The dazzling allure of glass

Glass front door security gives us peace of mind so we can let all of the benefits of beautiful glass panes come shining through our front doors. 

Most of the obstacles to having a glass front door (or glass in a front door) can be alleviated with advances in glass front door security, which includes security systems and devices, privacy products, and quality materials and hardware.

7 steps to strengthening glass front door security

Glass front doors are the most popular on the market. These doors range from all glass to mostly glass to some glass. But glass doors rule when it comes to stylish entries. 

But we have some worries with glass doors, right? Our instinct is that these doors are less secure than wooden or metal doors. To some extent that can be true – if we don’t take steps to increase our glass front door security.

In general, front doors are the most vulnerable point of illegal entry to our homes. The front door is also the first place a criminal goes – 34% of home invaders are coming in your front door. The biggest threat to your front door is a kick-in invasion.

We will take you through six areas worth your attention and investment when it comes to glass front door security.

  1. Exterior lighting
  2. Quality door hardware
  3. Glass break sensors
  4. Motion detectors
  5. Privacy products
  6. Metal screen and iron work
  7. Anti-collision stickers
glass front door security
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1. Glass front door security starts with exterior lighting

Exterior lighting around your front door adds ambiance, security, and safety. 

Exterior lighting helps set the decorative mood for your front entrance. You can bring attention to architectural elements and a beautiful front door. 

We know from crime statistics that home invaders will try a front door before most other entry points. Don’t give them a free pass. Light up that door way with quality lights that are not easy to knock out. 

Start with the doorway lights but add security motion lights that aren’t easy for criminals to knock out. Motion detecting lights can deter would-be home invaders. 

Good lighting is also essential for the safety of your family and guests. A well lit front door area helps prevent trips and falls.

Our top 3 lighting picks for glass front door security

The three-headed outdoor Jomartro solar motion lights are equipped with 224 super bright LED lights. Two sets come in this package. Here’s why we like it:

  • Three adjustable heads design can move upwards, downwards and horizontally.
  • The solar panel can be freely adjusted
  • Detects motion up to 33 feet within an angle of 120 agrees.
  • IP65 waterproof rating. Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The Kadision LED wall pack lacks the flexible adjustment of the Jomartro but it packs a punch of intense light. Why we like it:

  • It has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, which means if it works 8 hours per day, it can work more than 17 years.
  • Built-in dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor automatically turns on at sundown/night and off at sunrise/daytime.
  • IP65 waterproof rating. Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The Stasun 90W outdoor flood light comes equipped with three adjustable lights. Why we like it:

  • It can pivot 160 degrees side to side, and the U-shape bracket that the lights are mounted on can pivot 180 degrees up and down. This makes it easy to keep the light from bothering your neighbors.
  • The light can be adjusted to cover up to a 330 degree angle, covering 968 square feet. 
  • IP65 waterproof rating. Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

2. Invest in high quality door locks and hardware

One of the biggest concerns with glass front door security is that a home invader will knock out the glass and reach in to unlock the door. That should be a concern. But we can take steps to reduce the likelihood for this type of break-in. 

Certain types of door locks give us more protection for kick-in invasions as well as glass breaking intrusions.

Mortise locks for entry doors

Mortise locks have several advantages, but the one disadvantage is that they are difficult to install. It’s best to have someone install a mortise lock. 

For starters, your door needs to be thick enough – at least 1.75 inches, which is the size of most standard doors. Thinner doors won’t work, and thicker doors may need additional hardware to accommodate a mortise lock. 

But don’t let that deter you. Mortise locks are some of the most recommended and long-lasting, even in extremely high use areas. In fact, mortise locks are highly used in commercial properties. 

You can learn more in this article by United Locksmith about how mortise locks work.  

Mortise locks advantages include: 

  • They are more difficult to pick than regular cylinder locks. 
  • They are strong enough to help your door resist a kick-in attack. 
  • The part that shows is usually an attractive, classic appearance.

2 of the best mortise locks

Double cylinder deadbolts

Double cylinder deadbolts require a key to unlock from the exterior as well as interior. In other words, there is no “reaching in” by a burglar to turn a latch. That can also be dangerous for those inside who need to exit the front door fast and safely. 

Leaving a key in the lock can be an easy answer, but it’s not a great choice for glass front door security. In some states, double cylinder deadbolts are not allowed in some residential properties, such as apartments, which typically have only one main door. 

Locksmiths agree that double cylinder deadbolts are some of the safest and most secure locks for a front door, but they suggest having an escape plan in place first. Also, keep a key nearby and easy to access. Make sure everyone knows where it is.

Our top 2 double cylinder deadbolts

Smart locks can detect door disturbances

Smart lock deadbolts are no longer only the playground of the new tech crowd. Smart locks use smartphone applications, and the majority of Americans use smartphones.

