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Wreath signs: 33 perfect decor accents for walls and doors

There are so many wreath signs on the market these days with such beautiful designs. You can find these accent signs in traditional or modern styles, some with special embellishments and others without. You can also find wreath signs that fit your personality from geometric shapes to colorful patterns. 

Whatever style you choose, you can be sure that you’ll have a wreath sign that will make all your guests feel welcome at your front door!

Wreath signs can be attached to a seasonal wreath, like this beautiful pink flower wreath
Wreath signs are a great way to extend seasonal wreaths. Once the holiday is past, remove the sign and you still have a beautiful wreath likes this pretty in pink spring wreath.

Why should I have a wreath sign?

Wreath signs are a great way to make your home feel welcoming. They can also show off your festive spirit during holidays and welcome all of your guests throughout the year!

This means that having an inviting wreath sign at your front door is worth it any day– no matter what season is coming up next!

Wreath signs on wreaths have so much character as well — you can choose from traditional wreaths or wreath designs that fit with more modern styles. It gives that extra special and personal touch to any wreath. 

Basically, the top reasons to get a wreath sign are:

  • It gives welcome signs much more character.
  • Wreath signs won’t wither away like other wreaths do over time because they will be out of direct sunlight.
  • You can get seasonal ones or year-round ones!

What does hanging a wreath symbolize?

Hanging signs on wreaths is a great way to welcome your guests. It’s also festive during the holidays and it shows that you care about making them feel welcomed!

Wreath symbols have been used in many cultures throughout time.

  • Egyptians hung wreaths from their homes as decorations of good fortune.
  • Early Christians often used wreaths in worship rituals or hung them on doors before Easter celebrations.
  • Others have hung wreaths to connect with nature.

Places to hang wreath signs

There are multiple places where you can hang wreaths.  You can hang wreaths on doors, around windows, or indoors on walls and doors.

The front door is still the best place for wreath signs because visitors will first notice them there and it always makes guests feel welcome when we greet them at our doorstep with the wreath sign greeting them as well!

There are so many different styles and designs of wreath signs available these days —  you’ll definitely find one that will catch your eye whether you prefer traditional or more modern ones.

33 of the best wreath and accent signs

There are so many options for wreath accent signs. There are ones for pet lovers or to just say a simple welcome or hello. There are accent signs for practically every holiday and season. Some have kitschy sayings while others are more traditional. 

To help with the bounty of wreath signs online, we went shopping for you to narrow down by category or top favorites.

Dogs vs cats wreath signs

Nothing says dog lovers more than this wreath sign! Hang it in the middle of a eucalyptus wreath to make it even more special.

You have been warned with this adorable wreath sign. If you go in this house, you just might get licked by a very happy, loved dog. It’s very cute and would look adorable in the center of the wreath or by itself.

We can all picture the wiggle butts. You know that happy dance the dog does every time you enter the front door? It’s also a cute way to warn visitors you have an overly excitable dog on the other side of the door. Would look great in a wreath!

Who doesn’t spoil their dog and is proud to let everyone know? So when you enter this home, you might be greeted with a very happy and possibly slightly plump pooch. Just be prepared to hand over your table scraps and be able to give plenty of belly scratches if you enter this home.

All cat owners know about the cat hair situation unless you have a Mr. Bigglesworth at home. So this cute wreath sign is perfect to let guests know they might need a lint roller when visiting this home.

We all know that cats are in control and humans are just their servants. But in all seriousness, this is a very cute sign to hang on the front door to let guests know not to let the cats out of the house.

Another sign that lets people know that this house is run by cats and not humans. If you are lucky they might allow you to pet them when you visit.  You might just say this sign is “purrrrrrrfect.”

Welcome wreath signs

“Welcome” is a very traditional and simple way of telling anyone who comes to your front door, that this is a friendly home. This sturdy sign will add a nice accent pop to your front door and is great year round. Hang it in the Eucalyptus wreath for an extra special touch.

If you want a “welcome” sign that is rustic chic, then this is a great choice. It’s elegant and yet, country at the same time. This wreath sign choice would also make a great house-warming gift.

