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Amazing Cross Wreaths for Every Time of Year

You’ve heard of wreaths for every holiday and every occasion, but what about cross wreaths?  They are beautiful on their own, but the symbolism they provide will make your home feel welcoming and “complete.”

Cross wreaths are the perfect way to celebrate any season or holiday while also sharing your faith with others. After all, your home is an expression of yourself.  It is full of items that reflect your interests, personalities, and likes.  Wreaths are no different.

Which cross wreath works best for your front door?  Are there cross wreaths for various seasons and holidays?  Can I get a cross wreath in my favorite color?  If you are looking for the perfect wreath to adorn your front door, then this post is for you.

What are the best times to hang cross wreaths? 

I think Easter springs to mind when people are considering a cross wreath, but any time is really the best time to hang one.  If you like it, hang it!  

However, I write this knowing that you are most likely looking for a cross wreath for a specific reason. Maybe you want to add the true meaning of Christmas to your decorations. Or perhaps you would like to show off a beautiful Easter decoration. There are many times where it is extra special to hang up a cross wreath, such as:

Advent – Leading up to Christmas Eve, this is an appropriate time of year to display it outside. It’s also a good idea to have one inside as well. You can use purple or red with the crosses.

Christmas – This is a perfect time to hang it up outside or inside. If you have one of those beautiful cross wreaths with red berries on them then that would be the best decoration for your tree during this season.

Easter-Is a wonderful time to display these decorations outside and inside as the cross is what the holiday is all about!

Now that you know the best times to be hanging up your cross wreaths, what are the best ones?

cross wreaths

Cross Wreath Ideas

The variety of cross wreath ideas is endless. If natural is your jive, then the beautiful grapevine cross wreaths in the first category are for you! They give a bit of a rustic look that is perfect for farmhouses, traditional houses, or pretty much whatever your style is (because who said you have to stick to a style??)

Some people prefer signs or flags with a cross so we included them also. They aren’t exactly a wreath, but I wanted to give you a good idea of the many, many options available to you.

I’ve also created categories for Easter, Christmas, and the Fourth of July. If you do not see what you are looking for in one category, be sure to keep scrolling! There is such a lovely variety here, I am sure you are going to find the perfect cross wreath for your front door.

Grapevine Cross Wreaths

Now, onto grapevine cross wreaths!

Measuring approximately 16”, this beautiful handmade Easter cross wreath, see below, is a perfect blend of cream lilies and brown bow next to a wooden cross. The green leaves and grapevine wreath give the wreath a natural look.

The white veil added on the cross pops and matches with the white lilies. The veil is a reminder that Jesus Christ is no longer on the Cross, He has risen and left his robe in the tomb where he died.

This wreath does a fabulous job of telling the Easter story to everyone who sees it. It reminds your guests about the true meaning of Easter. The Easter wreath makes a lovely addition to your farmhouse chic or modern rustic chic décor.

Very similar but slightly different is this wreath, below. The pale yellow flowers are simply lovely and the garland is perfect to highlight the cross without overpowering it. It is 15 inches tall, making it a good size for any door.

One more variation and I must confess this is my favorite because of the purple! It is a little smaller at 13 inches so still good for a door, but also as an indoor decoration (it would be great over a fireplace!)

For another rustic cross wreath, check out this one. It uses chicken wire to give it that farmhouse look with a collection of beautiful spring flowers and greenery. This one is so eye-catching, I would leave it up all spring and summer! (I think Etsy may have the best collection of cross wreaths I’ve seen anywhere! You will find them throughout this post. I am in awe of the talented creators.)

Easter Cross Wreaths and Door Hangers

Are you ready for some Easter-specific wreaths and door hangers? Again, we are going for variety here and you will see that some are elegant, some are simple, but they all carry the same message.

You will be proud to display this 25-inch wooden Easter door hanger on your front door. The meaningful design includes the thorn crown which was placed on Jesus’ head on the cross during His crucifixion while the words “He is risen” bring us joy because Jesus is no longer on the cross but is alive.

The high quality, durable and sturdy door hanger can be placed inside your home on the wall, door, or windows during Easter or outdoors. You can add the cross to an Easter wreath and place it on your front door to share your faith with those who come to your home. 

This colorful cross front door hanger is a great way to express your faith in God. The blue cross pops against the whiteboard while the purple and white flowers feel like the icing on the cake of a truly beautiful hanger.  

The door hanger combines the true meaning of Easter which is all about Jesus’ resurrection with the words “He is risen” while welcoming spring to your home with vibrant flowers and colors.

You can hang the sign indoors or outdoors as it’s made of PVC material which is strong and resistant to harsh weather. This sign makes a great gift during Easter, spring, or as a housewarming gift.

Another beautiful cross wreath, this one says Easter at first glance! Adorned with colorful eggs and cherry garland, it is a perfect way to make your guests feel instantly welcome. It is 11 inches tall so might not make as bold of a statement as some of these other wreaths, but it is more versatile at this size (especially for an apartment or condo door).

If you are looking for a large beautiful wreath, this is the one for you! It proclaims “he has risen” with both text and all of the elements we love about Easter. The white lilies and purple roses and wildflowers make this wreath a perfect statement for any front door.

It is a good size for a door wreath too, standing at 28 inches tall and 24 inches wide. Not only will visitors be blessed, but also those who are simply passing by (everyone looks at outside decor like I do, right?).

This simple cross door hanger has a unique twine twirling around the perpendicular part of the cross which leads up to the crown of thorns. The purple ribbon and sprig of spring flowers complete the design. It is 14 inches tall and 10 inches wide.

