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Modern Farmhouse Front Door Vs Country Farmhouse Front Door (and everything in between!)

Whether you have an old house that you are updating to provide modern comfort or have a new house that you want to fit into the surrounding landscape, this post on farmhouse front doors is for you.  

If you are confused about the difference between modern farmhouse front doors and country farmhouse front doors or if you are wondering what color best suits the farmhouse aesthetic, keep reading. 

When I was young, I would watch the Waltons and dream of living in a large farmhouse with a big front porch someday.  While I didn’t get my porch, I did buy a farm that had been loved and worked by generations of farmers devoted to the land and their families.

The rose colored glass given us by 70’s drama neglected to show the inconveniences I bought when I purchased this home.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it and felt as if I belonged the second the keys were in our hands, but it has it’s challenges ummm charm.

We soon discovered that the little insulation that was originally put in was useless and wind seemed to leak into every wall.  The floor is slanted, they clearly didn’t need a lot of outlets in the day, no two doors are the same size (and most of them don’t stay closed without a hard pull) and plaster is a pain to hang things on.

But I was happy.  I was home and all that stuff couldn’t take away from owning a true farmhouse.  One that had birthed babies (and a fair share of animal babies as well); one that had a history of weathered hands folding for grace before the evening meal, the air filled with fresh baked bread and the rooster giving his last call to tell the hens to come in for the night.  

My mind was focused on hay fields blowing in the wind and the glorious sunrise I am gifted outside my dining room window every morning.  There is something about farmhouses that give us history, purpose, a testament of a tough breed of men and women facing the elements and carving a life out of the land with nothing but sweat and tears.

Well, I could go on and on about my home, but that is not why you are here.  Let’s jump into what it means to have a farmhouse style home and the choices that are available to you.  We are also going to take a good look at what it means to have a modern farmhouse and you can decide if that is the look for you.

farmhouse front door

What is farmhouse style?

Farmhouse style is more of a feeling, a vibe, than a list of actual hardcore rules on design.  You will find that like any other style in the design world, you can go off in any different direction you want.  

Do you want your farmhouse to be modern?  Done.  Coastal?  Done.  Traditional?  Done.  

As long as your farmhouse has a few interior and exterior details, the sky’s the limit.  

Repurposed pieces

Repurpose is the name of the game: remember that most farmers were not wealthy; they couldn’t simply buy whatever they wanted and therefore made do in charming ways.  When decorating for a farmhouse look, be sure to use vintage looking pieces or clean up a few relics that have been forgotten in someone’s barn.

Welcoming vibe

Farmhouse screams inviting: You want your family and guests to feel right at home, comfortable, and unreserved. 

From large wooden tables to deep kitchen sinks, you want people to sit and chat while you cook, invite themselves to stay for dinner (well, maybe you don’t want this one), and keep an atmosphere that is light and cheery.

Simple lines

Originally, farmhouses were built in rectangles with simple rooflines and gables in 45 degree angles.  This made it easy for them to add onto the home as the family grew.  Modern farmhouses keep to this same design but often have a few additional exterior architectural details.

Natural light

Natural light is a must: whether you are going modern or not, a lot of windows bringing the outside in is what you are looking for.

Simple landscape

For country charm, colorful flowers surround the home and vegetable garden.  For a modern look, shrubs and manicured landscaping are perfect.

Front porch

A front porch is a wonderful way to entertain guests, relax as a family, or take a break after a long morning.  Whether your porch simply frames your farmhouse style front door or extends the length of the house, make sure it is roomy enough for a rocking chair or two.

What is a Farmhouse front door?

Let’s talk specifically about doors now!  What do you want in your farmhouse front door?  Whether modern or rustic is your jam, the curb appeal your door brings will make you smile for years to come.

I do want to point out one thing before we continue.  This post is not about sliding barn doors.  While those are perfect for country charm and all the rage right now, they are for interior doors.  This article is about farmhouse front doors.

Farmhouse front doors are very simple.  They have straight lines, panels, and small glass window pains.  Originally, that were made by hand with little detail.

They can be a variety of colors with the most popular being white, blue, and red.  Because white is a popular color for farmhouses, the color of the door is something fun that can be experimented with.

Staining the wood rather than painting it also gives your home beautiful curb appeal.

How do you make the exterior of your house look like a farmhouse?

For a traditional farmhouse look, you want simple.  Rectangular shaped with a 45 degree gabled roof.  Shutters add a lot to the exterior of your home as well as a porch.

