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10 Incredible Front Door Basket Wreaths [+ Fun Alternatives!]

Why do just a wreath for each season when you can do front door basket wreaths?

I was walking through the downtown section of my city when one front door in particular caught my eye. It was around Valentine’s Day, so we had seen multiple doors with beautiful wreaths- both floral wreaths or simple wreaths with hearts. The amount of Valentine’s Day wreaths is endless!

But then, we saw one door with a front door basket instead of a traditional wreath. We tried to grab a picture, but the person opened their door too fast. Instead of a wreath, it was a beautiful basket full of a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Why a front door basket?

A front door basket can be a great alternative to a front door wreath if you are looking for something different to put on your front door. 

  • Something new for your front door
  • Can change what is in the basket per season, per month, etc
  • Never-ending ideas of what to put in your front door basket
front door basket wreaths
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Types of front door baskets: Our 10 favorites

Farmhouse Baskets

Farmhouse baskets can be great front door baskets because they provide the rustic homey- feel. It can seem warm and welcoming. 

One option is to have a literal basket for your front door such as this one here. It gives ample opportunities for what you can add into your basket.

 Another option is the deep, woven rustic baskets.This brings a lot of great attention to your front door, and you could choose to put longer flowers into a basket. This one is 17x9x5 inches, giving you lots of room!

This basket is still woven, keeping the rustic feel, but a bit wider, which could open up more opportunities for what you want to showcase in the basket.

Don’t prefer woven baskets? There’s other options too. They are harder to come by (which is why we created our alternative options near the end of the article) but there are definitely some!

A great example is this tin front door basket. It gives the farmhouse industrial design that can go great with any type of front door.

Other Woven Baskets

Do you have double front doors? Some of these front door baskets will work perfectly for your double front door house.

These baskets are shown with one hanging slightly over the other. Also called a “jute woven basket,” it carries the simple yet elegant vibe.

You could also use this set of three as front door baskets. You could opt for one for each door, or stack them so that two are on one door, and one is on the other.

Lastly, these two large baskets come together, and would balance each other out on a double front door.

Can I use live flowers for my front door basket?

The simple answer is, yes. 

Of course, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using live flowers, but if you want to use a fresh bouquet, the possibility is definitely there.

Sanctuary Home Decor included a cute picture to explain exactly how they use live flowers in their front door basket wreath: Line your basket with a trash bag, and then poor water into it!

Advantages of using live flowers:

  • Stand out compared to all the other front doors
  • Give a fresh scent for anyone coming to your door (what a pleasant surprise for Amazon delivery people!)
  • Fresh and can be full of bright colors

Disadvantages of using live flowers:

  • You have to be careful that the water doesn’t spill (it may take a few tries to figure out the magic amount of water to put in where it can “slosh” around without spilling
  • You may need a lot of flowers to cover up the trash bag

Getting a black trash bag can definitely be a help in this as a white trash bag may make it stand out a bit more and take away from the flowers.

Or, save trouble with this clever idea! Use small liner trash bags, 2.6 gallons, that are already colorful.  These no-scent colorful trash bags won’t take away from the scent of the flowers, but will add some background color to whichever type of flowers you choose!

What is our recommendation for choosing florals?

We recommend 1-800-Florals. Not only do they have beautiful flowers with a variety of affordable options, but they also have a monthly flower subscription program. You could simply set it up to get flowers delivered to your house each month.

How flower monthly subscription works;

  • Convenience of ordering once
  • Choose from all types of flowers and bouquets
  • Receive an email each time that a new bouquet is coming to you
  • Have the freshest flowers arrive at your doorstep for your front door basket wreath!

Our reasoning for choosing 1-800-Florals for your front door basket needs:

  • Same-day delivery
  • Quality products
  • Excellent customer service
  • Get 15% off your first order when sign

What other things can I hang beyond a front door wreath?

Our original intent of this article was to help provide an alternative of a front door wreath. But there are many other options too!

Monogram door hangers

Monogram door hangers are a great alternative to front door wreaths. It is a great way to give personality to your door in a unique way. Here are some of our favorites below. Click on an image to check price and features.

Rain Boot wreaths

This is a fun way to dress up your front door, especially for spring! Hang some rain boots on your front door, add some flowers, and voila! You get the whole flowers & rain feeling that spring brings about. Learn more about rain boot wreaths here.


Have you seen the umbrella wreaths yet? Both a clever and cute way to style your front door. This article goes in depth on the type of umbrella wreaths you can do


Never run out of ideas again with this chalkboard hanger! You can change up your board as often as you like. 

Ways you can use your chalkboard for your front door:

  • Inspiring quotes
  • Seasonal
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Anniversaries
  • Thanking your Amazon driver (what a surprise that would be!)

That last idea is my favorite. If you decide on a chalkboard hanger, you could use chalk markers (that stay on better and last longer) and have one side of the chalkboard be specifically to thank your Amazon driver. On days that you know you are getting a delivery, you simply flip the sign!

You also don’t necessarily need something on your front door. Having something next to your front door can make it shine too, such as front door vases, front door curtains, or funny front door mats.

Hanging Things On Your Front Door

Have you tried magnetic holders? They are a lot smaller than the large black door hangers that hang down, which allows the eye to go straight to your front door basket.


There are many alternatives to front door wreaths. Our favorite is front door basket wreaths, which provide ample opportunities to decorate your front door in new ways. While there are other alternatives (rain boots, chalkboard signs, etc) we love the ability to freshen up your door with a front door basket!

Scroll up to make sure you didn’t miss any of those baskets, or go to our table of contents at the beginning. 

Which is your favorite front door basket wreath? Let us know below!

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