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A Thanksgiving Wreath for Every Door: 20 Wreaths to Buy or Make

A Thanksgiving wreath is inviting and will make your visitors feel instantly at home.  Why?  Because fall is inviting!

Think about it for a second.  After a busy summer of swimming, boating, parks, hikes, picnics, and every other outdoor activity you can think of, it is time to begin staying indoors a little more.

This is the time of year we pull out our sweaters and hoodies, wrap our hands around mugs of pumpkin spice and apple cider, and for the temperate climates of the world, enjoy the beauty of fall foliage.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss why you should get a thanksgiving wreath for your home and which ones are worth buying. We will also give some handy tips for crafting one yourself that will have everyone asking where you got it!

But first…let’s talk about wreaths.

What does a wreath on a door symbolize?

For some, a wreath on your door simply means that someone lives there. However, wreaths can also symbolize the following things:

– abundance and joy

– hope for the future

– protection from evil spirits (similar to a cross)

– holidays!

Wreaths provide the opportunity to decorate with little fuss and a big impression as well as bring personality to the first thing people see when they approach your home.

Thanksgiving wreath

Are wreaths tacky?

Before you buy a Thanksgiving wreath, you may be wondering: is a Thanksgiving wreath still a thing? Or is it tacky?

Because wreaths are often associated with Christmas,  you may be hesitant to buy a wreath and decorate for Thanksgiving. But don’t worry, there are plenty of tasteful options!  Honestly, there are plenty of tasteful options for any time of the year (such as Valentine’s Day) and for any style such as farmhouse)! 

To me, a wreath is simply a bit of character you hang on your door.  It is something you can change out as often as you want to give your home an “update” with very little effort.

Burlap is also very popular this year along with the bright oranges, red, and yellows of fall.   You can be specific to the Thanksgiving holiday or keep it up for the entire fall season.

Thanksgiving wreath

Why should we celebrate Thanksgiving?

Now that you know a few of my thoughts about wreaths, let’s talk about Thanksgiving. What is it? Who celebrates it? And why should we care if we aren’t American?!

Let’s dive into why we should celebrate Thanksgiving in the first place before talking about Thanksgiving wreaths and whether to make one or buy one.

For many of us, Thanksgiving is about turkey, football, and stuffing our faces before the start of the Christmas buying frenzy.  We all need a little fun and a break from the crazy work routine.

I think to most of us it means much more.

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends, a season to reflect on the good things we have and the blessings bestowed upon us.

Everyone needs a holiday like that, am I right?  A time to refocus, reconnect, and embrace the good in life.

For us Americans, we have history to look back on.

The Pilgrims had come to the land known as the “new world” in search of religious freedom.  They joined a group of adventure seekers who were ready to make their fortune in this unsettled land.

While it is true that the land was unsettled by Europeans, it is a good thing that it was settled by Indigenous people because the land was much harsher than the new settlers had bargained for and half of them died.

Fortunately, there were people who could help these new white settlers.  Squanto, a Native American, had learned English and was kind enough to teach them how to survive in this strange land.

After learning how to grow crops such as corn, hunt, and fish, the settlers were much better prepared to face the next harsh winter.  Full of gratitude for the help of Squanto and the Wamponoag tribe, the Pilgrims declared a feast of thanksgiving and invited their new friends.

In the fall of 1621 the “first Thanksgiving” was held and while there is some controversy to the exact date and it looked nothing like what it has evolved into today, the story is still a wonderful reason to celebrate each year.

Should I make a Thanksgiving wreath DIY-style or buy one?

When trying to decide about Thanksgiving wreaths, one of the first decisions that needs to be made is whether to go DIY and make your own wreath, or whether to buy one?

There are pros and cons to both.  

Making one yourself gives you a creative outlet, bragging rights, and you can make it exactly how you want.  BUT it takes time and some of us are simply not crafty.

On the other hand, buying a wreath is as simple as choosing one and hanging it on your door.  However, they will cost you more money.  Going the Thanksgiving wreath DIY route will definitely allow you to spend your money elsewhere.  

How to Make a Thanksgiving Wreath

If you’ve already decided a DIY Thanksgiving wreath is not for you, then keep scrolling because we have some beautiful suggestions for you that you are going to love.

For those of you who are going the Thanksgiving wreath DIY route, be sure to check out these amazing ideas.  They are simple, inexpensive, and will add just the right amount of seasonal character to your door.

TatorTots and Jello has a post of 15 DIY Thanksgiving wreaths and they are lovely.  What I like the most about her ideas is that the wreaths she showcases are perfect for the entire fall season.  They use a variety of materials such as autumn colored flowers (check out these sunflowers and orange marigolds, flannel, leaves, and lamb’s ear.  They will add a stunning first impression to all of your visitors.

