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Black Planter Obsession: 27 Exciting Choices to Refresh Your Home & Garden

Home and garden design is all about the details. If you are looking to spice up your home or yard, a black planter or two (or even more!) can help create a modern feel while still being classy and elegant.

Whether you’re looking for something sleek and contemporary or more rustic options, black is the way to go! With so many different great styles available in a variety of sizes and shapes online, it will be easy finding the black planter you need based off your budget.

In this article we will discuss some of the best black planters in various categories that can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects.

black planter
Black planters are great at holding the heat from sunshine. However, on hot summery days, a black planter may heat up too much, although probably not enough to kill the plant. You can take precautions by making sure the size is adequate for the plant and that the plant is sufficiently watered. Photo by Marcin Kempa on Unsplash

Why is the black planter so popular?

Black is the new neutral color so it goes with any type of home style or decorating theme, from contemporary to rustic. Plus, because it’s such an elegant shade that blends well with everything else, you can use black planters inside or outside without having to worry about changing styles as trends come out every season!

Planters are perfect for adding character and charm into any space or outdoor living area when used alongside other features like flowers, vines, statues and bright lights. Adding black planters to your home will allow you to change a space from ordinary to extraordinary in no time.

Are black pots bad for plants?

Not really, no. Black planters can be great for holding the heat from sunshine, and in colder climates and winter months, this is a real bonus. However, a black planter may get too hot on a sweltering summer day. To avoid this problem, make sure you use a planter that is big enough and water your plants sufficiently. But don’t overdo the watering!

Many plants enjoy the summer season, but a few simple steps can help keep them healthy and happy.

  1. Changes like the temperature or humidity can cause your plant’s leaves to curl up and scorch, so you should be careful not to spritz them with water during the heat of day!
  2. Don’t be a plant parent who sends their indoor plants to bed with wet leaves at night. Wet leaves are a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can spoil their appearance as well as affect indoor air quality in your home or office space.
  3. Proper drainage is also important for keeping the temperature inside a black planter just right. Too much water can trap in heat, making it difficult to cool down.

27 of the Best Black Planter Styles to Satisfy Your Obsession

Most people think of a garden as an area where they grow plants and vegetables, but it can also be used to create the perfect outdoor space. A black planter is a great way for you to add some character and flare into your backyard or front porch! 

When choosing which one will work best for you, there are many factors that need consideration such as size, color scheme, and design preference. We’ve gathered this list so that when making your next purchase all those possibilities won’t overwhelm ya’.

Best Self-Watering Black Planter

Are you looking for more of a worry-free black planter? Check out the Lechuza self-watering planter that comes in three heights: 22”, 30”, and 40”. The German-made planter is manufactured of durable frost and UV resistant PP plastics – perfect for indoor or outdoor use. 

Lechuza’s black planter self-irrigation system solves this problem by automatically watering your plants for up to 3 months at a time! This ingenious planter features a water reservoir that constantly refreshes your plants with just the right amount of moisture. The included plant substrate ensures healthy roots and prevents over-watering.

Lechuza Pon, the substrate, which simply means a “growing medium,” comes with the planter but you can always order more. The substrate is made up of Japanese Akadama, USA Pumice (a volcanic byproduct), Black Lava, and other elements, including charcoal and decomposed granite.

To avoid rain water accumulation when using the Lechuza planter outdoors, be sure to remove the drainage plugs in both the liner and the planter.

Lechuza planters are wildly popular and don’t last long, even on Amazon. If you find one available, grab it! Currently, here’s a list of black planters in different styles and sizes.

The Most Popular Black Planters for Front Porch

Planters are popular for the front porch because they offer a great place to show off flowers, produce and other plants. Porch planters are also a great way to add color and beauty. With some careful planning, you can create beautiful displays that enhance any porch area while providing privacy when desired.

The most iconic of contemporary black planters for front porch is the tall tapered planter. This black planter is often seen in pairs around the front doors of contemporary, modern, and farmhouse style houses. 

Make sure you place these tall black planters where you want them. Once you fill them with dirt and plants, they aren’t easy to get a grip on to move. 

There’s an insert shelf about midway up the container so that you don’t have to fill the whole thing with dirt. Even so, some customers put rocks in the bottom as a way to add weight to the containers. Two drain holes are pre-drilled.

You can buy our favorite tapered black planter individually or as a pair in two heights: 26-inch or 30-inch.

We couldn’t decide on just one black planter, of course. We found three more black planters perfect for any front porch. This way you get a selection of styles! 

With these two Viennese black planters, get ready for compliments from your neighbors. Don’t worry about having to add dirt and plants on your front porch. Work anywhere and then move it in place. This pair is light enough to move around but sturdy enough to withstand the weather.

You are a busy person with an eye for design, but not the time to care for your plants. This versatile planter is here just in case you need it! Inside this pot there’s 3 planting options: remove tray and plant directly into the big space or leave the tray in place to use the sub-irrigation system, or flip over tray so that pre-potted planters can sit on top.

If you place this black planter outside the cover of a porch, you might want to drill holes to allow for water to drain through.

Mayne planters are Made in America, and they have a great New England design. Their double wall construction means you can enjoy your porch or deck all year round with very little winter preparation! The UV inhibitors within the resin allow for it to last over time without fading.

