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15 of the best butterfly wreath ideas for any time of year

What is more beautiful than a butterfly?

While it is hard to answer that, we know that there are few things as beautiful as butterfly wreaths!

You may be on the hunt for a butterfly wreath to hang on your front door. They carry deep symbolism and beautiful meaning to this unique animal that goes through several types of life cycles before becoming the butterfly that most of us know them to be. 

So what type of butterfly wreath should we have on our front door? Should we have a wreath with a butterfly or a butterfly-shaped wreath? 

We are here to provide you with as many butterfly wreath ideas as possible, as well as any other information you need to know about butterfly wreaths.

What do butterflies symbolize?

Butterflies can represent a lot in life, depending on where in the world people are talking about butterfly symbolism and cultural norms. 

Because of the life experience of a butterfly, going from a chrysalis to a beautiful butterfly, butterflies can be seen as a symbol for rebirth and resurrection.

Also, since the lifespan of a butterfly is short, many connect butterflies with spiritual transformation and transitioning from one world to beyond.

According to Gardens With Wings, “Some believe butterflies are winged messengers from the spirit world to the physical realm and send signals and validations to help guide us through life. It is suggested that you pay attention and listen through your intuition, thoughts, feelings, and senses to receive the message from angels that butterflies help signals are present.”

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What are some great times to hang my butterfly wreath up?

Butterflies start to come out of their cocoons in early March, a few weeks before spring begins. Because that is when butterflies are released into the world again, many people associate butterflies with spring. 

If you associate butterflies with the beginning of spring, early March would be a good time to hang your butterfly wreath. 

Others choose to switch to their butterfly wreath once they have taken down their Easter door decorations.

To be honest, though, butterflies are so lovely and loved by enough people that you are more likely than not able to get away with having a butterfly wreath any time of year!

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15 of the best butterfly wreath ideas

 If you’re looking for a beautiful butterfly wreath for your front door, you’ve come to the right place. These are the best ideas to showcase your love for this amazing winged creation.

Butterfly-shaped wreath

This wreath is perfect for you if you are a nature-loving person who prefers simple yet elegant wreaths. The white daisy is a great pop of color against the green daisies, leaves, and berries.

The base of the wreath is made of wire making it strong and durable while the rattan is full making it look like grass. This makes the entire wreath more natural, real, and lifelike.

Silvia sells her handmade wreaths on Etsy where she has more than 300 reviews and a 5-star rating.

I saw a pair of these butterfly tulip wreaths on a front door and the effect is just amazing. You can easily see these wreaths as you drive by a house. The wreath is not small and can even be considered bulky, which is clear from the image.

But it is difficult to find a wreath this full at a reasonable price point. The price along with the quality and careful packaging give us even more reasons to recommend Silvia’s beautiful butterfly tulip wreath.

Butterfly-only wreaths

If you love butterflies and appreciate their beauty, this wreath will highlight that for you. It’s a full, durable wreath with a delightful blend of yellow and blue butterflies. The butterflies look real, especially from a distance.

Yellow butterflies bring happiness and joy and are a perfect way to welcome spring. Blue butterflies are associated with peace, being calm, loyalty, and trust. Isn’t that what we’d like our homes to be remembered for? Your guests will get that feeling right from the door before they even step into your house.

The wreath truly shows its beauty at night with the LED lights which have a timer – 6 hours on and 18 hours off. Because it’s a full wreath, the battery box can be hidden behind the butterflies.

This makes a great gift and can be used as a distinct photo background in your farmhouse-themed house.

Remember when you get the wreath, you’ll just need to fluff it out and make it fuller. Take note that this gorgeous wreath doesn’t have a hook at the back so you’ll need to buy one or use one you already have.

Butterfly wreath from Heart of Home Design on Etsy

Erin Deaton, owner of Heart of Home Design in Concord, North Carolina, makes some of the best reviewed wreaths on Etsy. Her shop currently has more than 700 reviews and a 5-star rating.

You can see for yourself the exquisite quality and beauty of her butterfly wreath. Each colorful butterfly is carefully arranged and attached to the grapevine form. Because these wreaths are handmade, each one will come out just a little unique. 

The butterflies are so vibrant that they will stand out against any front door color. But speaking of color, to prevent fading, protect your wreath from the weather under an overhang. Basically, keep it out of direct sunlight, rain, and high winds to maintain its beauty for longer.

We found a very economical alternative on Amazon.

An inspiring wreath with a colorful blend of yellow, red, pink, green, and blue makes this striking butterfly wreath stand out against the rest and a great display to your front door.

While butterflies are usually associated with spring, the multi-colored, lifelike wreath is perfect for all seasons.The vivid colors capture all that is beautiful in life and will brighten and bring cheer to all who look at it, even on the darkest of days.

There’s no maintenance required on the natural-looking, weather-proof butterfly wreath. Just hang it and enjoy it!

The metal butterfly wreath features handcrafted and painted individual butterflies that are made from reclaimed metal.

The delicate, yet impressive butterfly wreath is a perfect reminder to always be gentle with the natural world. A variety of different handcrafted and hand painted butterflies are attached together on an ornate wreath with metal leaves and berries.

To top it off, the butterfly wreath is made from reclaimed metal and sealed with a protective coating so you don’t have to worry about weather damage.

