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A Mid Century Planter in 43 Incredible Choices

A Mid Century planter is an excellent way to bring the modern and fresh design of 1950s architecture into your home.

You can easily decorate your home with Mid Century Modern style without it looking like every piece of décor is from that era. A unique addition would be a Mid Century planter, which gives any room or outdoor space a more contemporary look while still being elegant. 

Mid Century Modern design is one of the most versatile styles when it comes to interior decorating, even if your home’s architecture differs from the Mid Century time period.

The huge selection of planters online can be overwhelming, but don’t worry! We will help you navigate through it. We’ll help you get started by giving clear guidelines on how to choose a Mid-Century Planter that works best in your house and for your taste!

We have also curated a Mid Century planter selection with 43 incredible choices!

You also have a way to quickly explore sections in this article by using the Table of Contents below.

What is a Mid Century Planter?

When selecting a Mid Century planter, you can base your decision on period details and characteristics. Keep these Mid Century Modern design elements in mind:

  • Keep simple, clean lines.
  • Integration with nature is a major theme.
  • Geometric lines work wonderfully. 
  • The planters should have minimal decoration.
  • Stay neutral with some pops of colors.
  • Try mixing materials, like wood and metal. 

Other design styles to keep in mind include hobnail glass and sunbursts decorative elements, like these two planters:

What is Mid Century Modern Design?

Mid Century Modern architecture refers to common house styles that were popular in the early 20th century, starting around 1920 and ending in roughly 1950. These homes are known for their characteristic clean lines of design with open floor plans, lots of windows, and integration with nature.

Mid Century homes have simple shapes with sleek lines that often incorporate natural materials such as wood or stone to create an open and airy feel.

This design was used to show how America had advanced toward a future where technology would be king over past styles that relied on excessive ornamentation or decoration like Victorian homes.

43 of the Best Styles for a Mid Century Planter

You may be surprised to learn of the number of styles and colors you have to choose from when searching for a Mid Century planter. As part of the Modern Design aesthetic, these containers really are versatile enough that they can fit in styles with ease! 

You have choices when it comes to a Mid Century planter. Here’s just a few of the available design options:

  • Colors – you don’t have to stay with neutrals. Mid Century Modern has a beautiful color palette to mix and match.
  • Shapes –  Round and square planters are great, but what about geometric shapes!
  • Stands – Planter stands enhance the design

A Mid Century Planter in Neutral Colors

Remember that one key purpose of the Mid Century Modern style is to blend with nature and to bring its tranquility into the home’s interior.

A neutral interior palette is relaxing and refreshing; whereas bright colors can invigorate us. 

A Mid Century design aesthetic begins with a neutral base and allows for the flexibility to add pops of color – or not. The same goes for the Mid Century planter. You can use it to expand the neutral color palette to blend with nature (the plant itself) or use it as your burst of color.

A benefit of the lighter colored planters is that they don’t retain the heat from the sun and cause the plans to overheat. In this grouping of 8 products, we have purposely excluded planters with stands – you can see those in the next section.

Along with each image, we included not only a link to the product but also a few of the stand-out features we like among this Mid Century Planter grouping (+ a few potential negative notes):

  • Matt Black with faux wood grain
  • Drainage hole with plug
  • Also in Matt Dark Gray and Matt White
  • Drainage plug + drainage screen
  • 4 sizes available
  • Reviews are mixed on quality of finish
  • Incredibly good ranking with reviewers
  • 4 sizes & 5 colors
  • Drainage plug and mesh screen
  • We’re a huge fan of this company
  • These pots have high price points
  • High-quality; handmade in USA
  • Drainage hole + saucer
  • 3 sizes & 5 colors
  • Handmade
  • Set of 2 comes in 3 colors
  • Drainage hole with plug
  • Excellent price
  • Textured wood grain look
  • Drainage hole + mesh pad
  • Excellent price
  • Drainage hole plug + saucer
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor
  • Fiberstone – a pot material we love

18 Colorful Choices for a Mid Century Planter

What are the classic mid century modern decor colors? Mid Century Modern design is full of vivid color, from bold pink kitchen appliances to vibrant wallpaper. In general, though, it tends toward a clean palette with white as its go-to base and pops of jewel tones for accent pieces like planters or vases.

You can use these principles on your next home decor project by choosing just three primary hues: one light neutral (think whites), another warm hue such as forest green, and finally an intense contrast shade – something striking like reds/pinks/purples. 

