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Your front door leaves a lasting first impression. Why not make that first impression a positive one with floral wreaths for front door?

I remember a few years ago my neighbor tore down her front porch and rebuilt it. I enjoyed driving by and watching it change bit by bit. It went from worn out to newly painted, but she didn’t stop there. She hung large ferns and flowering plants, put brightly painted porch furniture and a showy floral wreath on the front door.

I love that porch! It’s bright and cheerful, but more than anything, it is welcoming.

Front Door Wreaths Year Round

We sometimes get stuck in a decorating rut and use florals mostly for spring and summer, but fall, Christmas, the Fourth of July, and Valentine’s Day all lend themselves wonderfully to floral front door wreaths.

For these floral wreaths, it’s all about using the appropriate colors and flowers. Add a decorative bow, seasonal extras, and viloa!

These Christmas floral wreaths contain poinsettas and pinecones. White poinsettas give a more elegant feel while the bright red with the evergreens gives a more traditional country Christmas appearance. You might be surprised to see that Christmas wreaths do not have to be made from pine branches to be festive.

Easter floral wreaths arouse thoughts of spring flowers, a winter that is past, and new life. Spring brings a feeling of awe as beauty returns to the earth after a period of dormancy. Flowers such as tulips, daffodils, irises, crocuses, and hyacinths are perfect for your front door wreath. Add colored eggs to emphasize Easter or keep it floral only and make the colors symbolize the season.

As I mentioned above, Valentine’s Day floral wreaths are another great idea! This one is made with red roses but you could make them from red tulips as well for the same lovely impression.

Fall wreaths are lovely, and while most people think of red, orange, and yellow leaves, there are many fall flowers that grace us with their beauty. These floral wreaths for your front door have big and small sunflowers, asters, and various other brightly colored flowers to bring fall to your doorstep. What is your favorite fall flower? I actually really enjoy chrysanthemums but could not find a wreath that included them.

Summer Wreaths for Front Door

Summer is a wonderful time of year when you see that front door the most often as you come and go from your various activities. It is also a time when more family and friends visit and congregate on your front porch or steps. Why not liven that space up? The shades of summer include the rainbow so your options are endless.

These floral wreaths for front door will help your home feel “summery” with daisies, poppies, forsythia, hydrangea, and many other beautiful flowers.

Holidays such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veteran’s Day are all worth decorating for as well! Check out these patriotic floral wreaths emphasizing the grand old red, white and blue.

Country Wreaths for Front Door

Perhaps your taste runs more for the farmhouse look. Do you enjoy a more rustic look with small berries and grapevine? How about lambs ear, checked ribbon, and burlap? Check out these country wreaths for the front door.

Our Favorite Floral Wreaths for Front Door

There are way too many beautiful wreaths to pick from, am I right? Floral wreaths for every season and holiday. Definitely, something for every style home as well as personal preference. Here are our favorite floral wreaths to give you more of an idea of the variety available.

What do Wreaths Symbolize?

Wreaths are made in all shapes and sizes and for all holidays and seasons but have you ever pondered where they originated? What do wreaths symbolize and what is the history behind them?

There are two different theories about where wreaths originated. One theory is the modern wreath comes from ancient Greek where they hand made wreaths out of leaves, twigs, small fruits, and flowers. These wreaths were worn on their heads and represented ones rank, position, achievements, or occupation.

Another theory is that modern wreaths derive from the wreaths Christians made for advent using a circle to represent immortality.

No matter which train of thought you board, one thing we can all agree on is floral wreaths for your front door can take a door from ordinary to memorable.

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floral wreaths for front door

Flowers themselves, have long since held associations with feelings, sentiments, and silent declarations. Plays of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Chinese are sprinkled with the symbolic language of flowers and poetry has embraced it.

The symblism of flowers became very popular during the Victorian Era and while it is not so serious in modern time, I think it might be fun to see what kind of symbolism you may put on your door.

We all know that the red rose means love, but one must choose the other colors wisely. By giving somone a white rose you express that you are worthy of them and a yellow one symbolizes jealousy, infidelity, and loss of love. I think I will stick to the pink rose. You can’t go wrong with one symbolizing happiness.

Move over red rose, did you know the red tulip means passion and declaration of love? And for a lovely summer wreath, be sure to include yellow tulips which mean “sunshine in your smile”.

Daisies are another great flower for floral wreaths and why not greet your friends and visitors with a flower that means “hope”?

For simple and well known flowers, the carnations have a lot to say. If your heart aches, find a floral wreath with red carnations, and if you are refusing a proposal, fill it with striped. If a dear friend is moving away, give them a wreath with pink carnations to remind them that they will never be forgotten. You may not wish to put yellow carnations on your front door as they mean “disdain, disappointment, and rejection”.

Hydrangeas are pretty and can be found in many wreaths, but they could give a mixed signal as they can mean both “gratitude for being understood” as well as “frigidity and heartlessness”.

Somehow the lovely and fragrant lavendar has been given the meaning “distrust”. If this is a trouble you are experiencing then you might need front door security cameras. (We have a post on that too!)

To play it safe and provide a welcoming floral wreath for your front door that symbolizes correct hospitality, see if you can come up with one that contains geraniums (true friendship), sweet basil (good wishes), goldenrod (good fortune), and ivy (friendship). But if you have an annoying neighbor who you would rather not visit, try the tansy (hostile thoughts and declaration of war). Or maybe not!

For a little more symbolism fun, check out our post “The Powerful Purple Front Door Meaning”.

Where Should a Wreath be Placed on a Front Door?

Now that you have picked out the beauty that will go on your front door and understand the history and symbolism, let’s get to the technical stuff. Where should a wreath be placed on the front door?

A wreath should be placed in the center of the door or about eye leve. Most people agree that a wreath 57 inches high is a perfect placement.

There are several ways to hang a wreath. Choose whichever works best for your door (and what you have on hand!)

  • Use a nail to hold your wreath
  • Command strips will hold your wreath without damaging the door or the paint
  • Over the door wreath hangers are a handy invention
  • Magnetic door hangers

How to Keep Your Floral Wreaths in Good Shape

Some wreaths are quite expensive and if your front door gets the same amount of activity as mine, you will want to take some precautions so that your money is not wasted by one that falls or receives too much sunlight and precipitation.

First, take note of the best way to hang your wreath (as mentioned above).

Second, keep your wreath out of direct sunlight and rain (or snow) if possible. First Day of Home suggests spraying them with WD-40 to protect your flowers. I have never tried this myself.

Third, keep your floral wreath clean with seasonal cleaning. Use a soft brush and silk plant treatment spray.

Last, (which probably should be first) not all silk flowers are meant to be put outside. Be sure to purchase wreaths that are not intended for inside your home if you plan on hanging them up outside.

How do you feel about floral wreaths for your front door? Which of these do you like the best? I would love to hear in the comments below how you choose wreaths for your home and how you take care of them. Do you have any other good tips for keeping your wreaths beautiful and welcoming?

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