Hi! We are Front Door Ideas!

We are three friends that come from all over the country who love everything about Front Doors.

Teresa Trumbly Lamsam is a retired professor and journalist from Branford, Connecticut. She loves to explore history and historic architecture in New England! Road trip anyone? Her favorite styles are Gothic Revival and Victorian. After working in an Ivory Tower most of her career, Teresa is ready to hit the road to bring you the latest news and décor for your Front Doors!

Julie O’Keefe was steeped in the Interior Design World since her Barbie Doll Days of creating carved Italianate Pillars for Barbie’s Castle under the dining table of her grandparent’s house in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. A native Oklahoman she lived in Falls Church, VA, near Washington DC for 34 years. Julie became a manufacturer’s sales representative for numerous high-end furnishing companies. Having found her niche she then began creating products for retail stores and large mail order catalogs. Julie has travelled the world for pleasure and business finding many avenues for creating product ideas, from flea markets, junkin adventures, museums, and collaborating with top designers in the home industry.  Currently, Julie is back home in Oklahoma writing about her experiences and sharing her knowledge with colleagues, friends, and her dog Sassy!

Jessie Synan is a social media strategist from Raleigh, North Carolina. She has three lively kids and is always thankful to hang out with them while working at home with her favorite co-worker, her husband Tim of six years. After living the apartment life for over 12 years, Jessie is excited to finally have a front door to style and decorate, and is thrilled to be on board with Front Door Ideas!