Ahoy sea lovers! Take a look at this nautical welcome sign. Hang this welcome accent sign on your front door and you won’t have to worry about people having to get their sea legs. Tuck it in a nautical themed wreath and hang it anywhere in your home.

Funny wreath signs

It’s not a good day when the flying monkeys are being called upon. This accent sign is great for all Wizard of Oz lovers. It’s a cute saying and unique from traditional signs found around the home.

Nobody wants to make a situation weird (hopefully). This is a cute way to deter solicitors from knocking on your door without being offensive.

All new moms can relate to the words on this sign. It means when you enter the house or room this sign is hanging to do so on quiet-as-a-mouse tiptoe feet. I call them ballet toes. Super quiet only in this house. No one wants to make a mom cranky.

For those who like to tell things like they are and hate shoes in the home, then this is a funny choice. Best part is that this accent sign is made right in the USA!

Seasonal wreath signs

How about a wreath sign that has Velcro so that you can change the words for each season? All you will need next is a wreath for each season to go with this interchangeable season accent sign.

Autumn is harvest time and so this lovely sign can be hung for all to admire through the fall. It has a great autumn vibe too. A cute seasonal option for fall. 

Take a look at these fall wreaths that would pair perfectly with an accent sign!

Holiday wreath signs

Joy to the world, the perfect Christmas wreath sign has been found! It’s simple and yet, would look lovely either by itself or hung in a Christmas Wreath.

Who doesn’t love the all-time classic Christmas movie, Home Alone? So go ahead ya filthy animals and purchase this sign.

Jesus is the reason for the season! A great reminder when it seems as if the holidays get so wrapped up in everything else. Would look great in a holiday wreath or hanging by itself.

The witch is in and you better beware that if you visit this home around Halloween time that you might just be turned into a newt or mouse. But seriously, this a cute accent sign for either in the home or to greet the trick or treaters.

How about the simple words “trick or treat”? It’s a great way to let trick or treaters know that your house has the best candy or … are you the person that hands out the dental kits?

Gobble gobble gobble this is a very cute turkey accent sign. You cannot get more Thanksgiving than a turkey sign. It hangs from a grosgrain ribbon and has very vibrant colors that are lovely for this time of year.

May the luck of the Irish be with you on Saint Patty’s Day. This a small accent sign and would look great nestled in a festive wreath.

We cannot forget Easter. This is a cute wreath with almost a vintage feel to it. The accent sign is on the small side, so it might look better in a wreath or hanging in the home.

Pin for wreath signs with pink wreath on gray
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Americana wreath signs

This is a perfect accent sign to put into a patriotic wreath. It hangs on jute rope and is perfect for a patriotic celebration or the Fourth of July.

Faith, family, friends, freedom are words prominently displayed on this American accent sign. It tells anyone visiting that people with strong values live here who truly love one nation under God.

A star that simply says “America” is a cute accent for a wreath too. It’s different from a lot of other wreath signs because of its shape.

Wedding wreath signs

A cute Mr. and Mrs. accent sign would be a lovely addition to any rustic wedding and then it can continue to be used in the newlyweds’ new home.

Just  Married are also great words that fit that wedding feeling. This accent sign would be great in a wreath or standing alone for pictures or hanging on the back of the bride and groom’s mode of transportation whether it’s a buggy, limo, or 54 Chevy Pickup truck. This is a truly versatile wedding wreath sign.

Religious wreath signs

Let go and let God is a great reminder to hang in your home. It’s also beautifully created, a great religious wreath sign for any home.

Another great reminder is this accent sign with the words “with God all things are possible.” Since it is small in size, it might look nice in a wreath too.

May God bless this home and all who enter is the perfect accent sign for the front door. Make people truly feel special and welcome with this lovely message. Since it’s made of very delicate and light materials, it would do better on an interior door safe from the elements.

Personalized accent signs

Great service and quality is what you will receive with this very special accent sign. They can personalize it however you wish and are suitable for hanging indoors.

Final thoughts on wreath signs

There are so many accent signs on the market that it might feel hard to pick one. However, with this guide of our top favorite signs, picking that perfect sign is that much easier. 

You might decide to have it just hang as an accent piece or turn it into a lovely wreath sign. You might even decide you need multiple signs depending on mood, season, holiday or even as a gift for someone special.

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