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The ultimate guide to finding a white wreath

A white wreath is a beautiful decoration for the front door during the winter holiday season, but they also have many other uses. Actually, there are white wreaths for doors that are for all four seasons, and some that are for year round!

White wreaths can be used to celebrate new beginnings, weddings, or any time you want to bring in an element of simplicity and peace into your home.

In this blog post we’ll discuss why white is such a popular color choice for the holidays and how it’s often considered symbolic:

  • What does white signify?
  • What are some different types of wreaths you can buy?
  • We’ll also show you some great examples from around the web of gorgeous white wreaths that will inspire you!

What does the color white symbolize?

There are plenty of reasons that you could be buying a white wreath. But did you know the symbolism of the color white?

White is often considered symbolic of light, peace, and purity. It’s a color that easily speaks to our deepest desires for a new beginning or sense of simplicity in the home – many people use white wreaths as their go-to choice for Christmas decorating!

The color white can also symbolize cleanliness and healing.

White flowers can be used to represent feelings of love and happiness or devotion — thus, the color white is often associated with weddings.

This means that there are multiple occasions for you to be able to use the color white, and to be able to hang up a white wreath!

What are different types of wreaths you can buy?

There are never-ending options for the types of wreaths you can buy. Some simple examples of wreaths are:

Any of the types of wreaths mentioned above would look great white, or with small amounts of white on it. 

Now that you have an idea of the reasons for white wreaths for doors as well as the type of wreaths, it is time to look at some gorgeous white wreaths for any occasion!

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White Christmas wreaths

Some of the most popular wreaths are white Christmas wreaths. They will typically have red and green accents on them, such as pine cones or holly.

These come in both traditional and modern styles, so you can find one that fits your taste!

Traditional White Christmas Wreaths

A simple, solid white Canadian Pine artificial wreath is a great choice because you can keep it plain or add your own personal touch to it such as a bow or multicolored twinkle lights. It’s thick and full and a classic choice for your Christmas Wreath.

And if you are now thinking you would like a Christmas wreath with some color to it, then check out this article about shining bright this holiday season!

Here is a Christmas Wreath that would look great above your fireplace or hanging on the front door. It has twenty pre-lit, LED lights that give off a nice glow.

It’s adorned with ball ornaments and pinecones. Another traditional pick this Christmas season.

Another option is an elegant and yet festive white wreath that can take you right into the New Year. It’s very full and thick with pre lit lights.

This Christmas wreath just has that Victorian charm and will look beautiful anywhere in your home this Christmas season.

A wreath by Christopher Knight is another traditional Christmas wreath choice. You will absolutely love this artificial mixed-spruce wreath with its touches of glitter and white snow.

Anyone who sees it will start dreaming of a white Christmas!

How about an artificial white spruce wreath with frosted twinkle lights to hang on your front door?

It comes in a few different sizes. This is great depending on the size of your space and look you are going for this Christmas. Another classic Christmas wreath choice for your home this season.

A Silverado pine white wreath will make a statement as it really stands out hanging on the front door. It’s very lifelike and has snow flocking making it look even more realistic. 

Another great thing about this wreath is that it’s made in the USA!

You will adore this Christmas white wreath with pinecones and white holly. The pearl white almost gives off a radiance. It’s a wreath that you can love from the minute you open the box.

If you want a traditional Christmas wreath that is also unique, then this wreath with real cotton balls is a perfect choice. This wreath would fare better under a porch or inside because of the cotton.

However, overall, it is a great choice for that unique but traditional Christmas look.

white wreath on red background
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Modern white Christmas wreaths

This white goose feather wreath might not be from the golden goose, but, it is still pretty amazing. It’s great for Christmas and more unique than other Christmas wreaths.

It’s handmade by Zucker Feather products, a company that has been in business since 1872 and sells all cruelty-free feather products.

Another option is this felt leaf wreath. It’s a clean, modern design that would look great on your front door or in your home. The green and white truly compliment each other.

Adorned with white berries and grapevines, this Christmas front door wreath glistens like newly fallen snow and can carry you into the blossoms of the first spring. Keep one for yourself and give another as a gift.

Some white wreaths have more of an all-season feel to them. This is one of those wreaths. Obviously, you can add your own touches to make it more Christmasy but it works well as it is for a home with modern or contemporary style.  

This wreath is truly a classy and elegant choice.

17 white wreath ideas for weddings

White is associated with purity because the entire spectrum is functioning in unity. White is a healing color. White is appropriate for weddings because the unity of male and female symbolizes the unity of allness.

Tae Yun Kim

From peonies to hearts and bohemian flare, here come the top white wreath choices for your special day.

This white front door wreath would be lovely for a Bridal Shower.  Because this wreath is a smaller size, it can also double as the centerpieces on the tables with a mason jar or hurricane lamp in the center. 

In case you need more small wreaths for your special day, this article has some great ideas!

Learn more

Nothing says love more on your wedding day than a heart shaped floral wreath. This wreath is elegant with the touches of pearls and the life-like rose petals. 

