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14 Basket Planter Ideas You’ll Love

Basket planter ideas are perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money purchasing new pots, or for those who have a pot and want to spice it up a bit. 

Basket planters can be made of natural fibers such as wicker or rattan or you can also find them made of plastic. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, so that you’re sure to find one that fits your space. 

Plus, they can be put anywhere! 

You can use them inside or outside your home, and even hang them from a tree if you’d so choose. 

You can purchase baskets that are ready for your plants, or you may already have a basket around your home to use.

basket planter with colorful flowers
To save money, you can repurpose an existing basket and make it waterproof. See our tips below.

Some great reasons to get a basket planter

There are some great reasons to get a basket planter as opposed to other types of planters:

  • Due to the ample choices available, basket planters suit any budget or style.
  • Baskets with handles make them easy to move, even when they are full of soil! 
  • Planter baskets are also great options for the elderly, as once they are placed where you want them, they are pretty low maintenance. 

My grandfather hangs planters for my grandma, who then simply waters them all summer. She is able to enjoy the beauty of her plants without having to extend much effort. 

A plus when it comes to using baskets as planters is that you can turn any of them into a water-tight container just by adding a plastic liner, which are inexpensive to come by. This allows baskets to work great for indoor spaces as well, as long as drainage isn’t necessary. 

There are plenty of options for baskets, and we’re not just talking about planters that need to be lined or filled with a potting mix before you put plants in them – there’s actual wicker and rattan baskets made specifically for planting!

The best part is that there are so many different types of baskets available – from flat woven ones perfect for succulents, to tall-handled sturdy baskets meant just for larger plants like palms. Most plants would thrive in a basket planter!

Can I repurpose a basket I already have as a planter?

Basket planters are an inexpensive way to add some extra color and interest to your space. It is possible and easy to make one yourself! 

Convert one of your existing baskets by adding a liner and drainage materials, such as packing peanuts, stones or wood chips. You could also make a planter out of other containers around your home such as a cement bucket, wooden box, plastic bin or ceramic pottery.

The best basket planters to use

Woven basket planters

This affordable woven basket planter is very well made and perfect for indoor use! 

It comes folded, but the company sends easy to understand instructions on how to reshape it to fit around your plant. It fits very well around medium sized pots, used specifically on an 11×11 pot. 

You will want to be careful to keep the woven material from getting wet, but thankfully this woven basket is big enough to place a dip pan or liner between the pot and actual planter basket.

This beautiful woven basket planter ships carefully packaged and folded, but once it has time to reshape itself it is the perfect choice for any home or office! 

There is plenty of room to add another drip pan besides the one it comes with should your plant require extra draining. Another plus is that it fits taller planters that other basket planters may not. Any plant you place in here will be happy!

These affordable woven planter baskets are a beautiful way to hide your potted plant. This specific planter basket is easy to adjust to size and can be rolled down to fit a smaller plant or kept as is. 

You will want to make sure to add a liner for drainage, thankfully there is plenty of room to do so! This  basket exceeded expectations! Due to the neutral coloring of the basket, whatever you place in or around this planter is sure to stand out.

This classic planter is a well made belly basket and perfect for 9”-11” pots. It is spacious enough to fit a drip pan on the bottom if using 9” or smaller planters. The handles are strong enough to be able to carry anywhere you decide to place it within your home or office. This basket is sure to make any space look elegant.

Hanging basket planters

This dual hanging basket planter brings a natural, earthy aesthetic to your home in a frugal way! It is lined and holds the structure very well for small to medium sized plants, making watering easy. Being two-tiered makes it the perfect unique piece, charming for anywhere you want to hang a plant.

This hand woven hanging basket planter comes with easy to follow instructions, which is always a plus! It comes lined but has enough room to add additional lining if so desired. It is unique yet simple enough that any home or office could find a place to hang it. This is a great buy, and even comes with a white gift bag to give to someone else should you want to do that.

A wire-frame hanging basket is an excellent way to showcase your plants and flowers while giving them the best possible growing conditions. We shopped around until we found two excellent choices for you (see below):

The set of 2 or 4 metal wire basket planters from the Toocmeuk store on Amazon comes in 3 sizes: 10 inches, 14 inches, or 16 inches. 

The basket planter sets include sturdy, powder-coated hooks and chains and coco fiber liners to hold soil and just the right amount of moisture for your plants and flowers. They are perfect containers to hang ferns!

From the Sorbus store comes this 4-pack of metal hanging baskets sized 14 inches by 14 inches. 

We love the scrolling pattern on the black, powder-coated metal, which is rust proof and weatherproof for all seasons.

For beautiful hanging options, you may want to consider decorative hanging hooks, such as the two we highlight below. In addition to planters, you can hang lanterns, wine chimes, or bird feeders.

This planter bracket with decorative scrolling is sturdy enough to hold up to 30 pounds and the larger bracket can hold a planter that is up to 14-inches in diameter. The heavy-duty metal has been treated to prevent rusting and to stand up to weather conditions.

We found this second option in case you want something simpler, as compared to decorative scrolling.

It comes in black or white. These are smaller planter brackets and only extend 6 inches.

Basket planter options for walls

However, you can find a basket planter for walls in almost any style you can imagine, even some very unique options, which we include in our collection of 6 wall planter baskets featured here.

We start with three choices from the Antique Farm House, one of our favorite online stores for home decor. You may have seen this beautiful store advertised in magazines like Country Living, Woman’s Day, or The Cottage Journal.