Flower wreaths with butterflies

Eucalyptus wreaths are some of the most popular wreaths you can find. That’s because eucalyptus leaves are medicinal. Dried eucalyptus leaves can be used for tea for example and inhaling eucalyptus oil can help fight colds and stress. 

In your home, eucalyptus can bring healing, calmness, relaxation, and a positive atmosphere. That’s why you can appreciate this natural-looking eucalyptus wreath with ferns adorned with lifelike and bright butterflies. 

Orange butterflies symbolize joy, courtesy, friendliness and liveliness, the sun, life, health, and wellness, which are great associations for your home. The wreath comes with LED lights so it looks even more gorgeous at night. A great way to say “hello” to spring but can be used all year round.

This wreath makes an excellent addition to your farmhouse-themed décor. You can accessorize the wreath with ribbons to it but it’s perfect as is too!

Extend a warm greeting to your visitors with this unique and vibrant eucalyptus wreath adorned with violet and white daisies and yellow butterflies.

Because white daisies symbolize new beginnings, hope, motherhood, and love, this makes a great gift for a Baby shower, Baby welcome, or Mother’s Day.

For your own home, you can put this up during spring and summer. It’s a stunning arrangement of flowers with the additional white eucalyptus berries bringing more texture to the full wreath. The wreath is a perfect addition to your farmhouse décor.

Liven up your door with this treasured and vibrant butterfly wreath with red hydrangea flowers. This incredible summer and spring wreath with a contrasting blend of lush green leaves, yellow and red butterflies, berries and the red hydrangea is a perfect display on your door.

The red hydrangeas add color, texture, and volume to this floral wreath arrangement. Red hydrangeas symbolize heartfelt emotions, love, marriage, and romance while the butterflies represent joy and happiness.  

This makes the wreath perfect for Valentine’s Day, as an anniversary gift, wedding, or engagement gift. It can also be displayed on these occasions if you have a party celebration.

For your home, this strong and durable butterfly wreath will work perfectly on your front door as part of your farmhouse or modern décor.

This wreath, above, looks almost like the previous one but is a little bit more expensive probably due to the additional LED lights that light up at night to make it even more perfect.

The added night glow means this can also be used as a Christmas wreath. You can add a Christmas bow to the wreath to make it stand out more and make it more festive for the holidays.

To make the handmade wreath more durable, remember not to expose it to direct sunlight and rain.

Although the actual number of butterflies on this wreath is a bit thin – it includes only one butterfly – it’s an honorable and worthy mention in this category. The bright yellow wreath will bring a smile to you, your family, and anyone who comes across it.

It’s a winter wreath and is sure to chase off the doom and gloom of the season. But it also makes a wonderful spring and summer wreath.

There’s no need to buy further accessories to adorn this wreath as it already comes with a black and white bow and the butterfly, of course.

Butterfly wreath with sign

Although these are not fully butterfly wreaths, l love the fact that the butterfly adds to the versatility and vibrancy of the wreaths.

While this baby’s breath flower wreath might look ordinary and strictly for winter, the three artificial butterflies and welcome sign make it a treasured wreath for all seasons.

The chalkboard sign is both practical and frugal as it makes the wreath fresh and interesting. This can be the only wreath you place on your front door with occasional new messages that your guests and neighbors can look forward to.

You and your family will enjoy taking turns writing on the board to send out sweet messages to people around you. Use it to welcome a new month, holiday, season, occasion, festival, or guests at a party.

Have fun with it by trying different fonts and adding some doodles to your sign. This makes it a special and versatile wreath. 

Baby’s breath flowers are associated with the innocence of babies and infants and symbolize everlasting love. This makes this wreath not only an excellent display for your front door but also a great Baby shower, Baby welcome, anniversary, engagement, and wedding gift.

You’ll get a choice of soft pink roses and yellow sunflowers and daisies with the butterfly and flower wreath from this shop. 

The butterflies add extra detail to make this wreath and door sign stand out on your door. Let your creativity shine through as you write different messages on the door sign.

The sign can be used all year round as it matches different seasons.

Butterfly door signs

If you love butterfly wreaths, you can take it a step further and grab a beautiful butterfly wood sign so when you change your wreath, you still keep to the butterfly theme for your door.

You’ll love the wonderful burst of color on this round wooden sign. The combination of flowers and butterflies to welcome summer makes this so unique and striking. The 3D simulated butterflies look very lifelike and bring this sign to life.

This charming butterfly door sign is made even more gorgeous by the flax bow. The sign is weatherproof so it doesn’t need to only be put in a covered area.

A must-have for yourself and a must-buy for your loved ones as a housewarming gift, birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas gift.

This butterfly sign is a fun way to switch up your front door décor. With a choice of colors – from yellow to blue, to pink – there’s a butterfly sign that matches your home color and your front door in this design.

You can leave the welcome sign on or take it off and just highlight the butterfly alone which is great. 

The sign is made of metal which is long-lasting and weather-proof. This is a pretty sign that you can put inside your home or outside on your front door or in your garden.

Final thoughts on a butterfly wreath

Butterfly wreaths are beautiful wreaths that many hang up at the beginning of the New Year to represent change, or at the beginning of March when butterflies are first starting to come out of their cocoons.

There are multiple types of butterfly wreaths to make sure you find the best one for your home. 

What is your favorite butterfly wreath? Let us know below.

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