These 24-inch tapered black planters are made of high quality polyethylene. The design is a molded single wall with water reservoirs that encourage root growth in the self watering tray insert, which can be reversed to support plants or removed so you can fill it entirely with soil.

Top 4 Choices for a Round Black Planter

This attractive, durable set of black pots is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. With three sizes to choose from it’s easy to find the right fit for your space and plants! The included drainage holes with rubber plugs are a thoughtful touch that make these pots ready-to-use right out of the box.

This beautiful black planter set is made from recyclable plastic and natural stone powder. It has a sturdy design with sound durability that can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as frost or crack damage. The lightweight construction allows for easy transportation whether you’re transporting it to your apartment balcony or backyard!

This modern cylindrical straight round planter with drainage hole, mesh drainage net and protective scratch pad comes in 4 sizes and 6 other colors for you to choose from! The pots are finished with elegant color glazed finishing so they can accent your home or garden no matter what style of decorating you have going on.

Napa planters are lightweight, durable, maintenance-free, and weather resistant. They can be used outside, but you will need to drill a drainage hole in the bottom for it to keep rain water from collecting in it! It comes in 5 sizes.

black planter
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Sometimes You Just Need a Small Black Planter

Grab a handful of small black pots and go crazy with them! We’ll get you started with a list of possibilities:

  • Use small black planters to create an indoor herb garden. You can corral the garden in a flat, decorative basket like this woven seagrass tray
  • Create a centerpiece for your dining table and fill the small black planters with bright greenery or succulents. 
  • Use small black pots to create place cards for your place settings. Fill the pot with wheatgrass and insert a little flag with names.

We started shopping for you and discovered 4 great picks for a small black planter – some even come in sets!

These adorable ceramic planters are perfect for creating a table centerpiece, and they’re the right size to fit on your coffee table or end tables. The detachable saucers protect your furniture from water damage, and the felt pads that will keep everything in place and prevent scratches!

Modern and sleek, these pots are so durable that you can use them indoors or outdoors. The drainage hole mesh net is included to prevent potting soil from falling out of the drainage hole while still allowing water draining for your plants’ healthy growth!

The Yangbaga 6.3″ succulent planters come as a pack of 2, each with drainage holes to allow water to naturally drain. The set comes with free bamboo trays to keep any messes in control! These make great gift ideas if you want something more creative than flowers or chocolate. Buy the set and add your own succulents. Keep one and give one away!

This little black planter is so well-designed that it’s self-watering and self aerating. It features hollow legs to keep moisture from building up in the soil, which can lead to over watering problems – all while your plant stays safe above water level! The open slats on the bottom of these planters are designed to increase airflow, which decreases the risk for root rot.

Our Top Picks for a Modern Black Planter

Modern planter design is simplistic and clean. Designers use angles, lines, and straight surfaces to create a modern look in the home that’s simple yet still creative-defining.

We’ve narrowed down our shopping list for a modern black planter to 8 of the best picks on Amazon. We’ve included the most popular styles for modern planters, including a bowl planter and planters with hobnail and geometric designs.

Simply click on an image or product name to learn more.

Veradek Bowl Planter, 6″ height by 24″ wide. Frost resistant for colder climates.

8″ succulant bowl with drainage hole and removable saucer.

Geometric hanging wall planters. The width is almost 6″ and the full hanging length is 13.5″.

A set of hobnail planters: One 6.1″ pot and a smaller 4.8″ pot, featuring a drainage hole and a rubber plug.

8″ vintage-style hobnail planter with drainage hole and rubber plug.

12’’ indoor ceramic black planter with drainage hole and stopper. Available in 6 Sizes and 4 Colors

A set of 3 black planters in different sizes come with the iconic Mid-Century Modern gold metal plant stands, which can hold up to 110 lbs.

This handmade, weather resistant black pot is 5″ in height and glazed with a marble finish.

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Are concrete planters safe for plants?

With the popularity of concrete planters, it’s no wonder that they are safe for plants. After all, these planters have benefits like providing extra stability in outdoor gardens and on our front porches to withstand high winds.

It’s the lime contained in cement as well as the porous nature of a concrete planter that raises concerns.

Though not poisonous to plants, lime has a very high pH level, making it highly alkaline. The lime will leech into the soil. Some plants will thrive in soil of this pH while other plants will suffer or die. Succulents are a great choice for concrete planters. 

Soaking the concrete planter in water for three days will quickly leach out any alkalinity. Remember to change out the water each day.

If you choose to seal the concrete planter yourself, soaking is not necessary. Even so, some people like to do both. If that’s what you want to do, allow the planter to thoroughly dry for several days after soaking before you apply the sealant. 

How to find a black planter in lightweight concrete

Most of the concrete planters that you can buy are already sealed and mixed with fiberglass to make them lighter. Finding a black version is difficult as most options will be in shades of gray.

These two Kante black planters are made from cement mixed with weather-resistant fiberglass.

Final Thoughts on Our Black Planter Obsession

Black planters are a perfect way to add style and depth to any space. Whether you live in an apartment, office, or outdoor living area- black is always the most versatile color for your décor needs!

Let us know in the comment section below which black planter is your favorite! We always love hearing from you.

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