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Are Plastic Planter Boxes for You? 16 Options that Will Have You Saying Yes!

Plastic planter boxes are fun to explore because there are dozens of varieties to choose from.  If you want large, small, round, colored, or textured, plastic has you covered.

It can be difficult to know where to start when looking at these plastic boxes or what type might work best for you-but have no fear! This blog post has everything you need to know about plastic planter boxes, from their benefits and drawbacks to tips on choosing the perfect one for you.

While planter boxes can be made out of a variety of materials including wood, concrete, clay, or recycled materials, plastic remains one of the most popular.

Plastic planters have several benefits as they are lightweight and easy to move around (to change your garden location). They also won’t rot like a wooden box would and are less likely to crack if water freezes in them like ceramic does.  

One of the best reasons to choose plastic is how affordable they are.  Whichever size or shape you want, you will have no problem finding one that fits your budget.

There are many benefits to plastic planter boxes, but there are some disadvantages as well: many plastic planter boxes can’t handle heavy ground soil (you want to use a good quality potting soil anyway). Plastic planters also may not have drainage holes in the bottom, which means you’ll have to drill them yourself.

It has also been my experience that plastic planter boxes crack more easily than wood and do not always hold up to heavy snow so be sure to store them away during the winter months.

Another benefit of plastic is they are ideal for indoor plants as well.  Do you have a corner that needs a little dressing up?  A leafy green beauty could be just what you need.

When it comes time to choose a plastic planter box, consider your budget and what shape or size you need for your garden space before making any purchases!

plastic planter boxes

How do you plant a planter box? 

How you plant your planter box is definitely up to you and your choices are endless.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Choose a collection of eye catching flowers or brightly colored leaves along with fillers that are simple greenery or covered in petite flowers.
  • Vines such as black-eyed Susan vine, morning glories, or the sweet pea vine add a lovely touch to any planter.
  • Think edible.  Strawberry plants, lettuce, and herbs grow well in small planters.  Be sure to use a good quality plastic when growing edibles to reduce toxins leaching into the soil.
  • Both annuals and perennials grow well in plastic.  If growing perennials, be sure to plant those which do well in your zone.  

Should you line a planter box with plastic? 

Using a liner for your planter box depends on the material of the planter.

If you’re using plastic, then a liner is not necessary. You can have the option to use one if desired.

If you are using wood or metal for your planter box, then it’s best to line with plastic sheeting. Over time the soil and water will erode the material. A plastic liner will protect the wood and metal planters from wear.

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20 of the best plastic planter boxes 

I did the best I could to categorize these plastic planter boxes so that you could scroll through and find what you are looking for. However, as with most of the things I try to categorize, many could fit into more than one category so if you do not see what you are looking for, keep going. It might be here yet!

I’ve grouped these planters in the following way:

  • Large plastic planter boxes which are perfect for larger house plants (such as Dracaena and New Zealand Flax) or for larger outdoor plants (such as Hibiscus, Fountain grass, or Canna Lily).
  • White plastic planter boxes that contain a variety of sizes and styles- all white.
  • Square plastic planter boxes that are great visually for your landscaping and give way to planting a large variety or plants, big and small.
  • Long plastic planter boxes which are mostly window boxes but can be used anywhere in your yard.
  • Plastic raised garden boxes which are perfect for growing your own herbs and vegetables.

Large Plastic Planter Boxes

Large plastic planter boxes are great for larger vegetable plants, tall decorative grasses, or small shrubs. I also love the idea of patio sized fruit trees (more about that later). Sometimes large is good because it requires less bending and saves your back a bit.

This planter is perfect in so many ways! It has an attractive design, is large enough to plant almost anything you might want and it is self-watering. No overwater, no underwatering!

The next planter gives you a lot of options because it gives you a lot of room to work with. Easy to assemble and durable, you could plant anything from roses to tomatoes to carrots.

Something to consider is its weight. Empty it is 30 lbs, so once you fill it with dirt, there is no moving it!

This five gallon pot is perfect for a deck or porch. This has a simple, modern design and comes in black, terra cotta, brown, and peppercorn so you can achieve the exact look you are going for. Made of resin, it is a strong and durable plastic that will last many years to come.

White Plastic Planter Boxes

The first in this category of white plastic planter boxes are labeled as window boxes and for good reason. They are the perfect size! They are also perfect for a deck or balcony.

