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Try a Home Sign with Wreath for the Ultimate in Hospitality

If you are looking for a home sign with a wreath, you are in the right place.

Imagine this: You’re just a few minutes away from home after a long day. You turn the corner, and not only is it your house- it’s your welcoming front door. There’s nothing like a beautiful front door to welcome you home.

However, home signs aren’t just for you. They’re for everyone who sees your house!

The home sign with wreath on your front door says “Welcome Home!” to all who enter. 

Isn’t it great that you can welcome people into your home before they even enter? I love home signs with wreaths because it is a great way to have a wreath on your front door and be hospitable.

A Home Sign with Wreath is the Ultimate in Hospitable Decor

These three home signs with wreaths are perfect because they’re unique and will stand out above the rest. You and your guests can notice these from afar making them more inviting and welcoming for your home.

Who doesn’t love sunflowers? They’re just happy and bright flowers. While sunflowers are mainly displayed during the spring and summer months, they can be added all year to give the dreary winter months a boost of positivity.

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The letters are large and bold so your home can stand out from the crowd when your door has this perfect sunflower wreath. And your guests are sure to give you a few compliments about it as they enter your warm home.

This sunflower home sign wreath is an excellent addition to the farmhouse and contemporary-style home. The wreath is made of quality material for all year-round greenery.Don’t like the black wooden sign? You can opt for the white wooden sign with wreath which complements the green and yellow sunflower wreath perfectly.

The white flower wreath on this home sign looks perfect for Christmas or winter. I love the “ruralistic” range of home signs with wreaths because they come with a bonus ﹘a whole sunflower wreath. 

You can also get the lavender or eucalyptus home sign and they throw in the bonus as well.

Lavender is associated with serenity, calm, grace, devotion, silence, and purity. It provides a therapeutic,  tranquil, and relaxing environment and we all want our homes to have that.

Sunflowers brighten the mood and welcome the new season so you can use that wreath during the summer and spring months. 

Then you can use the lavender, eucalyptus, or white flower wreath for the fall and winter seasons. That means with one purchase you can have wreaths all year round!

This natural color, thick and strong home sign with wreath is a great addition to your home. It looks amazing with or without the lights. You need to add batteries to keep the lights on and the décor doesn’t come with any batteries.

The wreath itself is a high-quality plastic that looks natural. Plastic is good because it’s not easy to break and safe to use.

If you don’t like the natural color of the wooden signs you can paint them black or brown to suit your home style.

Let’s talk about the lights on the home sign since this is possibly the best part!  It means you can use the wreath all year round without the lights then add batteries and have lights during the holiday season.

This saves you some money because you don’t need to buy a separate wreath during Thanksgiving and Christmas, but you just turn the lights on and this wreath seems like a brand-new piece of decor. Very cool!

But if you like to have separate front door wreaths for Thanksgiving and Christmas we have you covered:

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10 Eucalyptus Home Signs with Wreaths

Many of the home signs with wreaths you see in stores today have the eucalyptus design as the “o” part of the wreath that says “home.” 

Ever wonder why?

Eucalyptus symbolizes healing, rejuvenation, connection, and strength. And isn’t that what being home with family is all about? Here’s our pick of the best eucalyptus home signs.

This is a beautiful wooden home sign for your front door. The “O” is a eucalyptus artificial wreath which means it can be on the door all year round as it doesn’t wilt or dry up.

The sign is strong and sturdy and a great addition to your farmhouse décor.

As with all home signs with wreaths, there are a few options of how to place your home wreath on your front door. You can add them vertically, horizontally or you can add the letters “h” and the “o” wreath above the letter “m” and “e” below them.

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This brown wooden home sign with a eucalyptus wreath is a perfect addition to your farmhouse or contemporary-style home décor. 

It’s easy to mount and makes a great gift for Thanksgiving, wedding, housewarming, party, Christmas, birthday, or Mother’s Day. 

The best part about this is that you can change up the style to meet the needs of the walls of your home. You can spread the letters out, put them closer together, or make a square.

For a great home sign that suits a variety of home styles beyond farmhouse, this is perfect. This home sign could match any style﹘from Mediterranean to ranch to contemporary.

The artificial eucalyptus wreath is a deep green color that signifies freshness, growth, stability, and renewal and is perfect to place on your door all year round.

The amazing thing about home signs with wreaths is you can change the wreath with each season or special occasion. You can replace your all-year-round wreath with a Fall wreath, Thanksgiving wreath, Christmas wreath, or even a July 4th wreath.

This black home sign from Pinkpum is high quality with the wreath coming in lightweight yet sturdy. 

The wreath is artificial yet looks very real. This sign will surely help your guests to feel welcome right from the front door and get you plenty of compliments from friends and family.

The Pinkpum store has been around for more than 30 years and they’re all about creating warm, tidy, and well-organized living spaces for their customers. Their designs make the home cozier and they’re quite innovative in their designs as well.

Pinkpum has this wreath in 2 other colors shared below.

Gone are the days when natural décor was considered bland. This natural home sign is a great blank canvas for the green eucalyptus that will stand out as a pop of color.

The natural wood sign is soothing and relaxing and gives you and your guests an inviting welcome to your home.

To add more pops of color to the wreath, you can also purchase some dollar store flowers then add them to the wreath with hot glue.

The last of the Pinkpum wreaths is the brown wooden one with the eucalyptus wreath. The wreath is non-toxic and doesn’t have an odd smell so is definitely safe for you and your family.

If you’d like to switch things up a bit and you love color, you can totally paint the wooden sign to a different color. This helps to further give life to your outdoor space.

This white wood sign with a eucalyptus wreath is non-toxic and odorless. It’s rustic yet modern and can fit a variety of home styles and décor schemes. It’s big and sturdy making it strong and reliable so it can last.

You can use this home sign with a wreath as a photography prop to take some memorable photos with your family and friends outside the house.

The black wooden sign is a great variant of the white one shared above. The eucalyptus is rich and textured making it a great pop of color to the black sign. The unique color and design make it more gorgeous, sophisticated, and difficult to miss.

This wooden home sign is very suitable for decorating the front of your door and will help make your home more beautiful and comfortable even before guests walk in. You can swap out the wreath with the seasons for a change of style.

This black sign with a wreath will give you a good mood as you walk toward your house. It hangs well and the letters will be even bigger than what you expect making them a statement piece for your front door.

Other Great Finds For Home Signs With Wreaths

The brown wood signs are an amazing compliment to the sunflower colors in this home sign. The sunflower wreath is crafted with artificial yet realistic designs in vibrant tones, making it look natural and delicate. The sign works for both farmhouse décor or modern-style homes.

Why stick to one color on your wooden home sign? This multicolor home wreath has 3 colors that work well together in addition to the sunflower wreath. What a gorgeous way for your front door to stand out all year long with vibrant colors.

This wreath is perfect for creating a calm and peaceful home atmosphere because of the lavender. The wooden signs are big, durable, and reliable, supporting long-lasting use. This home sign creates a rustic style for front door decoration and brings warmth to the home.

Final Thoughts on Home Sign with Wreath

If you’ve ever wondered how to make your guests feel welcome from the time they arrive at your doorstep, home signs with wreaths are one of the best ways to do so. The great thing is you can change the wreaths with every season giving your home a fresh new look each time.

They’re timeless pieces that you can buy for yourself and as a gift for friends and family.

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