped wreath with little LED lights is a truly artistically made wreath. It’s a great option for not just the patriotic holidays but at all times of the year.

More wreath ideas:

Final Thoughts

Mini Wreaths can come in a wide variety, whether it’s for a season, holiday or particular style unique to you. They come in a variety of shapes too from hearts to ovals and everything in between. 

They are super easy to hang anywhere in your home with either a wreath hanger, suction cup, magnet or whatever the wreath calls for to be hung perfectly wherever you desire.

Some wreaths are even customizable so that you can add your own style and flare to your home with your mini wreath. The next big question is which mini wreath is right for you? Perhaps you can even stock up so you have a mini wreath for every purpose! Your home will always have the perfect mini wreath with so many options to explore.

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