At 6.8″ by 15″ they are perfect for small flowers such as petunias and impatience or add a few vines of English Ivy for dimension. These would also be perfect to grow basil, mint, thyme, oregano, or any of your favorite herbs. Add a punch of orange and yellows with marigolds.

This is a great all around box at a good price. You get 6! How great is that?

If you have a larger space, this 36″ planter is perfect to put along a wall or the edge of a deck or balcony. It is 6.5″ high so you are limited to smaller plants or herbs.

Dress up a porch with shade loving plants such as viola, impatience, or coleus. Plant it for spring blooms of hyacinths or crocuses. These would also be great for strawberry plants (see our guide to strawberry planters) or to control an invasive mint plant.

If you have been known to forget to water your plants, this next planter might be for you! It is considered self-watering due to a cool design. It is two layers with a space in the bottom layer to hold water. The water is absorbed by a cotton pad keeping the soil moist but not saturated.

It is 17″ by 4.7″ so it is perfect for a windowsill or other small space. It’s also a great price as it is a pack of two.

I love the design of this next one because it is shaped to fit on a railing! Whether you have a porch, balcony, or deck, it will fit more securely with the grooves on the bottom.

It is designed to fit two different sized railings (2″x4″ and 2″x6″) so it is versatile and ready to dress up your space. It is also a good size, 24″x10″ and 9″high so you have a great variety of plants that will grow well in it.

Square Plastic Planter Boxes

These stylish square plastic planter boxes will dress up your landscaping. Fill them with small shrubs, flowers, veggies, or a combination of all three! Put a barrel planter or wishing well planter in the center to add dimension and an attractive design.

These planters are stackable so you can use them single for small, shallow rooted plants or stack them for larger plants. Want to grow carrots or potatoes? Stack these planter boxes, fill with good quality soil, and you are all set.

This lovely planter has a lattice design which makes it attractive at first glance. Fill it with colorful flowers and you will be smiling every time you walk past it.

Lattice designs are popular for farmhouse or English cottage gardens. Fill it with peonies or lavender. If you have a shady location, it would be lovely with astilbe, also known as false goat’s beard.

Long Plastic Planter Boxes

Sometimes long plastic planter boxes are needed to give the visual appeal you are looking for. Do you have a boring wall or fence that needs dressing up? These boxes are inexpensive and require no assembly. They are a quick and easy fix and once you add soil and attractive plants, you will undoubtedly be happy with the results.

This long plastic planter box is 36 inches long and perfect as a planter on its own or as a liner for a long wooden box. It is black, which we haven’t seen a whole lot of, and would be stunning with bright flowers.

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Another long black one, but this one is a bit more stylish. This one is considered a window planter and comes with 3 wall mount brackets. You can get it in 3 ft, 4 ft, or 5 ft. The one shown below is 3 ft.

This lovely planter is five feet long and again is considered a window box. It comes with 5 wall brackets.

Plastic Raised Garden Boxes

Raised garden boxes are all the rage these days! Growing your own food is a healthier option as well as provides a little security (and we know all about shortages these days!). Whether you have a small yard, a sunny balcony, or a large space to turn into a food-growing factory, these plastic raised garden boxes will help you meet your goals.

At 15″x15″ these garden boxes are not only attractive but functional. Keep your veggies safe from rabbits with these boxes as they are on legs with more than half a foot clearance.

Another self-watering planter! These are large too so perfect for growing bigger plants such as tomatoes or patio fruit trees. Home Garden and Homestead has a great article on which varieties work well.

If you are limited on space or simply want to add visual appeal to your yard or deck, this verticle planter is perfect! It contains five plastic planters on a sturdy steel stand.

The planters are not deep enough for larger plants, but you could grow a large variety of herbs, leafy greens, onions, etc. Or you could really make a statement and fill the entire planter with eye catching flowers.

This last garden box is not raised off the ground as in on legs, but it is what I think most people think of when they hear raised garden bed. It is made of vinyl and is 48 inches square, a perfect size for a garden box. One great thing about garden boxes is you can control what kind of soil is used. Very few of us have a yard with perfect dirt, so create your own!

Final thoughts on plastic planter boxes

As you can see, plastic planter boxes come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. Your options are endless which is awesome because the variety of what you can grow in them is endless also!

Once you decide what you need them for, it is easy to find the perfect planter for you and your family. Whether you are looking for an attractive planter for a flower arrangement or interested in growing your own vegetables and herbs, you will no doubt find the perfect plastic planter box.

We would love to hear what you are planting and which of these boxes drew your attention. Leave a comment below!

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