Smartphone penetration in the U.S. is more than 80%, according to the Pew Research Center. No matter the age, the majority of people are using apps a majority of the time

The most obvious benefit of smart deadbolts is keyless entry. You can use an app on your smartphone to gain entry. Other security benefits of keyless entry include:

  • Smartphone lock deadbolts also have built-in sensors to detect disturbances of the door.
  • You can grant access codes and track the comings and goings of those people. 
  • You can manage entry to your house from anywhere with your smartphone. 
  • You can connect your smart lock to your home security system.

Our No. 1 recommended smart deadbolt is the 4-in-1 SECURAM Touch Smart Deadbolt lock. When one of the best companies in the U.S. at securing bank vaults and hotels starts making smart locks for homes, then we might want to pay attention. 

SECURAM locks even show up in the movies as the locks the bad guys can’t beat!

Best smart lock

SECURAM Touch Smart Deadbolt Lock

  • 4 ways for entry: fingerprint, code, physical keys, and smartphone app
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Temporary visitor codes
  • 30-user capacity


SMONET Smart Deadbolt Lock

  • 5 ways for entry: fingerprint, code, physical keys, IC card, and smartphone app
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Timed & temporary visitor codes
  • Unlock your Smart Lock using a power bank when it is out of power.

Install heavy-duty hinges

Hinges have an important job in glass front door security. We often overlook front door hinges because we focus on the aesthetics of the door handle hardware and locks. 

Quality front door hinges make it more difficult for burglars to kick in the door. However, most of the hinges that come with front doors are not durable or strong enough and most likely need to be replaced.

You can visit your local hardware store for assistance in selecting a hinge for your front door. We recommend Finsbury or Amazon Basic.

3. The importance of glass break sensors

Glass break sensors work by detecting shock waves associated with glass breakage and then emit an alarm to alert homeowners and scare away burglars. 

Most sensors have a sensitivity setting and a low-battery indicator. Although a glass sensor is readily noticed, that’s not a bad thing. It can also work as a deterrent. 

Glass break sensors as a low-cost solution for glass front door security.

Our top recommendations for glass break sensors

4. Backup glass front door security with motion detectors

Security experts say that motion sensors are the linchpin of your security system. 

If a home invader does breach one of your entry doors, you should have motion detectors waiting. Most all home security kits come with motion detectors, and if the package doesn’t have enough, you can buy extra. 

For glass front door security, place a motion detector so that it detects movement around your front door. If you have stairs, make sure those are covered because a burglar is definitely going to make sure of them.

Do not place sensors near AC vents and avoid hot spots.  Don’t forget to clean motion sensors regularly.

We recommend either the Ring Alarm 8-piece kit or the SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System.

5. Privacy products increase glass front door security

If you occasionally want privacy or would like to block out the extreme heat or cold, front door curtains are a good option. In our Front Door Curtains Ideas guide, we walk you through four questions you need to answer before purchasing curtains for your front door. 

One of our favorite coverings for glass front door security is the zebra roller shade.

Favorite shade

Cordless zebra roller

Even when they are fully closed, these shades allow light to filter through to the room. I put these on almost every window in my last house and love them. For a glass front door, you can adjust the amount of light and privacy.

Privacy film blocks people from looking in but still allows light to filter into the room. Plus, privacy films come in beautiful styles. Use on a front door or window where the view is not important.

We researched privacy film for glass front door security and came up with a Top 3 list for you.

Rainbow privacy film in 7 sizes of panels

Etched flowers static cling film in 7 sizes of panels

3D tulip cling panels in six sizes

6. Add a layer of security to your glass front door

Bump up your glass front door security by adding a decorative layer of iron. Some of the most popular door choices in contemporary and traditional design come with a layer of iron in front of glass panels that open inward. 

To learn more about these doors, read about them in our guide to oversized front doors.

The glass glass front door security is readily apparent with these bold wrought iron doors with interior opening glass panels. Two of our favorites come from AAWAIZ Imports based in Fort Worth, Texas. They ship to 48 states for a flat rate.

7. Protect wildlife and children with glass front door security

I hope you have never experienced someone in your house running through a glass window or door. Even bumping into one can be painful. Then there’s the wildlife. Birds are often the most frequent victims of our big, beautiful glass panels. 

If you have a problem area with glass, whether it’s a door or window, anti-collision stickers are a non-permanent but effective solution.

If you want a non intrusive design, you might consider these simple round stickers available in five shades.

But if fun or beautiful designs are important, then let us introduce you to Yadda-Yadda Design, an Oregon-based company that creates and manufactures vinyl decals.

They have dozens of decal choices but for glass windows and doors, we’re partial to something like this bluebird. Beautiful and effective!

Be creative with glass placement on front doors

If you are one to worry about glass front door security, then consider alternatives to full glass front doors. You have plenty of choices of doors with smaller glass panes. Other options include transoms and sidelights.

For example, the Hevelius Duo Contemporary door has a small side panel and a narrow glass inset in the door. This sturdy door is built for both design and security. 

Traditional doors with sidelights are also popular. Here are four with American, French, and Mediterranean design inspirations.

Let us know how you address glass front door security! Leave a comment below. It’s always fun to hear from you!

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