For lighting, going with a “barn” feel is all the rage.  Whether it be coach lighting or barn style lamps, the heavy black bases will add a touch of yesteryear.  

Modern farmhouse exterior tends to take the basic design and vamp it up adding more gables with different pitches and experimenting beyond the traditional white paint.  Blue is a popular color for modern farmhouses.

Farmhouse front door style infographic

Farmhouse front door

Ok, let’s jump into some farmhouse doors.  While the options for the kind of door we are looking for are endless, I narrowed it down to 6.  These all have a very simple design and are easy to hang.  They will give the appeal we are after with plenty of variety for you to add your own personal touch.

This Feather River Door has a craftsman feel to it with the heavy wood color.  The simple panels and glass are perfect for any farmhouse, modern or country.

Craftsman Stained Chestnut Mahogany fiberglass door

An important design aspect of farmhouses is the lighting.  An abundance of natural light is a must and this door made by Steves and Sons will fill your entry with sunlight.  It comes in two stain colors: chestnut and autumn wheat.

This beautiful door is made of knotty alder giving it a character all of its own.  It comes in two sizes (36×80 and 36×96).  I love that it is beautiful wood and yet has a good portion of windows. 

It also comes in a variety of stains: black, clear, gray, provincial, red chestnut, red mahogany, and unfinished (which

Knotty pine farmhouse front door

If you are looking for inexpensive, but don’t want to lose the charm, check out this Jeld-Wen steel door.  It is energy efficient and comes in two sizes (32×80 and 36×80).  It is already primed, giving you the option of painting it any color you want (remember that blue color that is all the rage with farmhouses right now?).


Steel Farmhouse front door with glass panes

Purchase an old fashioned door handle and you have yourself a beautiful front door with the aesthetic you are going for!

I love the decorative glass on this next one!  If you want to add a little more detail to your front door, this door from Builders Choice is a good choice.

While we are leaning away from the traditional farmhouse look, the design remains in line with an overall farmhouse feel and will add a lot of appeal to your front porch. It only comes in one size (36×80) and unfinished. It is made of fir wood, which would be beautiful with a clear stain, or you can make more of a statement with deeper stain.

Builders Choice decorative front door

Another good option for a farmhouse door is a shaker style door.  This beautiful five panel door will provide you privacy with no window and add a lot of interest to your front porch.

It comes in two sizes (36×80 and 32×0) and is unfinished, giving you the option of painting is an impactful color.

shaker style front door

Farmhouse double doors

For even more of a statement, you can’t go wrong with double doors.  I don’t mean the old dutch doors (which you can still get, keep reading!) but these beautiful double doors.  If you have a large porch or a large foyer, why not step it up a notch with a double door?  Here are a few of my favorites.

Krosswood Doors double entry doors in knotty pine present a simple design with a lot of windows for that must-have natural light.  It comes in two sizes (72×80 and 72×96) and in a variety of stain choices: clear, provincial, red chestnut, red mahogany, and unfinished.

Krosswood Doors double entry doors with glass panes

For more architectural detail and more privacy, this Krosswood door, below, is made of the same knotty alder.  It comes in two sizes (72×80 and 72×96) and in a nice variety of finishes: black, clear, gray, provincial, red chestnut, red mahogany, and unfinished.

Knotty alder wood front doors

Dutch doors

A fun variety we have to play with when choosing a farmhouse door is dutch doors.  This design was originally used to let fresh air and sunshine in while keeping farm animals out.

If you are in a country setting, you might still use it for this purpose, but many people today find it helpful for keeping toddlers and small dogs inside while still enjoying the outside.

This might not be a good look for a modern farmhouse, but hey, if you like it, go for it!

This dutch door from Jeld-Wen comes in three sizes (30×80, 32×80, 36×80) and splits half way.  It has a window on the top and is solid wood on the bottom.  It is unfinished, so again, it gives you a lot of opportunity to stain or paint it exactly how you want it.

Dutch door for exterior doors

This second Dutch door from Jeld Wen is the same as the one I just mentioned with the exception of it does not have a window.  The top can still swing open independent of the bottom, but is made of solid wood.

It comes in two sizes (32×80 and 36×80).

Final thoughts on a farmhouse front door

How are you feeling about your farmhouse front door? Have you found one you like? I’d love for you to share your thoughts in the comments below. And be sure to check out these posts for great wreaths to decorate your new door!

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