If you are going for a more rustic look, check out this lovely Thanksgiving wreath by How to Make a Burlap Wreath.  All you need is a grape vine wreath, autumn floral of your choice, pine cones, acorns, pheasant feathers, and burlap ribbon.  

One thing I love about making your own Thanksgiving wreath is the freedom you have to give it some of your own personality.  Do you want to use leaves or feathers or baby pumpkins?  Perhaps, tiny pilgrim hats and a wooden sign are needed to complete the message you wish to convey.  

Make Life Lovely has a unique Thanksgiving wreath that is inexpensive.  It uses punched circles from old books or scrapbook paper (check out this oval paper puncher if you don’t already have one).   It will have visitors asking you how you did it!

Thanksgiving Wreaths

Now for those of us who do not want to create their own wreath!  You are going to love these Thanksgiving wreath ideas!  The colors are perfect and you are sure to find one that matches exactly what you are looking for.

Let’s start with fun fall style wreaths that can be used from September through November.  Each of these wreaths include bright fall leaves and flowers such as orange daisies, wild flowers, and sunflowers.  Red berries are also a lovely addition.

Sometimes we don’t want bright, see-it-from-the-road colors.  Fall can be just as beautiful is a more subtle way.  If you have a formal or modern home and you don’t want to make such a loud statement, check out these beautiful Thanksgiving wreaths.  They are both made with eucalyptus leaves and tiny pumpkins.

Please note that the first wreath is a 17-inch wreath and the second is a 24-inch wreath. 

Here is another Thanksgiving wreath in more subtle colors.  If you are not in favor of the bright oranges, yellows, and reds that most fall wreaths contain, this one is for you!

Harvest Wreath with Blue Hydrangea, Pumpkins, White Daisies, & Berries

Pumpkins or no pumpkins?  Which do you prefer on your Thanksgiving wreath?  While fall speaks of apples, pumpkins, corn husks, and sunflowers, I have found a large variety of pumpkins on wreaths.  White, orange, yellow, the color choice is up to you and what looks best on your door.

Maple Leaf Pumpkin Harvest Wreath

Please note that this next one is a 15-inch wreath and would be perfect on the door of an apartment or any smaller space in which some of these larger wreaths would not fit.

Harvest Thanksgiving Wreath

What I love the most about this Turnmeon 24-inch Thanksgiving wreaths is that it has a string of 30 white LED lights.  Can you imagine how lovely that is lit up against the bright red and orange maple leaves?  It also has pinecones, white pumpkins which pair wonderfully with the lights, and berries.

24-inch Lighted Thanksgiving Wreath

We can’t talk pumpkins on a wreath without mentioning this one that has small VELVET pumpkins.  How’s that for adding a touch of sophisticated texture to a wreath?

Velvet Pumpkin Thanksgiving Wreath

How about white pumpkins?  They give this Thanksgiving wreath a sophisticated touch.  I love the buffalo plaid bows!

Buffalo Plaid and White Pumpkins Wreath

Including signs on a wreath is a popular touch.  A message you wish to convey adds more character and personality.  Whether you are looking for a “welcome” sign, one that expresses the season, or what that relates specifically to the Thanksgiving holiday, we have you covered.

This wreath is well thought out with the yellow sunflowers and gold pumpkins.  I especially like the font on the “thankful” sign.

Thankful Sign Fall and Thanksgiving Wreath

The orange and white hydrangeas on this simple but elegant wreath are lovely.  A 12 inch black door hook is included.

Orange and White Hydrangeas

More sunflowers 🙂 but the fun addition to this wreath is that it comes with cute little lady bugs and bees with self-adhesive backs that you can add however you wish.

Bursts of Orange and Yellow with Ladybugs

Using small leaves in a variety of fall colors along with tiny orange pumpkins, this wreath will give any style door or home an inviting feel.

Small Pumpkins and Fall Foliage Welcome Wreath

This last group of Thanksgiving wreaths include wheat, which gives them a rustic feel that gives way to a lovely fall feeling.

Golden Grains Harvest Wreath

The unique shape and lovely large bows make this wreath a little different than the ones above.  Definitely a nice addition to any door.

Rustic Maple Leaf Wreath

Fall and harvest go hand in hand.  While this wreath does not boast bright maple leaves or cute little pumpkins, the arrangement speaks Thanksgiving and gratitude.

Wheat Ears Wreath

Which Thanksgiving Wreath is Right for You?

Which of these Thanksgiving wreath ideas stood out to you?  Are you celebrating Thanksgiving or simply interested in fall looking wreaths?  Whichever the case, I hope you enjoyed this post on Thanksgiving wreaths and found one that is a perfect fit for your door.

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