If flowers are not your thing, we have cross wreaths that fit your style as well. This wreath, below, is made of pink and white burlap. It is the kind of wreath that you could leave up all year round.

It is the biggest one we’ve listed so far at 34 inches tall and 25 inches wide. The seller makes a point to say that it is not bulky and can fit between a door and the screen/storm door. This is good to know as no one wants to squish their wreath!

If you’re a cross collector, then this is a must-have, see below, for your wall. It’s very unique and will definitely get the admiration of your guests. You can put it up on your wall or front door.

It’s also a great idea to put this inside a contemporary wreath to make it more beautiful and appealing. This can also work as a gift to your church during Easter.

Following is a lovely Easter Cross door hanger! You’ll appreciate the sunshine rays behind the cross, the Bible, and white gorgeous flowers all in a beautiful church building.

Easter Flags with a Cross

These Easter flags are another great way to share your faith and celebrate the season.

Garden flags are an impressive way to welcome guests to your home during Easter. The rising sun on the flag perfectly matches the words “He is risen.” The wooden cross with the thorn crown and purple robe is a true reflection of the resurrection of Jesus. The white flowers add to the beauty of the Easter story.

The high-quality Easter flag is washable and durable outside during different weather conditions.  You’ll certainly gain the admiration of your neighbors and passersby alike when you put the flag in your garden or front yard.

You’ll truly love and appreciate this garden flag from Toland Home Garden. I mean, it’s Toland, after all, and they specialize in anything and everything garden décor!

This Easter Garden flag is unique mainly because of the message “Rejoice.” It will warm your heart and bring a smile to everyone who comes across it.

While Jesus died during Easter we rejoice because He achieved freedom and salvation for all when He rose again.  There is power and joy in His death and resurrection.

The colors on the flag are vivid and bold and this will stand out in your garden. You can buy the flag and display it at your house or local church for Easter.

A different take on the wooden cross on most Easter cross wreaths, hangers, and flags is this charming flag with a floral cross. The colors are vibrant, bold, and pop on the flag.

The high-quality flag has the same design on both sides. It’s strong and can withstand different weather conditions. A must-have unique flag throughout the Easter month.

Christmas Cross Wreaths and Door Hangers

Christmas is a wonderful time for decorations no matter what the kind, am I right? These Christmas cross wreaths are a perfect way to proclaim your faith and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

We are going to jump right in with this beautiful wreath made of red and white poinsettias. The tule and bow at the bottom give it an elegant look that is perfect for any front door. It is 28 inches tall and 14 inches wide.

Nothing says Christmas like this evergreen cross complete with red berries and a plaid bow. A perfect way to decorate your front door for the holiday. It is a good size at 26 inches tall and 21 inches wide.

Another great cross wreath, this one made from moss, highlights the season with unique decor. The evergreen, pinecones, and red berries make it eye catching and perfect for the season. It is 20 inches tall and 12 inches wide. The seller cautions to keep it out of direct sunlight and elements. If you have a covered porch or overhang, then it will be safe enough hung on the door.

Capturing the nativity scene of Jesus’ birth in the manger, this 16-inch wooden Christmas cross door hanger can be displayed indoors or outdoors. The words “O holy night” from the famous Christmas carol will make you want to sing along just by looking at this sign.

The rustic wood design makes it a lovely addition to your farmhouse, modern rustic chic, or classic theme décor. The door hanger can be used as a Christmas tree top decoration, or inside a Christmas wreath on your front door.

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift for a loved one, this cross hanger is both gorgeous and functional and you can be guaranteed it will be used right away.

Christmas can get so busy- with all the shopping, preparing, hosting, traveling, gift wrapping, cooking, and an endless to-do list that we can forget the true meaning of the holidays. This rustic-chic Christmas door hanger with a cross is a great reminder of what the holidays are really about.

The holidays are all about Jesus’ birth- the Son of God and the Savior of the world.  

This is such a different Christmas décor item which is inviting and charming. The metal door hanger is durable to harsh weather conditions so it can be used again and again. This makes for a lovely and thoughtful Christmas gift.

You have the choice of the rectangle-shaped or circle-shaped hanger. Put this inside or outside your home so whenever you, your family, or guests see it you can remember the true reason for the season.

Fourth of July Cross Wreaths

There’s something special about buying from a company that you know will give back to the community. When you buy any product from the Brave American company, they donate 10% to helping veteran organizations.

This wooden cross from the company is a bit different from the Easter and Christmas cross wreaths and door hangers we’ve shared above. The Patriotic cross hanger is made by veterans to honor fellow veterans for their service. It’s an exceptional way of showing gratitude to the military for their sacrifices.

If you’re looking for a unique 4th of July decoration, this cross-door hanger is perfect. You can also have it up during Veterans Day. It can be used in the room of a young man or woman aspiring to join the military or who just loves their country.

The high-quality patriotic cross hanger can be bought as a thoughtful memorial gift, Christmas, or birthday gift to a veteran or military spouse.

Another great Fourth of July Cross (also perfect for Memorial Day) is this lovely wreath made of red, white, and blue flowers and tule. It makes a statement from a distance and is a perfect addition to your wreath collection.

Cross wreaths, door hangers, and flags can come in all shapes and sizes.  But at the end of the day, they’re a great way to share your faith with passers-by and those who visit your home. While they’re usually used during Easter and Christmas, you can definitely put them up anytime during the year.  No matter your décor theme and home colors there’s a cross wreath, hanger, and flag that’s perfect for you.

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