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There’s more to choosing front door vases than meets the eye. Using vases in a front door vignette requires choosing the best materials for durability and weather resistance.

How to choose quality, affordable vases for your front door

In this guide for the best front door vases, we also provide you with ideas and tips for: 

  • What to look for in front door vases
  • The supplies you need to put together front door vases
  • Suitable flowers for an outdoor vase
  • Outdoor tables to help you create front door vignettes 

Throughout the article, we provide you top picks for front door vases and related products with links to the recommendations. But if you want to get right to the vases, here are three of our best picks across different styles. For more of our Top Picks, please continue reading.

Mid Century Modern

Set of 3 rust-proof vases

The polyresin vases from the Creative Scents store are perfect for outdoors because they are heavy and won’t rust. They range in height from 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches.


8.5-inch textured ceramic

Although this is a smaller vase, it’s weather-resistant qualities make it a good choice to add to a grouping of front door vases. The eco-friendly ceramic material is resistant to corrosion and abrasion.


11.8-inch distressed vase

The matte, rough texture of this face make it perfect for Rustic and Farmhouse styles. The vase is corrosive resistant and waterproof, although it does not have drainage holes.

What’s the difference between a vase and a planter or pot?

Let’s first distinguish a vase from its close cousins, the planter or pot. A planter, which comes with drainage holes, is the only one of these three really meant to hold growing plants. On occasion, a pot will have a drainage hole, but more often a planter is inserted inside a pot.

A vase doesn’t have drainage holes and is usually more narrow at the top. It’s purpose is to hold greenery, flowers, and artificial or dried flowers. 

But then again, it’s a “you say vase and I say vaz” type of thing. For many of us, the words can be interchangeable, somewhat.

What type of vase can be used outdoors?

Front door vases, even if protected by a porch or overhang, should be weather resistant and not prone to rusting. We recommend two types of front door vases: Pottery and galvanized metal.

Pottery for your front door

Pottery or ceramic are the terms used to describe objects made from clay and fired at very high temperatures. Clay is permanently hardened when baked at high temperatures. The type of pottery depends on the temperature used. 

For sturdy, durable, and weather resistant front door vases, you want to choose pottery fired at high temperatures, such as stoneware, which has a dense, stone-like quality.

Stoneware is naturally waterproof and does not need to be glazed. Stoneware is also chip resistant.

Our Top 5 picks for best pottery vases

  • 9.5-inch hand painted stoneware vase. It also comes in two sizes of planters. Three color choices available.
  • 9 or 11-inch cylinder vase that comes in silver, coral, or bronze. This product also comes in 4 planter sizes.
  • 9.25-inch hammered vase in ivory with terracotta lip and base. 
  • Blue ceramic vase that comes in three heights: 9.5 inches, 10.6 inches, and 13.8 inches.
  • Set of 3 ceramic vases with four color choices: distressed white, grey, red, and multicolor. The vase heights are 5 inches, 7.5 inches, and 10 inches.

More front door ideas waiting for you!

What does galvanized mean?

A galvanization process is used to apply a protective coating of zinc to the surface of the metal to prevent rust. For outdoor metal vases, be sure to look for a galvanized product. Metal is particularly susceptible to rust from acids, such as the acid present in rain.

Over time, of course, the protective coating may wear away, but that should take years. In the meantime, if your vase gets a scratch, don’t worry. The zinc, known as a sacrificial metal, knows how to do its job. Zinc will give up an electron so that the metal underneath stays safe!

Here’s a great educational video that teaches us more about rust and how to prevent it. The video even includes an experiment that you can use at home with children.

Galvanized vases for your front door

Galvanized metal containers are versatile enough to use indoors or outdoors. They also fit decor styles ranging from rustic to cottage chic. Throw in some dried lavender and you have an arrangement perfect for French Country style.

Our Top 3 picks for metal vases

  • Set of 3 galvanized metal Farmhouse vases. The 9-inch vases also come in a set of 12, which make them perfect for table centerpieces at a rustic-themed event.
  • Set of 2 (12-inch and 8-inch) vintage style rustic flower vases. They come in three colors: vintage white, vintage black, and pewter.
  • Wall Plant Containers, set of 2, made from galvanized metal. Comes with two black metal hooks and 2 natural hemp ropes. The metal container is about 8 inches tall.
front door vases

Ideas for front door vases

We have some great UV and weather resistant artificial flowers to recommend for your front door vases. Because vases don’t have drainage holes, it’s best to use dried or artificial flowers. You will probably need a good quality crafter’s glue gun with weather resistant glue. We recommended the Gorilla Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun that comes with its own glue. 