In addition to whites and neutrals, a color palette for a Mid Century Modern look, could include these colors:

  • A golden yellow
  • Teal or aqua
  • Bold pops of red
  • Pinks or Purples
  • Tangerine and ochre (oranges)
  • Olive green or sage

Use the chart below as a starting point for choosing your Mid Century Modern pops of color.

Mid Century Planter
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Color is our thing and finding pops of color in a Mid Century Planter was a fun shopping experience for us. We hope you enjoy the curated gallery below from Amazon. Click on an image to learn more about the Mid Century planter.

9 Perfect Picks for a Mid Century Planter with Stand

As you flip through magazines or peruse Pinterest, you may notice one of the most common styles for a Mid Century Planter is to have it on a stand. In some cases, a planter includes a built-in stand.

A plant stand can act as a piece of furniture or elevate a space to an artistic level. It’s also useful for adding height and depth to arrangements. You might need one near a window to help plants get close to a light source!

A Mid Century Planter with a stand comes in a variety of heights as well as materials, including wood and metal. The first Mid Century Planter with stand, seen below, can come with or without the pot.

The next 5 planters come with the planter stand and the pot. Simply click on the image to learn more and to see prices.

You can also buy Mid Century Planter stands separately, like the 3 items below:

Veradek Wins as the Best Large Outdoor Mid Century Planter

In our Ultimate Modern Planter Guide, we highlight the Veradek company, and that’s because they offer some of the best outdoor planters around! Really, we can’t say enough good things about Veradek planters!

The Veradek modern planter is:

  • Crack resistant in cold weather
  • Rated for use in temperatures -30 to +125 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Fade, scratch, and impact resistant 
  • Eco-friendly
  • Manufactured from high-grade plastic
  • Pre-drilled with drainage holes

Honestly, any of their styles will work well in most home styles, including Mid Century Modern, Contemporary, or Farmhouse.

The Veradek company started when two life-long friends, Lucio and Dan, became fed up with their corporate jobs, so they decided to leave the rat race behind. The two buddies embarked on a journey that would soon lead them down an entrepreneurial path – one where they wouldn’t stop until successful in building what was missing from the market: strong planters designed specifically for all types of climates.

After months trying out different ideas, testing materials for durability as well as aesthetics, Lucio & Dan finally brought home a planter design worth selling. 

Indeed, they are – Lucio and Dan. Veradek planters are amazingly sturdy and beautiful!
Let’s get your started with some choices that are particularly suited for a Mid Century Planter style. But, seriously, check out more of their selections here.

Top Upmarket Picks for a Mid Century Planter

If you’re a high-end consumer, even something as modest as a Mid Century Planter can be considered luxury good. We found 5 products that are perfect for high-end decor. 

This sleek stainless steel planter is 36″ tall and adds a perfect touch of elegance to any space – indoors or out.

Le Présent is one of those well-established companies with a great history. The Canadian company has been family-owned since 1967 and they have a deep passion for what they do. They specialize in providing quality home decor items that will make your house look great!

Check out some of their other planters that are perfect for Mid Century or Contemporary styles.

These 2 glossy peach planters with metallic gold stands are in the style of Mid Century Modern and compliment almost any color palette, pattern, or texture.

Mid Century Planter Table Stands

Houseplants add a splash of green to your home. They also purify the air and create an inviting atmosphere, so it’s easy to see why they’re becoming increasingly popular elements in interior decorating.

Interior space is often limited in small apartments or condos, making it difficult to incorporate plants into the décor. However, using what are called “planter tables” can help you achieve a fresh and modern look while still adding greenery!

In homes, planter tables can be used to add dimension and variety into an interior space. This is a great way to achieve this without taking up too much floor area!

To make an interior space more attractive, consider the scale and size of objects already in it. A large room will look best with larger plants while petite varieties work well for smaller spaces or vignettes you might create within a large space.

We found 8 planter table stands in a variety of sizes and styles, but all of them are appropriate for a Mid Century Planter! Click on an image to learn more about a product, including prices.

Final Thoughts on a Mid Century Planter

Whether you want a modern, retro style, or something more traditional for your home, we shopped and found the perfect Mid-Century Planter for you!

We hope our guide to a Mid Century Planter will make your next purchase easy and fun.

Let us know in the comments which one worked for you!

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