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Easter door decorations can range from cute and whimsical to rustic and natural, but what these products all have in common is a sense of fun and the soothing colors of spring.

When should Easter door decorations go up?

When people ask this question, my standard answer is another question: What works best for you? As a member of the last class of Baby Boomers, I grew up in what seems like the last generation to strictly follow social protocols. 

Although I always have a pull to follow rules, I’m rebellious enough to do what suits me – without straying too outside the norm. Remember when we couldn’t wear white pants or white shoes after Labor Day? I bought a pair of corduroy pants in Winter White and proudly wore them to school. To this day, those remain in my memory as a favorite pair of pants!

If you want a rule of thumb to follow, here are some things to consider.

If you are a stickler for social rules, then you can start decorating the first day of spring. In the northern Hemisphere, spring is always in March and occurs on the spring equinox, which is usually the 19th, 20th, or 21st of the month. 

Spring begins when the sun crosses the equator line, thus heading north in the sky. “This event marks the start of spring in the northern half of the globe,” according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac. “After this date, the Northern Hemisphere begins to be tilted more toward the Sun, resulting in increasing daylight hours and warming temperatures.”

If you are a religious person, you might consider putting up decorations after Lent. A lot of people start decorating the weekend after Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of Lent and falls six weeks before Easter. The season of Lent is observed by Catholics, Anglicans, and many denominations in Reformed churches.

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Easter door decorations

How do I decorate my front door for Easter?

Think of your front door as the canvas on which you are going to paint a scene. Characteristics of a good painting consists of a focal point, colors, and composition. 

We use a focal point to draw the eye toward a certain point on the canvas. In our case, it’s your front door or what might be on your front door, such as wreaths. Then, consider colors.

All good paintings have layers of color to create a sense of atmosphere or space. In the case of decor, you want to set the mood as well as match your decor style. Composition is bringing the elements together in an organizational scheme. Composition brings the decor to life and tells a story.

Amy of @always_amy_ on Instagram loves do-it-yourself projects, and she also loves to teach others how to DIY on her website Always Amy. Her 2020 Easter front door decor beautifully illustrates the idea of turning your front entrance into a storybook painting.

This welcoming front porch brings our eyes upward to the front door wreath that we think metaphorically represents the sun or the rebirth of the spring season. Down below are little vignettes that remind us of a cheerful meadow with bright pops of sun kissed flowers and bunnies nestled in soft meadow grass taking a lazy afternoon nap.

We’ve put together a list of elements you can use to create your perfect front door Easter painting. If you’re new to decorating, start with little steps, such as an Easter wreath.

Rustic Easter door wreaths

Burlap wreath with dried flowers, Easter eggs, and carrots is 22 inches in diameter. Once it arrives, you might need to fluff it up a bit.


This rustic cross wreath is handmade and made to order by Pink Door Wreaths, which means you can specify some choices, such as colors.

Easter themed wreaths

Click on the photos below to see more information on these wreaths featuring bunnies, spring faux flowers, and Easter eggs

Easter wreaths you can keep on your front door all spring long

Floral wreaths have a universal appeal and make for great front door decor that can be used during the whole spring season. Some are even appropriate for a summer look. Click on a photo to learn more about these wreaths.

Front door mats for the Easter season

Aren’t door mats wonderful! I love to change mine out frequently. Do you remember mood rings? Well, think of my front door mats as the mood ring for my house! I try to limit myself, but I literally enjoy changing these out every new season and sometimes twice in the summer!

Thankfully, there are plenty of choices of front door mats that are inexpensive and of good quality, like these six choices we curated especially for those of you who love Easter and all the cuteness and blessings that go with it!

Outdoor planters that match your Easter decor

Now that we’ve selected a wreath and themed door mat, let’s finish off our Easter front door ensemble with outdoor planters.

With outdoor planters for spring and Easter, you can go with bright, cheerful colors or the more subdued pastels of spring. Bunnies aren’t just for Easter. A bunny planter is a welcome addition to any spring porch. We narrowed down the choices to start you off. Click on a photo to learn more and see other products.

How can I decorate my yard for Easter?

Think of your yard or landscaped areas near your front entrance as being part of the overall curb appeal that ends with your lovely front door entrance. It’s all part of the Welcoming appeal of your home. 

You have a few things to consider for yard decorations, including placement and size. Think of your outdoor decor from the viewpoint of others. What will people see when they walk or drive by? Will they have to strain their eyes to see your decor?

If your house is set back into a generously sized lawn, you really have to consider the size and placement of yard decorations. 

Smaller pieces of yard decor, such as garden signs, can be used as a greeting for visitors or for yourself. Admittedly, most of my front door decor and yard decorations are there because I love them. I love seeing them each and every time I walk in and out of my house.

In our product recommendations, below, we give you a sense of what each category of yard decor can help you achieve.

6 Easter yard decorations that inflate

Say what you will about yard inflatables, but surely we can agree that they are fun, even if supersized! 

Coming in big and cute, these Easter inflatables will charm neighborhood children and put a smile on the face of even the local curmudgeon. But they won’t make it into the Guinness Book of World Records for the biggest Easter decor.

The record for the world’s largest decorated Easter egg goes to the Visitor’s Association of Pomerode, Santa Catarina, Brazil. The egg measures 49 feet and 3 inches tall. The town, known for its German roots, can also boast the world’s largest Easter egg tree, which has 82,404 painted hen eggs!

But do they have this lineup of adorable inflatable yard decorations for Easter!

Front door Easter banners

We found two front door Happy Easter banners with messages easy to read, even from a distance. With front door banners, there will be no doubt that you are wishing everyone, even strangers, a happy holiday. 

These two banners come with poles and rope to hang from the top and secure from the bottom. You don’t have to worry about them getting tangled in the wind. They are also fade resistant and made with durable fabric perfect for outdoor decor.

Decorate your yard with signs for Easter

With yard signs, you have to consider where you want to place the signs. Smaller yard signs need to be closer to your front door. We intersperse smaller yard signs and decorative metal shapes in our front garden area between plants. You may not be able to read the signs from the street, but the decorations are colorful enough to add to the overall ambiance of our outdoor Easter decor. 

We also like to place Easter yard decorations around the path that leads to our front door. For us, the more cheerful and colorful the decor, the better. Easter is a time for celebration. 

These happy little Easter yard signs come in a set of nine signs in varying sizes, with the tallest being 16 inches. Another set of colorful Easter yard signs comes in a set of 14 pieces with the tallest being just over 16 inches.


Although these bunnies don’t come with an Easter message, we think they get their point across. This Easter duo is made in the USA of all-weather, pure white plastic polymer (pvc) and stands up to 43 inches tall.

We love this whimsical pair of bunny yard signs. They are each holding a Welcome carrot!

Easter garden flags you’ll love – H3

We recommend AVOIN colorlife for garden signs that are cute, beautiful, and durable. Their rustic style, all-weather flags are machine washable, fade and mildew resistant, and durable. Here are a few of our favorites. Just click the photo to learn more. If you don’t already have a garden flag pole, you can pick up an Avoin pole like the one pictured below with the flags.

6 of the cutest Easter garden statues

Garden statues can add an almost storybook quality to your landscaped areas around the front door. Let’s see what story you can come up with using this dapper ensemble of bunnies and friends. Click on the photos below to learn more.

Do you have Easter decorations that have been handed down to you? Those stories are so precious and we’d love to hear yours! Tell us in the comments. 

Tell us too about how you like to decorate your front door for Easter!

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