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Did you know that 34% of burglars enter through the front door?  Did you also know that many people install false security cameras to try to deter them?

With the safety of your home and family in mind, let’s talk about hidden front door cameras.  We will discuss the various kinds of hidden front door cameras and the best way to conceal them. We will explore the various features (it is way more than just a visual of the person at your door) so you can make an educated decision for your home.

What is the best front door security camera?

What is the best front door security camera?  It all depends on what you need!  Some cameras are very simple, recording video and giving you a closer look at who is at your door.  Other cameras provide two-way communication, motion detection, and night vision.

Do you want something discreet or obvious?  Hidden front door cameras come in all kinds of cool disguises.  Do you want to be alerted of delivery packages or are break-ins a concern in your area?

Where you wish to install your camera also comes into play.  They can go in doorbells, peepholes, outlets, and connected to lights.

The best front door security camera is the one that fits your needs and your reason for wanting a camera in the first place.

Over the door camera

Over the door cameras are what most people think of when they hear the term security camera.  I know this is a post on hidden front door cameras and these tend to be a little less discrete, but they are definitely worth mentioning.  Over-the-door cameras let your potential offender know that they are being watched and they are not welcome.  They can end a dangerous situation before it even begins.

The Panasonic HomeHawk Outdoor Wireless Smart Home Security Camera is a sleek little camera that boasts a 172 degree view and that isn’t all of its great features.  It also has two-way audio, color night time vision, works with Alexa, provides real-time alerts, and is completely wireless.

This wireless security camera from Kamtron is waterproof, triggered by motion, has two-way audio, and night vision.  It is small and discrete making it a perfect over the door camera. 

Peephole Door Camera

Have you noticed how little you can see through your door peephole?  That is about to change!  These small devices can help you see who is at your door and provide audio, real-time feed, recorded video, and just about anything else you need small hidden front door cameras to do for you.

Ring Peephole Camera has it all.  Easy to install, comes with a built-in doorbell, but also detects knocking, 2-way talk, real time mobile notifications, and works with Alexa. 

This Brinno Peephole camera fits right into your door’s peephole and gives a clear view of who is on the other side of the door.  This peephole camera fits your basic need of recording and viewing who is at your door.  It does not include audio and it is important for you to check the dimensions of your door’s peephole before purchasing. 

Doorbell Cameras

What better place to hide a camera than the doorbell?  Doorbell cameras come in various colors and sizes and are camouflaged in that needed little bell.  Some are inexpensive and only contain a camera.  Others boast more features and a greater degree of viewing.

Wuuk Smart Doorbell Wireless Camera is discrete and a great bang for the buck.  It features, two-way audio, night vision, no monthly fees, and motion detection.

The XTU Wireless Doorbell Camera provides a lot of security with a low cost.  It is easy to install and includes night vision, 166 degree wide view angle, two way audio, motion detection, and is waterproof.

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Best front door security devices that won’t break the bank

How can I Hide my Front Door Camera?

There are many ways to hide your front door camera.  You can hide them in plain sight (oldest trick in the book, just look at the cool little insect called the walking stick).  You can also disguise them as needed little devices such as an electrical outlet.  If your situation requires something discreet, hidden front door cameras are easy to purchase and install.

How to Hide a Camera in Plain Sight

You can hide your front door security camera in plain sight in many creative ways.  One of which is these fun camouflage skins to put over your camera.  They will be much less obvious hidden in your bushes and landscaping. 

You can also buy flower skins to conceal your camera.  They are perfect to add to your landscaping and either real or silk potted flowers on your porch or walkway. 

Hide your security camera in lights.  Some are more obvious than others, but all a great way to keep an eye on your home without advertising it to the world.  This Snoeir Security Floodlight Camera is discrete, provides 120 degree view, connects to Alexa, provides bright light and an alarm if needed.

Here are some other great ways to hide your security camera in plain sight.

  • Dress it in white skins and place in eaves
  • Mount your camera in the foliage of a real or fake porch plant
  • Hang your camera high up on the wall
  • Place your camera in a bird feeder or lawn ornament
  • Use PVC to disguise your camera as part of your sprinkler system
  • Hide cameras in existing bushes or trees

How to Hide a Camera in a Wall

If you need to hide a camera in an outside wall, check out these outlet cameras.  The camera hole looks like a screw.  People will never know you have an eye on them.  This outlet camera provides real-time video and sends alerts to your mobile device once the motion detector has been triggered.  The socket itself remains usable with two outlets and two USB ports. 

Why Bother with Hidden Front Door Cameras?

There are two trains of thought when it comes to security cameras.  The first claims that you are less likely to have a break-in if the offender sees that you have a camera.  This makes total sense.

Just for reference, a few statistics from the FBI.

  • A home break in occurs every 13 seconds.  That is about 2.5 million a year.
  • About 34% of home invasions begin at the front door.
  • 23% of burglars use an open first floor window.
  • 22% come in through the back door.
  • 9% of burglars enter homes through garage doors.
  • The basement makes up 4% of burglar entrances.
  • A daring (and maybe desperate) 2% will go for a second floor window.
  • 28% of break ins occur when home owners are home.  That is evidence that burglars often watch homes (and your family!) to discover when your routine and when you are most likely to be gone.
  • The majority of break ins occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  • The highest number of break ins occur in the months of July and August.

The second idea is more about catching people in the act of suspected criminal activity.  If the offender sees the camera they might as well go to another door, window, or sneak in through your garage.

Are you seeking out hidden front door cameras because you suspect your home is being targeted?  Here are a few things to look for.

  • New traffic near your home.  Is an unfamiliar car parked near your home?  You can use your hidden front door camera to focus on cars driving past your home or parked in front to check for patterns.
  • New foot traffic near your home.  Someone walking their dog may be a neighbor out for a stroll, but also may be a burglar scoping out your home.  A jogger may be out for exercise, but if they linger and study your house a little longer than what is normal, your suspicion should be aroused.  Use your hidden front door camera to check for these patterns as well.
  • Solicitation scams are another way burglars scope out your home.  They may pretend to be a legitimate business, local government agency, or give some other excuse that is reasonable.  Coming up to your door will give them a better look at your home to check for dogs, home security systems etc.  Good hidden front door cameras will record their faces in case you need it later.
  • Make a note if you see someone taking a photo of your home.  In today’s digital world people are snapping photos and taking video all the time so don’t jump the gun on this one, but often times burglars will take a photo to for later research.

A few more things to consider.  Hidden front door cameras can go a long way in providing the safety and security your family needs, but security does not start and end there.  Be mindful and observe your neighborhood and activity.  Ask your neighbor to get your mail and newspaper when you are out of town so your house does not appear to be vacant.  Also, hire someone to cut your grass if you will be away for an extended period of time.  Burglars are looking for signs that your home is not occupied.

Wait until you are back from vacation to post your awesome photos to social media!  I know you want everyone to see the great time you are having, but you are telling an undetermined number of people that you are not home.

I hope this post has been helpful to you!  If you have purchased front door cameras that you like or have another security tip to pass on, please leave it in the comments below!

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