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The Best Halloween Doorbells for 2021

Halloween is right around the corner, and many homeowners are beginning to think about what they can do to make their home stand out from all of the other houses that will be decorated this year. One way you could do this is by adding a Halloween doorbell!

Halloween doorbells allow people to see just how festive you are for the holiday. It can bring joy and light-hearted fun to a special day of the year.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about what a good Halloween Doorbell might look like, why you should consider installing one, and provide some suggestions for which ones work best.

Why should I bother getting a Halloween doorbell?

You could ask, “Why should I bother getting a Halloween doorbell when it’s only on for the spookiest night of the year?” Well, for one thing, people love to see how festive you are. It gives them a chance to feel happy and light-hearted again.

Also, having a Halloween doorbell is a great way to make your house stand out.  It can bring in more Trick-or-Treaters or even give you a chance to make new friends.

And of course, it’s just fun for the kids! You might even get some unexpected visitors with “better” treats than what they usually get at home.

What are the best Halloween doorbells to get?

Deciding the best Halloween doorbell to get relies on a lot of factors.

A few things to think about before purchasing a Halloween doorbell:

  • Do you want it to be spooky or fun?
  • Do you want it to make noise?
  • Do you want to be able to use it all month-long, or only on Halloween?
  • How festive do you want it to be?

At the end of the day, you will want to choose a Halloween doorbell that makes  the day fun and great for your family and your neighbors.

Before we dive into the fun of spooky Halloween doorbells, let’s explore how Halloween developed into the holiday so many Americans love to celebrate.

Halloween doorbells
Halloween became an official U.S. holiday in the 1950s and has grown to be one of the most commercially driven holidays in America.

What is the History of Halloween?

The word “Halloween” originates from the Celtic harvest festival named Samhain which was celebrated by druids around October 31st every year. During this celebration they would wear masks made out of leaves to disguise themselves from the ghosts and fairies.

Families would go to a communal bonfire where they’d tell stories or share ghost stories and legends, but mostly recounting their ancestors’ happy memories from years past. The bonfires were also thought to scare away bad spirits.

This is where we get the association of Halloween with scary things!

Sometime around 1000 AD, the Catholic Church tried to Christianize Samhain by declaring November as “All Saints Day” on November 1 and then calling October 31st “All Hallows Eve.”

This name was said during Masses in an effort for parishioners to remember that souls who had passed were being remembered with prayers.

At this time people no longer believed that you could encounter ghosts at night so instead of telling scary tales about spirits it became tradition to carve pumpkins into lanterns which are lit by candles and used to symbolize the frightening away of evil spirits by scaring them.

The history of Halloween in the United States

By the mid 1800s, Halloween had become a very commercial holiday with people dressing up in costumes as something they wanted for themselves or someone else (usually treats like candy).

In America children would go door-to-door begging for sweets such as apples, nuts, popcorn balls, taffy cakes and gingerbread men. When handouts were not forthcoming from their neighbors’ doors these youngsters might resort to smashing windows or disturbing livestock!

The tradition of trick-or-treating can be attributed to late 19th century American parades which featured young adults dressed up in scary outfits going door-to-door asking for food or money.

But Halloween in the U.S. is a tradition that can be traced back as early as 1831, when it was celebrated by Irish immigrants who brought with them some customs from their own lands; there are reports that James Fenimore Cooper attended a gathering where people were dressing with masks on New Year’s Eve in Philadelphia around this time (though it is unclear whether he attended such a party annually).

Halloween became an official U.S. holiday in the 1950s and has grown to be one of the most commercially driven holidays in America.

Do people in other countries celebrate Halloween?

There are many countries that celebrate Halloween. Countries like England, Ireland, and the United Kingdom have popular celebrations where people dress up in scary outfits for trick or treat on October 31st.

Other parts of Europe also participate in this tradition but with some differences. For example, children typically wear costumes to their schools as opposed to going door-to-door asking for food or money.

Canadians also celebrate Halloween much like their neighboring Americans. Canadians go all out decorating their doors, porches, and yards. Pumpkin patches pop up all across the country – more than in the U.S. – and pumpkin carving contests have become the trend.

Australians celebrate Halloween in their own way, and they’ve made a point of not celebrating it like Americans. In fact, they don’t like the way we celebrate it. For example, trick-or-treating is frowned upon, and although Australians like to dress up, they don’t like to dress up in scary costumes, according to an article in the Huffington Post.

Halloween Doorbells
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8 Halloween doorbells to liven up your Halloween!

One of the great things about Halloween Doorbells is that they are basically a prop. Halloween Doorbells help set the mood of the front door with spooky sounds, like the cackling of a witch or the “Boo” of a ghost. 

Temporary Halloween Doorbells look spooky and sound spooky. That’s why most people love Halloween. They like to be scared (even if it is pretend scared).

Trick or Treat? Scare Them These Skull Halloween Doorbells

Why say “Trick or Treat?” when you can use this animated doorbell instead. The eyes of the skull light up and it plays spooky sounds to get people in a Halloween mood! This is perfect for any diehard horror fan who wants their house to stand out from all the other houses on your street.

You can put it beside your front door, but don’t stop there! Get several to place around your house. Do you have a preteen or teenager? Put this outside their bedroom door and you’ll win some cool points. 

This Halloween skull doorbell is 8.5 inches tall, 6 inches wide at the widest point (widest part of skull), 4 inches deep. Three Double A batteries included.

The perfect way to scare your visitors, these two light up skull doorbells will be the most terrifying addition to any home. Featuring a durable design and realistic look that is sure to get even the bravest of people shaking in their boots. 

With two scarlet eyes lit by battery powered LEDs once pressed, this spooky looking device has great sound effects for an extra added element of horror as it rings on your front doorstep! Batteries not included. If you’d rather have just one instead of the set, click here.

Frightening Goblins and Witches Halloween Doorbells

Pack on extra ghoulish fright with these three spooky Halloween doorbells, featured below. All require batteries, which are not included. They light up and animate with the push of the button.

Halloween Doorbells with Scary Animated Eyeballs and Eerie Sounds

Your house will be the talk of the town when you decorate your door with this spooky, animated eye that opens and lets out four different eerie sounds. 

Made from high-quality acrylic for durability and a black finish to make it stand out against any background, these Halloween decorations are sure to grab attention everywhere they go! Ships in protective packaging. Batteries not included.

This vintage-looking doorbell has a creepy eyeball that lights up in green and moves around like it’s watching you. The sound of the bell will make your spine tingle with delight as well! It also features a hole on the back so you can hang this spooky decoration right by your front door.

This product is made of high-quality PVC material that is weather-resistant. The spooky eyeball doorbell requires three AAA batteries, which are not included.

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Final Thoughts on Halloween Doorbells

With the right Halloween doorbell, you can have your home looking and sounding spooky in a matter of seconds. Whether you’re looking for something a little more family friendly or more terrifyingly realistic, we’ve got everything covered with our list of top 8 best Halloween doorbells! 

Have fun celebrating Halloween with friends and family! Tell us all about your Halloween fun in the comments below.

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