Top picks for floral foam outdoor use

  • Closed Cell Neoprene Rubber Blocks made in the USA. The product is weather resistant and versatile enough to use for other purposes.
  • Expanding floral foam filler. It expands by 200 percent to fill container gaps around floral foam and lock silk flower stems into place, providing an airtight, water-resistant seal.  

On her YouTube channel, Vicki Novak, who worked as a floral designer at Hobby Lobby for six years, lets us in on some tips for filling large vases without having to spend a lot of money for floral foam. Enjoy Vicki’s What to Fill Tall Containers With

Flowers for front door vases

When filling outdoor containers, look for UV resistant artificial flowers.

Our top picks for artificial flowers

All of our choices are outdoor-ready.

  • Pack of 6 shrubs with small flowers in five colors: magenta, red, white, purple, and yellow. Each flower bundle is about 14-inches long with seven stems.
  • A 6 pack of flowering shrubs, each with 7 stems. The bundles measure 14×9 inches and come in 5 colors: purple, fuschia, white, orange red, and white. 

Click on a flower bundle to view more information

Use outdoor tables to arrange front door vases

The Farmhouse style has opened up the doors to creativity when it comes to front door decor. The warm character of styles like Rustic, Farmhouse, and Cottage bid us to decorate our front doors with a welcoming design. 

The phrase “roll out the welcome mat” becomes so much more meaningful. Using vases and potted plants around the front door can put visitors (and ourselves) at ease.

We know that flowers help lighten a mood and ease tension. When you take the extra step of arranging floral decor around your front door, you are letting a visitor know they will be well looked after. This is a cheerful, warm abode. 

We’ve pulled together quite the collection of outdoor tables and stands to help you arrange your vases and pots. The tables will help you vary the height of your floral setting and to create interest and drama.

Most all of these tables would fit well with any style, but we’ve divided them up into style categories.

Best outdoor tables for Rustic, Farmhouse or Cottage styles

The comforting relaxed style of cottage decor shares elements of design with Farmhouse, but the latter is much more focused on simplicity and a neutral color palette. Cottage, on the other hand, enjoys an interplay of colors and patterns. 

Rustic and Farmhouse both share a comfortable, country-like vibe, but rustic has a more natural feel that evokes the past. In rustic style, expect to see wood that looks more natural, even unfinished.

Our favorite outdoor tables for Rustic, Farmhouse or Cottage styles

Click on an image to purchase or learn more

Best outdoor tables for Modern and Contemporary styles

Modern refers to design from the early to mid 20th century. This era would include Art Deco. In the 1950s and ‘60s, Mid Century Modern was the dominant style, which is once again trending. Vintage modern style became popular in the 1970s.

Mid Century Modern relies heavily on finished wood but also furniture made out of plastic materials. Colors are bold and designs are geometrical. 

Contemporary followed the Modern era and includes the interior designs of this century and futuristic designs. Contemporary makes use of glass, metal, and technology.

What Modern and Contemporary styles have in common are the clean, simple lines and a minimalist style.

Our favorite outdoor tables for Modern and Contemporary styles

Click on an image to purchase or learn more

We would love to hear about your ideas for decorating front doors. Drop us an email or comment below. Thanks!

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  1. These ideas are wonderful for those who live in lowland areas. They are pretty and functional, whether you put flowers in them or not, they are pretty and will draw attention to any front door. I hope you can help me out.
    I have a challenge for the Front Door ladies. I live on the high plains where wind blows pretty much 365 24/7. It has been known to pick up horse sheds and carry them out of their field, away from the horses. I knocked over a 30′ flag pole set in concrete, concrete and all. It carries lots of dirt, dust, and everything not nailed down. How do I decorate our front door?

    1. Denise, we will keep this in mind as we move on. I had a similar problem when I lived on a plateau in Nebraska. I ended up securing my planters and pots to the front porch by attaching them with really long zip ties to the railings. From the curb, you couldn’t see that they were attached!

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