A truly romantic wreath to hang on a door or anywhere some extra romantic touches are needed.

Learn more

Another heart shaped wreath option is this gorgeous piece. The leaves and roses are made from silk with a base made from twig rattan.

This white wreath can be hung practically anywhere for the special day whether it’s on a door, wall or even the wedding car.

Learn more

A third heart-shaped wreath has a very country feel to it. This white wreath has artificial pip berries and a natural grapevine base.

The heart shaped white wreath also comes scented and has a vintage touch to it.

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This is a nearly natural wreath because it looks so incredibly real. It’s also handmade with a mixture of peonies and hydrangea silk flowers.

Peonies are a great accent for weddings too because they generally mean prosperity, love, honor, and good fortune. Speaking of meanings behind flowers, this article about dried floral wreaths can give you different flower options besides peonies.

Learn more

The more whimsical peony wreath is a beautifully delicate piece that’ll look great in any space.

The white flowers act as accents, not central focal points of this wreath design; it has an airy feel with its curves and flowing lines- perfect for making rooms or front doors pop!

Learn more

For those who want a one-of-a kind wreath, Olivachel has you covered. This handmade grapevine base and leafy stem features white peonies as well as an assortment of light color flowers.

A more elegant peony wreath that is very simple and clean would make an excellent decoration from the bridal shower to your wedding.

Learn more

If you need a smaller peony white wreath for your special day, then this is a stand out choice because you can purchase multiples to adorn the space.

The 15-inch WangLaap wreath would be perfectly at home with Farmhouse and Cottage styles.

Learn more

The material on this wreath is so silky that it gives the impression of real white peonies and leaves. It’s also a smaller option making it great to purchase multiples and really make your wedding venue pop.

Each delicate flower on this white fabric was handcrafted with care, while its brown accents provide an earthy feel that will be sure not go unnoticed in any setting!

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This white wreath really tells people that there are two free-spirited souls joining as one at this wedding because of the wreath’s bohemian vibe. It would be lovely at a beach wedding too. 

This white wreath is also super trendy as it’s all natural. So if you want to be earthy and trendy on your special day, then this is a great option for you.

Learn more

A second white wreath that has that same free-spirit feeling to it is this grapevine wreath with cherry blossom.

The way everything on the wreath flows just gives it that earthy, whimsy, go-with-the-wind appearance.

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Hoop wreaths can be a great backdrop at a wedding. They come in a set of three white wreaths that will make a beautiful accent on your special day.

This floral hoop wreath is the perfect way to reflect your positive attitude and fill your event with joy and laughter! It has a high-quality brass metal wire, which looks realistic thanks to the hemp rope and artificial willow leaves as well the white hydrangea in there too.

Learn more

Magnolias are a nice soft choice for a white wedding wreath.

The magnolia flower itself is a symbol of the beauty that surrounds femininity. It’s a very clean looking wreath without looking too overpowering.

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Here comes the wreath! This is the ultimate wedding wreath as it comes with a beautiful adjustable white veil and has roses and hydrangea embellishments.

It’s all handmade making it a very special piece for a very special day and the veil can be adjusted to size you need.

Learn more

Mommy Kim Style also has this option with a veil.

Again, adjustments to the veil and flowers can be made to perfectly fit your vision for your special day whether it’s for the wedding, engagement party or bridal shower.

Learn more

“There is no greater happiness for a man than approaching a door at the end of a day knowing someone on the other side of that door is waiting for the sound of his footsteps.” Ronald Reagan. 

So why not have that door adorned with a beautiful star shaped country wreath with white flowers starting on the day you get married? All stars lead you somewhere and this one will lead guests to a lifetime of memories on a couple’s special day.

Learn more

You will be very pleased with this white amaryllis wreath from the Nearly Natural Store. It’s all flowers on a base and just looks so dainty. 

Amaryllis is derived from the Greek word, “to sparkle.” Isn’t that what every bride wants on her special day? So from the flower wreath to the bride, everything can sparkle on the special day.

Learn more

Other white wreaths for front doors

A unique white wreath front door option is this white bean and green leaf wreath. It’s simple and yet charming and makes a great wreath for any season or many different occasions.

Another distinctive wreath is this woven wreath that looks perfectly weathered. The realistic looking moss peaks out from different parts of the wreath. This is like no other wreath you will purchase.

White pumpkins are a different choice for a fall wreath that steers away from the classic orange. The white pumpkins for some reason remind me of the perfect choice to turn into Cinderella’s carriage. It just has that fairytale feeling to it and especially with the lamb’s ear adornment. A nice option.

Frosty the Snowman came from the North Pole. However, this Frosty can be proudly displayed on anyones front door and it will never melt because it’s made of white mesh! This cute smiley frosty face will make any cold winter day feel warm and cheery.

Final thoughts on a white wreath

White wreaths are perfect for so many occasions and so many seasons. A white wreath can hang on the front door or displayed on a wall within a home. They can be used in wedding ceremonies or to welcome winter’s first cool breath and flakes of snow. 

White symbolizes so much too from purity to innocence. The question now is, which white wreath is perfect for you?

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