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A contemporary front door wreath harmonizes with a broad range of home styles, including farmhouse, mid- century modern, country, and coastal. A go-to contemporary style wreath will feature natural elements, such as greenery and sometimes, small floral accents, either in dried or silk flowers.

The key elements of contemporary style

Let’s start at the beginning. The one characteristic that lays the foundation of contemporary style is simplicity. After that, we can add on other features that complement our personal flair.

Contemporary design borrows from other styles like modernism (think mid-century modern) and postmodernism (think Frank Lloyd Wright). Unlike these styles, however, contemporary design is always changing. 

By definition, contemporary corresponds to the trends of the day.  But knowing this doesn’t necessarily help us choose a contemporary front door wreath! 

So, here are a few other details to help you define and select the best contemporary wreath for your front door.

  • Subtle sophistication permeates the tableau of contemporary home decor.
  • It’s not cold. Contemporary style gives off a sense of serenity. 
  • Mix textures and materials.
  • For color, start neutral and bring in sparks of color. Grays, whites, and blacks are also popular. 

You could, for example, pair a large eucalyptus wreath with a black and white doormat.

To help you select the best contemporary front door wreath for your style, we’ve divided this guide into the different styles of contemporary wreaths: eucalyptus, greenery, lavender, floral, farmhouse, and seasonal.

Contemporary front door wreath with eucalyptus

If there were a contemporary front door wreath that was actually good for us, it’s the eucalyptus! Well, almost. Our picks are faux eucalyptus because the real thing is too perishable to hang on your front door for long. 

Eucalyptus is native to Australia, Tasmania, and other islands in the region. In Australia, eucalyptus is used for medicinal as well as fuel purposes. 

In the United States, we primarily know the tree, which has more than 600 species, for its health benefits and home decor.

Top 6 picks for a eucalyptus contemporary front door wreath

As with most wreaths, these items may need a little fluffing when you take one out of the box. Also, we should protect artificial wreaths from direct exposure to heavy rain.

Here are 6 eucalyptus wreaths that range in costs from below $50 to more than $100. They are also pictured below with a list of features.

A Farmhouse welcome

  • Large – 26 inches
  • You can replace the sign with one of your own.
  • Tip: Consider hot gluing the sign in place.

Big berries

  • 20-inches
  • Use as it or as a base to add other items.
  • Silk leaves and foam berries.

Flocked lambs ear

  • Large – 26 inches
  • Decorated with flocked lambs ears, eucalyptus and ivy leaves.
  • Comes in 4 styles.

Lemons and blueberries

  • Handmade.
  • UV resistant.
  • Main body of greenery is 18 inches but fluffs out to about 22 to 24 inches.

Magnolias and lemons

  • 2 sizes available.
  • Handcrafted in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Life like botanicals.
  • Highly rated for being worth the price.

Mardi Gras ready

  • Made to order by hand.
  • Available in 16, 20, and 24 inches.
  • Made with dried florals so this wreath is perishable.

Green front door wreaths for all seasons

When I use visualization techniques for stress reduction, the color green is always part of the scene. Most often, I’m sitting in a spring meadow taking in the colors and sounds of nature. 

Green is our color for renewal and restoration. On our front doors, a green wreath symbolizes a refreshing welcome. We invite others into a space of calm and serenity. Life is ordered and balanced here, or at least we strive for it to be!

Most prominently found in nature, the color green embodies rich foliage, lush greenery, and vast landscapes. This earthy hue is commonly associated with Mother Earth, which is why it’s thought to be calming and ubiquitous. Offering relaxation, green soothes with its gentle and peaceful undertones.

Green squelches chaos, making it a force to be reckoned with.

Jacob Olesen, Color Meanings

Top 5 picks for a green contemporary front door wreath

These six recommended wreaths emphasize greenery, but you could add on with flowers or bows. The prices range from $30 to $80.

A few things to keep in mind with all wreaths, no matter the price point.

  • You may have to fluff a little when it comes out of the box.
  • Sometimes, you may even have to glue on a piece that has fallen off.
  • Not all wreaths are UV resistant. In fact, most creators suggest that wreaths should be protected from sun and weather with an overhang.
Our favorite green wreath

Lambs Ear

The mom and daughters team at Idaho-based WildRidge design create some of the loveliest and best smelling wreaths. This scented Lambs Ear wreath is attached to a grapevine bed and abounds with greenery. Verified buyers have stated that the wreath is full and beautiful. Some customization is available.

Our favorite contemporary green wreath for summer

Luscious lemons

Lemons and lemon leaves are certainly some of the most luxurious and refreshing greens to be found. This well-liked wreath measures about 20 inches across, but don’t forget to do a little leaf fluffing! One buyer said, “Great product for the price! I hesitated to buy, but am extremely happy with my purchase! Makes my front door pop and perfect for summer!”.

Lots of choices in boxwood

The artificial boxwood wreath from the Pure Garden Store may win the award for Most Variety. You can purchase versions of this wreath in 10 sizes or styles, including square. Pictured here is the 19.5 inch round wreath.

Powerful and purple lavender

A member of the mint family, lavender has 47 species. It’s native to the Mediterrean region, but it can grow across the world. In the U.S., you can visit lavender farms from coast to coast.

As an herb, lavender is known for its calming properties and can be found in essential oils, cosmetics, teas, and even wine.

At Front Door Ideas, we love purple. Read more about the meanings behind a purple door!