The Antique Farm House, which was established in 2011, features upscale but affordable home decor and gifts in limited qualities. So, if you see something you like, grab it while you can. If one of the products we list becomes unavailable, please be sure to let us know!

The Willow Hanging Basket is a stunning example of organic design. The weave and quality construction make this piece an unbelievable addition to any space, from the living room or bedroom as or the front door – it will work no matter what setting you place it in! 

For a Farmhouse or Cottage look, fill it with a serene bundle of cotton or dreamy hydrangeas.

These beautiful Wall Basket planters can be filled with greenery or a faux bouquet to add farm charm and natural color. They’re the perfect way to create an old-world aesthetic in your space!

The Iron Bike Wall Decor with a basket planter is perfect for any interior decorator who wants to add the element of uniqueness. Imagine your guests’ delight when they see this bike! Place some plants in its basket or other accents if you’re looking to dress up this great piece on your wall.

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up any room, then this Lawei set of 2 hanging baskets are perfect. The attractive Jute woven design and natural material make them both functional as well as stylish!

The two hanging baskets are not your average style. These natural pieces have a vintage feel that will fit into any home decorating scheme seamlessly, with handles built right in!

Hanging Plant Baskets: What’s not to love? These Farmhouse rustic set of two hanging wall baskets come in a gray washed color or painted white and they’re perfect for adding plants or flowers into your home. They also include an interior liner that makes it easy!

a hanging basket planter in natural woven materials

Basket planter alternatives

A “basket planter” as a category of planting pots can mean different things to different people. For that reason, we’ve included planters and pots that are in the basket style or shape.

Ceramic planter baskets

This is the perfect outside ceramic planter for smaller plants or succulents! It is very well made and even has the option of securing the bottom planter so that it does not fall when it is hung. 

This planter comes with drainage holes making it so that water easily flows through. The colors of the plant beautifully pop against the ceramic planter coloring.

This ceramic planter would work perfectly inside or outside if you have a way to drain it, as it does not come with a drainage hole. It is deep and has a wonderful holder to help it stand upright.

The company was very careful about how they packaged this ceramic basket planter to make sure it arrived safely. It is perfect for Mid Century Modern design.

For more Mid Century Modern decor, check out A Mid Century Planter in 43 Incredible Choices or the Ultimate Modern Planter Guide: Top 33 Picks for the Home.

These cute ceramic basket planters are perfect for indoor use for really anything you would want to plant! This specific planter works perfect for hanging over the kitchen sink or any other area you may want to decorate in your home or office!

This beautiful bright blue planter is made using excellent quality stoneware. The pottery is reminiscent of something you would find in Europe. Perfect for the plants that need to stay moist, as it does not have a drainage hole, but even if you wanted to plant something that needed to be drained (such as a succulent) it is easy to add a hole to this pot.

Wooden planters

These beautiful handmade basket planters are made of real wood and smell great. They are a manageable weight and easy to move where you would want them. These wooden planters work perfect for smaller outside areas such as a patio and come with a drainage hole already drilled.

This set of two wooden planters is great for indoor or outdoor plants. It is made by a small business who knows how to add beautiful craftsmanship to their pieces. This wooden planter is left wide at the bottom, leaving room for plants to grow.

This sweet wooden basket planter is perfect for your dachshund loving needs! It is perfect to either plant your plants right into or to use smaller (6” seems to work best) pots inside. It would be very charming either inside or outside your home!

Cement planters

This cement planter comes in multiple sizes making it perfect for any home, office, or outdoor space you may be trying to decorate. It includes a package of clay pebbles to help you fill when you are planting. The design is of an old world aesthetic, looking like it was woven with the actual cement.

This sturdy cement planter comes with a rubber plug, allowing you to decide if you would rather use it indoors or outdoors. It’s the perfect size for larger plants or small trees. This is a very durable cement basket planter and will last a good long while!

This basic cement planter would look great in any home or office with its simple clean look. Though this planter is made of cement it is not overly heavy and easily able to be used both inside and outside.

This cement planter comes with character! Pick from three different matte colors and set in your home or office for the perfect conversation piece. The Potey company, which makes this planter, is well known for including good drainage materials in their planters. The size of this planter is perfect for three to four inch plants.

Planter accessories

Planter liners

These trough planter liners are made to be very consistent and to hold up well. They keep their new-looking appearance months after they have been used. These planter liners fit perfectly in the 24-inch baskets and do well to keep flowers and plants moist.

These well priced liners are available in two sizes to fit most round wire planter baskets. They are sturdy enough to hold shape and work well to keep water and soil in the plant as to not make a mess when you water.

Hanging basket planter stands

This hanging basket planter stand is cute and welcoming. It comes with adjustable feet in case the area you choose to place it is uneven. Its quick assembly and lightweight frame allow you to move it without hassle. The stand works for bigger or smaller plants.

This shepherd’s hook for hanging plant baskets is strong and easily placed into the ground. It is reasonably priced and quality made. These also work perfect for bird feeders or bird houses. Using a shepherd’s hook keeps plants high enough off of the ground so that animals cannot meddle in your precious plants.

These versatile 24-inch chains work well for anything around your yard you may want to hang from planter baskets to bird feeders or houses. They are strong and are able to hold up well to heavy plants hanging from them.

Final thoughts on basket planters

In conclusion, basket planters are versatile with many different styles available. You can easily turn a basket you already have into a planter or you can buy one that is ready to use for plants! 

We hope this article has given you some ideas on how you might want to repurpose your old basket or find a new one that will work well for your space. 

If we’ve inspired you with these tips, please share our blog post with friends and family who love gardening too!

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