Contemporary front door wreath with lavender

Lavender wreaths are popular, but high quality ones can be difficult to find. We’ve narrowed your search to these two wreaths that have stood the test of many reviewers. Some buyers recommend taking these out of the box and letting it “rest” (hang somewhere for a day or two) just to loosen up and fall in place.

6 fantastically floral contemporary wreaths

We tend to think that contemporary style means no big florals, but remember, contemporary by definition changes with the trends. For those of us who love flowers, it’s comforting to know that most home style trends incorporate floral in some way. 

Not only do these six floral wreaths fit contemporary style trends, but these are some of the highest rated of any wreaths.

The 22-inch dried floral Pink Grasslands wreath is handmade in the USA by The Gathering Garden, who has sold more than 1,100 wreaths online.

The 20-inch spring hydrangea wreath is also handmade, so expect slight variation in size. Here’s what Jennifer, who recently purchased the wreath, had to say, “Worth every penny! Lovely wreath. Right size for my front door. Happy, cheerful, inviting.”

The berries are bountiful in this green and lavender wreath that measures about 24 inches across and 5 to 7 inches deep. As with most wreaths, avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Sharon, who rated the wreath 5 stars, says:

“The wreath arrived today as promised. It is very vibrant and beautiful and looks amazing on our front door. Had bought a similar wreath a few years ago and this one is much prettier by far. Just will have to be careful not to fuss with it due to the fact that the styrofoam flowers/balls will fall off. A few came off during shipment, but no biggie. Showed my friends and now they want to purchase it also.”

There’s a reason we’re a fan of The Wreath Depot – they consistently produce high quality wreaths! Their wreaths also come in a sturdy storage box. We love the pops of yellows and dashes of blue in the midst of greenery in this 24-inch handcrafted silk wreath.

If you need a wreath to fit between a storm door and your front door, Wreath Depot has a gorgeous purple floral wreath that is about 4 to 5 inches deep. Sprigs of faux lavender and purple berries intertwine on a natural twig base. The wreath is approved for outdoor use, but protection from the weather is recommended. 

The Windsor Spring wreath features faux purple flower blossoms, purple berries, faux lavender blooms, and wispy pink silk flowers.  The Windsor is handcrafted on a grapevine wreath base with floral picks, not glue.

Choosing a contemporary front door wreath in Farmhouse style

Farmhouse style mixes the simplicity of contemporary design with the cozy vibe of country living. Farmhouse, in essence, is a tribute to historic America. 

According to the experts at Stillwater Architecture, today’s modern farmhouse has five characteristics that trace back to early American farmhouses.

  • Oversized doors and windows 
  • Light, simple interiors
  • Natural looking woodwork
  • Big, open kitchen
  • Large, covered porch

When choosing a wreath, look for one that exudes simplicity and clean lines. That doesn’t mean you can’t use a floral wreath for a Farmhouse front door. Plenty of floral wreaths have that natural vibe.

5 contemporary wreaths to put on your Farmhouse door

Any of the wreaths we recommended in this article will fit well with Farmhouse style. After all, Farmhouse is trending as one of the most popular contemporary home designs. But we rounded up three more wreath choices for you along with two metal signs.

Showcase the season with a contemporary front door wreath

Holidays are a great opportunity to refresh our front doors and have some fun with swapping out decor. Many of the wreaths in this guide will work wonderfully in any season, but it’s so much more fun to swap a wreath out every once in a while.

A scented bay leaf wreath with candy corn and berries adds a quiet touch of fall or Halloween

How about a festive eucalyptus wreath with 80 LED lights! A pip berry wreath takes on a holiday flair with this lighted wreath featuring red and white berries.

We love the simple sophistication of this White Christmas wreath with pops of red berries. Play up contemporary style with a metallic pearl white and silver berry wreath. Add glam and holiday spirit with red berries, reindeer, and iced pine needles.

The ultimate list: 30 of the best picks for a contemporary front door wreath

We hope you’ve enjoyed our ultimate guide to choosing the best contemporary front door wreath! For your convenience, we’re taking all of the wreaths mentioned in this article and placing them in a handy dandy list for you!

Eucalyptus wreaths

  1. A Farmhouse welcome
  2. Big berries
  3. Flocked lambs ear
  4. Lemons and blueberries
  5. Magnolias and lemons
  6. Mardi Gras ready

Greenery wreaths

  1. Lambs Ear
  2. Luscious lemons
  3. 19.5-inch boxwood
  4. 22-inch berry and ivy wreath
  5. 20-inch boxwood

Lavender wreaths

  1. 26-inch lavender wreath
  2. 24-inch lavender wreath

Floral wreaths

  1. Pink Grasslands wreath
  2. 20-inch hydrangea
  3. Bountiful berries wreath
  4. 24-inch handcrafted silk wreath
  5. 20-inch lavender blossom wreath
  6. 24-inch Windsor spring wreath

Farmhouse wreaths

  1. Rustic star wreath
  2. White pip berry wreath
  3. Lambs ear & buffalo plaid
  4. Vintage sunflower sign
  5. Wooden welcome sign

Holiday wreaths

  1. Scented bay leaf wreath
  2. Festive eucalyptus wreath
  3. Red and white pip berries
  4. Winter white Christmas
  5. Reindeer & red berries
  6. Pearl white and silver

We love hearing from you. Please share something with us about your contemporary style in the comments below!

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